Manosphere Rising

Roosh was recently pilloried on the feckless Dr Oz’s show. Dr Oz is the sort of hack who practices pop medicine and has been criticized for often endorsing unscientific nonsense to the gullible masses. Nevertheless despite Roosh’s lackluster performance on the show, many regard this as a victory for the manosphere. It indicates that the manosphere is gaining mainstream recognition (or notoriety) and no publicity is bad publicity. I believe there are a couple of reasons why Roosh is despised and I shall briefly discuss each one.

Roosh is immune to traditional leftist attacks

There are 2 ways to crush a man’s spirit: destroy his livelihood or destroy his family. Feminism has become exceedingly adept at both. Roosh’s anonymity was broken a long time ago and he is self employed. Roosh’s greatest supporters and customers are men that share his views ie the Manosphere. By my estimate Roosh makes around 60-70k a year (I totaled up ROK’s ad revenue) and draws his moral and financial support from a small, but rapidly growing base. He is intelligent, motivated, and for the moment financially stable. He has no employers who can be intimidated by social justice lunatics to terminate his employment. Roosh might not exert a tremendous degree of influence over society but he nevertheless operates from a position of strength.

The Manosphere is a bonafide grassroots phenomenon

Unlike feminists, gays, and other professional victim groups that require handlers and manufactured grievances to maintain their cohesion, the manosphere addresses legitimate concerns and focuses on workable solutions. There are no leaders, charters, or manifestos. Unlike the Alternative Right and White Nationalist camps, the manosphere has a broader appeal and is not as stigmatized as the aforementioned WNs and AR. When the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center listed Roosh as an extremist on their website, they were duly ridiculed. From Wikipedia:

In a March 2012 report on “The Year in Hate and Extremism”, the Southern Poverty Law Center included Roosh in a list of “manosphere” sites which it described as hateful and misogynistic.[17][18] His inclusion on the list was reported by several publications and also mocked by several mainstream media outlets for being somewhat extreme.[11][19][20][21] Business Insider’s Michael Brendan opined that the SPLC was undermining its credibility by listing Roosh.

This puts Roosh and others in an advantageous position as they can attack the left while remaining impervious to the latter’s assault. The only way Roosh could be potentially shut down is via a false rape accusation attained from any woman he might previously have shagged. It just so happens that there is a feminist on the loose trying to seek out women Roosh has slept with.

The untapped resource


The so called “Red Pill” philosophy (if one can call it that) is intriguing because it emphasizes the Buddhist idea of seeing illusions for what they are and thereby freeing oneself from suffering. The Manosphere realizes that society is broken. They have embarked on a path to critically re-examine a series of politically correct myths that Westerners are force-fed from cradle to grave. Their new found awareness has unsurprisingly led them into the heart of conservative territory. What is even more intriguing is that the “red pill” outlook has propelled these men into waters they had never ventured into before – issues such as multiculturalism, immigration, and even the Jewish Question are now being openly discussed.

Since the Manosphere has a very broad appeal it is possible that bloggers such as Roosh and Dalrock might serve as a stepping stone to  guide formerly apathetic men towards the Alternative Right. After all, the immediacy of ethnic and cultural demise becomes secondary in the face of the feminist specter that threatens a man’s livelihood and marriage. I was delighted to learn that Matt Forney and Blair Nasso (of Return of Kings) attended the recent American Renaissance conference. The Manosphere compensate their lack of intellectual rigour (for the moment) with raw passion and energy. This is not going to be an easy alliance as die hard White nationalists will object to Roosh ‘defiling’ their precious women. Nevertheless I believe that the alternative right can certainly benefit from the growth of the manosphere as men that begin to question the leftist gender narrative will in time also question the left’s race related narrative. I don’t think the two camps will ever agree on everything but they have more in common than they realize.


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13 Responses to Manosphere Rising

  1. Six Pack ABS says:

    You can’t shut down Roosh, not even with your dumb feminist weapon, false rape accusation. He is smarter than that and apparently smarter than you.

    • Dota says:

      I don’t want to shut down Roosh. I’m a guest writer at Return of Kings. Perhaps you should read the article carefully before barging in here and looking like an ass.

    • RonB says:

      I’m not in favor of IQ tests for voting, but I’m beginning to wonder how it could be incorporated for blog commenting privileges…

  2. Robert says:

    What do you think about Robert Lindsay’s recent article on Roosh and Return of Kings?

    • Dota says:

      Robert Lindsay has been very critical of Roosh lately but I think he’s missing the point. Roosh does not exist in a vacuum. He has been called a monster by many and if that is so, he is a monster created by feminism. You can’t just divorce a man from his environmental context and then bash him, it’s not right. The manosphere is not a movement like feminism which thrusts a fictional narrative at society and expects society to re-order its worldview along the lines of that narrative. Many enter the manosphere through different doors and are influenced by the manosphere in a myriad of ways. The manosphere is a very complex phenomenon and it is unwise to reduce people like Roosh to one dimensional caricatures.

  3. RD Sultan says:

    I once had a conversation with a conservative colleague of mine. He was of the opinion that feminism is a mental illness that can be cured by exposure to natural, feminine and heterosexual women from outside the West. I, however, view feminism as a form of mental rabies that is incurable (once it rots your brain, there is no going back). What do you guys think? Can feminism be cured?

    • Dota says:

      Feminism is indeed a mental illness as it is essentially a revolt against nature. Curing feminism is possible, but it would require the abilities of man of immense strength and moral character. I don’t think I could do it.

      • Feminism is out come feminine imperative, The root of Feminism is Human gynocentrism , Gynocentrism is an evolutionary phenomenon that cannot be stopped or controlled, it will manifest in different ways in different societies but feminism is nothing more than manifestation of female nature

        A law or some political change cannot make any noticeable changes

  4. Rahul says:

    Dota, Great blog. Lots of information here. How do you think feminism would pan out in places like India which by all means is patriarchal to the core and women are viewed nothing more than a machine to breed kids and a custodian of culture and “values”. The core of the Hindu philosophy which is the backbone of the country is extremely patriarchal. The case of west is different, as feminism has turned out to be a mental illness, detrimental by all means, shaking the foundational pillars of the western civilization. But for a third world like India,which is being held back by centuries by its shitty values, don’t you think a little bit of feminism could make a difference.

    • Dota says:

      I personally don’t think feminism will catch on in India like it has in the west. It may become the fashionable ideology for upper middle class urban Indian women (not unlike the west) but it will not be able to make the broad sweeping institutional and cultural changes we see in the west. This is because the Indian state is weak and corrupt and the country lacks resources to fund the feminist project. Single motherhood, for example, will never become a fashionable lifestyle choice in India like it is in the West because the state lacks resources to dole out to single mothers. The state also lacks resources to conduct investigations and prosecute a number of rapists and criminals, let alone spare manpower and resources to indulge women who make bogus domestic violence calls with the intent of ejecting their husbands and gobbling up their property. Feminist/Marxist equality comes with a pretty hefty price tag which India cannot afford at this point.

  5. andreaostrovletania says:

    Oz says fat shaming never ever works.

    If ‘fat shaming’ doesn’t work because it makes fatso fatkins depressed and eat even more, why would ‘hate shaming’ work? Wouldn’t hate-shamed people just get angrier and hate even more?

    Btw, I think fat-shaming doesn’t get to the point of the issue.

    Roosh focuses on the symptoms than on the psychological cause of why women have become so fat.

    Paradoxically, Roosh and fat chicks have something in common: they’ve embraced the psychological culture of shamelessness and excess.

    Roosh is shameless in his sexual appetites. He wants to bang as many chicks as possible. He feels no shame that he sleeps around all over the world. Instead of finding a nice woman, settling down,and committing himself to family life, his idea of love is humping as many women as possible. He has a huge sexual appetite. He’s male slut. Sluttony is sexual gluttony.

    If Roosh is shameless about his sexual appetite, some women are shameless about their culinary appetites. They want to eat as much as possible because it is so pleasurable. Their sense of pleasure is such that they want to have the cake and eat it too and get five more cakes. They take pleasure from gluttony, and they’ve become shameless about it.

    So, we have sexual sluttony that Roosh stands for, and culinary gluttony that fat chicks stand for.

    Roosh is so into screwing around that he’s given up on meaningful relationships, marriage, and family.

    And fat chicks are so into pigging out that they’ve given up on meaningful weight control and looking good.

    So, in terms of their infantile excess, Roosh and fat chicks have something in common.

    In truth, everything in life gains meaning through a sense of limits and moderation. A man should seek meaningful relationship, find someone to love and commit to, have children, and devote himself to his kids. It’s the Vito Corleone way. Manhood isn’t about how many women you humped. it’s about finding the right woman and loving one’s wife and children and growing into grandfatherhood.

    Likewise, the meaning of eating isn’t only about pleasure. One has to be mindful of how much food one really needs. One doesn’t need all those calories. One needs to find pleasure in things other than food. And one has to favor healthy foods like veggies and meat over sugary junk food.

    The problem is our culture has become shameless and infantilized. Our consumer culture says consume more, consume more. Indulge in hedonism. It subverts all sense of limits. It says excess is good.

    More is more.

    So, we have the likes of Roosh calling on men to hump as many women as possible, and we have food companies urging women to pig out as much as possible.

    Roosh is a Walmart humper, and fat chicks are Walmart eaters.

    Moderation is best.

    • Dota says:

      I don’t really disagree with the overall thrust of your post, but there are a couple of factors to consider. Roosh fully realizes that his lifestyle isn’t optimal for the health of society. Fat chicks on the other hand seem to be in denial. In order to place Roosh in the same boat as fat chicks you need to prove that Roosh’s lifestyle produces the same degree of net cost to society as fat chick’s unhealthy behaviour. This would be true if the vast majority of men in America were emulating Roosh. That hasn’t happened yet. While what you say is true in theory, in reality Roosh and his corner of the internet cause a much smaller net loss to society than do the legion of fat women who damage society morally, spiritually, and even financially.

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