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“The Boondocks” Meets Jessica Valenti

When I was younger and had a greater proclivity for race-based humor, I enjoyed watching an animated sitcom called The Boondocks. The show, based on a comic strip of the same name by Aaron McGruder, revolves around the lives and … Continue reading

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A Few Lessons From 1984

I recently finished reading Orwell’s 1984. This is a project that I’ve put of for years, and in hindsight, it was probably for the best as many of Orwell’s predictions have manifested themselves in recent times. Let’s go over some … Continue reading

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Transvestites Turn The Tables On Feminists

A recent incident marks an interesting twist in the God awful culture war that plagues the Anglosphere. A former member of Planet Fitness had her membership cancelled for protesting the presence of a transvestite in the women’s locker room. Planet … Continue reading

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Todd Lewis And Brent from Traditional Right Talk To Dota And Bay Area Guy

A lively and stimulating discussion.

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Does Saskatchewan’s Economy Shield It From Cultural Marxist Insanity?

Saskatchewan is the opposite of Ontario in so many ways. Ontario is over-populated whereas Saskatchewan is sparsely populated. Ontario’s biggest city (Toronto) is racially segregated (ironically) whereas Saskatchewan’s largest city (Saskatoon) is concerned only with segregating cyclists from motorists. Ontario … Continue reading

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Leftist “Equality” is Little More Than a Blatant Power Grab

In my opinion, too many people make the mistake of presuming that thoseĀ on the left argue in good faith. While many conservatives and right leaning white people strongly disagree with liberals, they nevertheless presume that they actually believe in the … Continue reading

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