The Entitlement of the Left

“Entitlement.” It’s a word that’s gratuitously employed by leftists of all stripes. I’ll give you three guesses as to which specific demographic is most frequently branded with this term. Indeed, whenever a white man goes postal or otherwise engages in destructive behavior, leftists attribute his crime to “aggrieved entitlement,” which seems to be one of the preferred SJW concepts as of late. According to this theory, white men live such easy lives devoid of any pain or hardship that they never develop proper coping methods. Since they expect life to be a walk in the park, their only reaction to setbacks is rage. The white man lacks the mettle of “POC,” women, gays, trannies, and god knows who else.

Yet again, when analyzing this issue from a global perspective, such a theory is utter hogwash on many levels. First off, “postal” killings are primarily an American pathology; last time I checked, such crimes are exceedingly rare in predominantly white Europe and elsewhere. Likewise, it’s difficult to substantiate the assertion that white men are the most privileged of them all when compared to other majority or dominant groups around the world. Jews in Israel, native Gulf Arabs, the majority ethnic groups in East Asian countries, and countless other global examples lay bare just how weak and atomized of a “dominant group” white men are. The fact that a professional denouncer of “white privilege” such as Tim Wise can enjoy a lucrative career tells us all we need to know about white hegemony. Needless to say, I cannot imagine any individual in India getting rich by savaging “Hindu privilege.” He would probably earn more Hindutva machetes than rupees. Not that I endorse such barbaric behavior, but I digress.

The concept of “aggrieved entitlement” amounts to little more than the usual SJW “privilege” fetish, with some psychoanalytical tripe thrown in for good measure. Nevertheless, as a white man who has studied the Cultural Left, I’ve had it drilled into my head many times that I am not entitled to anything. Okay, fair enough. However, it needs to be made clear that members of myriad “oppressed” groups are not entitled to anything either. Two recent controversies have made me ponder the issue of entitlement as it pertains to “oppressed” groups.

Exhibit A for the aggrieved entitlement of the left is destitute reddit interim CEO and Asian woman Ellen Pao. Pao’s lawsuit against a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm dominated headlines in the Bay Area and inspired numerous discussions about the supposed prevalence of sexism in the tech industry. Long story short, Pao was denied promotion to senior partner and let go by the firm. While it’s true that she was subjected to some manner of sexist treatment on the job, she was fired on account of her abrasive personality. The five women on the jury who rejected Pao’s narrative would agree. Feminists of course cried foul, decrying the manner in which women such as Pao are fired or denied promotion due to seemingly difficult personalities. They insist that a woman’s merit, and not her behavioral proclivities, should be the primary factor in determining whether or not she receives a promotion.

For starters, it’s blatantly obvious that feminists advancing this argument are not making it in good faith, given that they conveniently disregard merit when promoting affirmative action (what they call “diversity”) for women in industries such as tech. Second, feminists who are rankled by the fact that firings and promotions are related to one’s personality traits and presence in the workplace betray their own privilege and comfortable insulation from the difficulties that regular employees must contend with.

The cold, hard truth is that most employment for the majority of the population is at-will, with employers legally entitled (yes, that word again) to fire their employees for any or no reason. An employer could whimsically decide to fire you if he doesn’t like the same sports teams as you, among other things. Employees are seldom entitled to retain their jobs, or even be shielded from the belligerence of certain asshole managers. Even for people who do manage to obtain secure employment, two-thirds of them end up living paycheck to paycheck. We live in a cutthroat society, and very few people are guaranteed anything.

With all of this in mind, it’s hard for me to summon even a modicum of sympathy for Ellen Pao. The fact that she believed her case would garner such sympathy and galvanize the masses into tackling the pressing issue of female underrepresentation in highly-paid tech jobs betrays her arrogant and narcissistic sense of entitlement. Despite her harrowing ordeal, she somehow ended up becoming interim CEO over at reddit, which makes her better off than 99% of the male population. Funny how that works.

But anyway, back to “entitlement.” Hate to break it to feminists, but women are not entitled to become highly paid CEOs or even regular tech workers. They have to earn it, whether that means more women studying tech or developing traits that enable them to succeed in a competitive corporate environment. Or if that fails, they can always create female-dominated tech companies. But who are they to demand that male employers hire them on account of their anatomy?

Another group that exhibits troubling signs of entitlement are leftists who advocate the dismantling of “fortress Europe.” Such entitlement has been unearthed in response to the Mediterranean migrant crisis currently engulfing the European Union. On account of the thousands of deaths of African and Middle Eastern migrants, some might consider it poor taste to criticize their defenders. Just to reiterate, I do not dislike the immigrants themselves (though I oppose their presence), and instead take aim at the elites who bring them in.

That being said, the insistence that Europe should abolish its borders and permit entry to any and all beleaguered immigrants is nothing short of absurd entitlement. Nations have every right to secure their borders, denying or permitting entry as they see fit. And frankly, given the racial imbroglios that have been plaguing Europe as of late, it’s perfectly reasonable to deny entry to yet more alien immigrants.

Immigration is a privilege, not a right or entitlement, and nobody has an unalienable right to live in a different country. Yes, I know, they’re all supposedly refugees, and that all of them are coming to Europe courtesy of the destabilization of the Middle East and North Africa. Taking that argument at face value, then why can’t Western elites utilize their wealth and power to remedy the destabilization of the region? Wouldn’t eliminating the conditions that cause the wretched of the Earth to move north be a wiser course of action than allowing countless outsiders to flood Europe?

So in conclusion, women, minorities, and immigrants are not entitled to anything. Equality under the law, yes (and only for immigrants who have moved legally), but not equality of outcomes, high-paying CEO jobs, equal representation in video games and television, or anything of the sort. Minorities in the United States (and other Western countries) already have it better than minorities anywhere else, and in the U.S. are even on the verge of becoming the majority within a few decades. The average white person in the West owes minorities absolutely nothing. Men owe women absolutely nothing.

It’s time for whites and men to draw a line in the sand by rejecting attempts of truculent and opportunistic minorities and women to shake them down. Now that is a stance that we are entitled to embrace.

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