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Some Are More Equal Than Others

Here is a screenshot of the BBC’s headlines for the Asia section of their website today: The BBC reports that India’s heatwave has already killed over 1000 people. As disturbing as this story is, the BBC isn’t finished. The real … Continue reading

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Oligarchy 101

The BBC recently reported that 5 banks, JPMorgan, Barclays, Citigroup, RBS, and UBS, have been fined for rigging the FOREX market. The Foreign Exchange market is extremely volatile and moves trillions of dollars in currency every day. Traders from these … Continue reading

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And They Say Cultural Marxism is a Conspiracy Theory…

Courtesy of Steve Sailer, I recently came across a story about an exclusive New York private school that’s imposing a progressive brand of mandatory racial segregation as a means of promoting non-white pride and white self-abasement. I guess having little … Continue reading

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The Entitlement of the Left

“Entitlement.” It’s a word that’s gratuitously employed by leftists of all stripes. I’ll give you three guesses as to which specific demographic is most frequently branded with this term. Indeed, whenever a white man goes postal or otherwise engages in … Continue reading

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Manosphere Rising

Roosh was recently pilloried on the feckless Dr Oz’s show. Dr Oz is the sort of hack who practices pop medicine and has been criticized for often endorsing unscientific nonsense to the gullible masses. Nevertheless despite Roosh’s lackluster performance on … Continue reading

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Debating the Jewish Question

I recently left a comment over at Robert Lindsay’s blog, where I essentially describe my views on Jews and the extent to which they can be blamed for the lunacy of the Cultural Left. Since it was a somewhat long … Continue reading

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