Debating the Jewish Question

I recently left a comment over at Robert Lindsay’s blog, where I essentially describe my views on Jews and the extent to which they can be blamed for the lunacy of the Cultural Left. Since it was a somewhat long comment I figured that I’d just repost it here:

My personal take on the Jewish Question, which has evolved and morphed over the years, is that many Jewish activists have indeed played a part in subverting Western societies. I am not blind to the shenanigans of the Frankfurt School, Freud, etc.

At the same time, these Jewish subverters would not have succeeded if it weren’t for a white gentile society already predisposed to some measure of radicalism and egalitarianism. Just consider that the various northern states always leaned towards some manner of liberalism. It wasn’t Jews who spawned prominent abolitionists. The firebrand populist William Jennings Bryan was likewise not Jewish. As Richard Hofstadter pointed out in Anti-intellectualism in American Life , the very foundations of American democracy (and by extension anti-intellectualism) are predicated on the radical notion that common men were equal to more learned and elite men.

I believe that while Jews gave leftism its extra push, the ball was already rolling in that direction. The unprecedented prosperity of the post-WWII era and the fact that the Nazis gave racism and nationalism a bad name set the stage for the liberal explosion of later decades.

I do think that much of this critical theory crap, and by extension this SJW obsession with “checking privilege” can be traced directly to certain Jews. But again, it would not have flourished if not for a white gentile culture that was already fundamentally liberal.

There’s no way these aforementioned Jews would have succeeded in promulgating such nonsense in places such as India, China, Japan, or most other non-Western nations. The cultures of those lands would have rejected such ideas without blinking an eye.

I’m hardly a Jewish Question denier; I simply think that certain WNs assign it too much weight.

So, how much weight do you think we should assign the Jewish Question? As always, I’m interested in hearing your input.

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7 Responses to Debating the Jewish Question

  1. Soot says:

    You’re correct. For whites to insist that the Jews are wholly responsible for our current condition is equivalent to the blacks insisting that the whites are wholly responsible for their woes.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      In some ways, the obsession with Jews highlights the hypocrisy of many white nationalists. On the one hand, whites are an amazing and intelligent race; whites are essentially the architects of civilized societies. At the same time, whites are so gullible and weak-willed that a small cabal of Jews undermined their mighty societies within the span of decades.

      Likewise, as Andy Nowicki pointed out in his article “The Patrick Bateman Right,” there’s a significant portion of the alt right that’s socially darwinistic, believes that might is right, thinks weaker and unsuccessful people deserve to be shit on, etc. If that’s the case, then how can they condemn the Jews? Shouldn’t they be worshipping their Jewish superiors?

      Again, I’m no Jewish Question denier. I just think that, similar to their obsession with blacks, many white nationalists spend an inordinate amount of time talking about Jews.

      • Ex-Liberal says:

        Anyone looking at this blog has perhaps met too many Whites unwilling to look more seriously at the policy of multiculturalism. They are far too trusting and seem to be more prone to guilt. Kevin MacDonald has a good lecture on it:

        We have had high trust cultures for so long that we are having a difficult time reorienting ourselves to a very low trust society. Darwinistically, the Whites that will still be around in will probably be more ethnocentric, but I have the impression there will be far fewer in the future. If it were almost entirely the Jews, I think we would be forced to concede that we are the perfect slave race for them.

  2. Ezra Pound's Ghost says:

    You need to go deeper into history. I’m not disagreeing that whites fundamentally brought this fate on themselves, but look into Jan Huss and Muenster rebellion, as well as the people surrounding Jean Calvin, Henry VIII, Elizabeth and later Cromwell. There’s a reason that historical protestantism and puritanism were known at the time as “Judaizing”.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      To me, it all comes down to agency.

      I don’t deny that certain Jews have gone out of their way to subvert Western societies or anything of the sort. Nevertheless, powerful figures such as Elizabeth or Cromwell would not be so childish and weak that they allow the influence of Jews to unduly sway them. They were probably already inclined to pursue their specific policies.

      To once again apply this logic to the non-Western world, even if Jews surrounded powerful Asian emperors and leaders, there’s no way that Jewish leftism would have gained any kind of acceptance among the masses. Their cultures simply wouldn’t permit it.

      To assign too much weight to the Jewish Question denies whites agency, and makes us look like a very weak and almost childish race.

      • Ezra Pound's Ghost says:

        “makes us look like a very weak and almost childish race.” Is that not what we have become over the last 300 years?

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Over the last 300 years?

        Hardly. These bizarre white pathologies derived from modern liberalism are unprecedented in all of world history, and relatively recent to boot. Whites living even just a century ago would look at today’s white population and shake their heads. That also applies to old school white progressives, who were nevertheless “realist” about issues pertaining to race in a way that would get them branded vile racists by today’s liberals.

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