No Two Feminists Are Alike

Original image Designed by Freepik

Original image Designed by Freepik

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3 Responses to No Two Feminists Are Alike

  1. Beatrix says:

    Meh, I think you give feminists too much credit.
    This was interesting & I find to be very true-
    “Feminists today are too obsessed with their own elite, metropolitan lives”
    “Take the 30% Club – the campaign for at least 30% of board members in large public companies to be female. This has attracted huge publicity and traction. Top women campaign for it, politicians line up to sing the importance of such “diversity”. It is received wisdom that this policy is good for women in general, and important to them – and also good for the benighted companies themselves…
    This is simplistic, and it is nonsense. A number of countries have introduced quotas for large public companies; but only one, to date, has enacted major sanctions for miscreants, and has a good many years’ experience with quotas. That is Norway, where 40% representation is required and enforced.
    And the result? The policy has done nothing whatsoever for the female labour market generally. It has had no impact on female pay and promotion prospects in the companies concerned. It has had no positive impact on company profits either: replacing privileged men with privileged women doesn’t seem to pay any “diversity” benefits. What Norway now has is a new group of “golden skirts”: a small group of women who are very rich indeed.”

    • Dota says:

      I was just having some fun with this meme. I remember a while ago Gay State Girl told me that feminism wasn’t a homogenous movement. I was just pointing out via this meme that no matter what their point of view, feminists are still insane and impossible to negotiate with.

      • Dota says:

        But your article is interesting because it shows that feminism was always the ideology of the privileged upper middle class white woman that empowers herself at the expense of economically disadvantaged women.

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