Transvestites Turn The Tables On Feminists

A recent incident marks an interesting twist in the God awful culture war that plagues the Anglosphere. A former member of Planet Fitness had her membership cancelled for protesting the presence of a transvestite in the women’s locker room. Planet Fitness pursued the safest (politically correct) route by getting rid of the complaining woman instead of ejecting the transvestite. Social Justice Warriors (Cultural Marxism’s shock troops) promptly and predictably rushed to the gym’s defense for defending transgender rights.

Social Justice Warriors may claim this incident as a victory for their demented cause, however, a large number of women and feminists are quite wary of transvestites invading their spaces. Some have protested against the transvestite invasion of The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival:

The male transgender activists have literally formed an encampment each year outside the perimeter of the Michfest festival grounds, which they patrol with weapons and plan sabotage missions into the camp– to write graffiti, to cut the water lines to the handicapped showers, to slash tires, to wreck tents, to flier the camp with pictures of their penises. Last year many of the male transgenders fled their own encampment out of fear of the growing violence of their own group members. Why are these men so angry? Why do they want to destroy a private women’s music festival? Why do they want to force women to look at their penises?

And another:

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t want to use the bathroom along side of any person with a penis, except my husband, and sometimes I lock him out. In our quest for inclusion and political correctness, let’s not lose site of safety and common sense.

SJWs risk alienating the left’s most pampered pet class by dismissing their concerns as illiberal. Can feminists keep transvestites from invading female spaces?

Feminists are ill-equipped to fight this battle

I personally do not believe that transvestites should be allowed access to women’s washrooms as it is a genuine safety issue. Having said this, I can’t resist the instinct to bathe in a surging tide of schadenfreude whenever women whine about the invasion of their space. The irony is especially delicious considering that transvestites have begun invading female space using exactly the same language of “Equality” and anti-foundationalist logic that feminists have historically used to invade male spaces. It is utterly amusing to listen to women pine for a safe space that allows them to be women. No such courtesy is extended to men who must endure female incursions into their spaces (whether Golf courses or online game servers) that often result in the feminization of those spaces. Female solipsism is often amusing to observe from a distance.

These developments are ultimately the dead end of feminist ideology. Traditionalists have long held that gender and sex are irrevocably linked, yet feminists in their infinite wisdom have decreed otherwise; thereby sacrificing empiricism and science on the alter of ideology. The Inner Party would be pleased, 2 + 2 = 5. Feminists have long argued that Gender (and not genetics/sex) is instrumental in defining an individual’s personality and being. Gender, according to these ‘intellectuals’, is socially constructed and thus inherently flexible. Biological differences between the sexes (with the possible exception of strength) are dismissed (such as IQ) as Patriarchal controls aimed at suppressing the interests of women. If this ideology, grounded neither in reason nor science, is taken to its logical conclusion it must follow that transvestites are just as female as biologically born females. They are simply exercising their autonomy in choosing to identify as females and thus have every right to access female only spaces.

Feminists that oppose the transvestite incursion (not all of them do) are incapable of ideologically repelling this invasion because their adversaries have effectively used their own ideology against them. Planet Fitness acted well within the bounds of feminist ideology and SJWs acknowledged it with their support. When little 6 year old Suzy gasps at the sight of another woman’s penis in the restroom her mother can knowingly tell her that this is the price they must pay for equality.

Blogger Dalrock said it best: “Feminists get sick on their own dog food.

Bon appétit, feminists.”

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7 Responses to Transvestites Turn The Tables On Feminists

  1. kholli says:

    Umm…. You are quite confused. I am thinking some education would do you good. First of all, you clearly do not understand the difference between “transvestite” and “transgender.” This is a big problem and your conflation of the two makes you look foolish. Secondly, you also do not seem to understand the difference between “women” and “feminists.” Not all women are feminists and not all feminists are women. You should probably learn about these things before you make blanket proclamations.

    • Dota says:

      I’m not going to bother splitting hairs on these definitions, my readers get the message.

      Secondly, you also do not seem to understand the difference between “women” and “feminists.” Not all women are feminists

      Fair enough. Women are the collateral damage of the feminist campaign.

      • Chris says:

        Splitting hairs? Words have meaning for a reason. I would suggest that the only reason you see no difference between two terms with completely different means is one of propaganda.

        You also wrote “Women are the collateral damage of the feminist campaign.” You mean like humans are the collateral damage of the fundie campaign?

      • Dota says:

        Liberals tend to imbue ordinary words with ideologically charged interpretations so as to better control the terms of any debate. I’m just not falling for that. A man that dresses like a woman is mentally ill and is a transvestite. Whether that individual has always identified as a woman despite being born in the ‘wrong body’ is irrelevant. I think it’s also irrelevant to a large number of women who object to the presence of these people in their restrooms.

        You mean like humans are the collateral damage of the fundie campaign?

        And what would that be?

      • apollohaan says:

        Well, its not like women are lining up to surrender all the benefits that ‘have your cake’ feminism has won them.

  2. jyze says:

    Ya right go ahead and abuse transvestites just because they happened to suffer some harmonal dysfunction. Go ahead and throw them out to establish and preserve your so called “conservative” values and be a proud lackey to you forefathers at slime pits of filth where your fellow conservative butt-budies merrily hang out.
    ” No such courtesy is extended to men who must endure female incursions into their spaces ”
    Lol, go ahead and bugger your pal’ big rotunded ass, who’s stopping you?

    • Dota says:

      You don’t seem to have a point. I’ll give you one more chance to articulate a coherent thought before I ban you for violating the comments policy. Go ahead, you can do it!

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