The Far Left Has No Clothes

As much as I disdain the editorial page of Al Jazeera America, they remain the leftist gift that keeps on giving. For the most part, adherents of far left ideology are able to cloak their pernicious views with lofty rhetoric about social justice and inequality. However, every now and then a few of them slip up and reveal the naked totalitarianism that characterizes the leftist mindset. This latest gem from one Malcolm Harris, in which he fulminates against the evils of white nationalists, is worth thoroughly scrutinizing for its sheer absurdity and disturbing approval of totalitarian tactics. Our noble social justice warrior begins his screed with a ringing endorsement of violence:

“On Jan. 22, Jason Hammond accepted a noncooperating plea deal from prosecutors in Cook County, Illinois: He will serve 41 months for his role in an organized assault on a casual dining establishment in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park. On May 19, 2012, Hammond and 17 others stormed the Ashford House restaurant with bats and hammers, interrupting lunch and leaving 10 people injured. But instead of years in jail, America should perhaps consider sending Hammond a thank-you card.

He is not to be confused with his twin brother, Jeremy Hammond, who is serving a 10-year sentence in federal prison for hacking the security firm Stratfor. Jason Hammond is a member of the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement (HARM), an affiliation of Indiana militant anti-fascists. That day in May, the Ashford House was playing host to a meeting of the Illinois European Heritage Association, a not-so-subtle white nationalist group. Anti-fascist (antifa for short) groups like HARM are committed to disrupting neo-Nazis and organized white supremacists by any means necessary.”

In case it wasn’t already clear, the author deems assault an appropriate means of disrupting a gathering considered offensive by radical leftists. I think we can all imagine what the response of liberals, leftists, and even various members of the alternative right would be if radical white nationalists started storming SJW gatherings and wailing on people with baseball bats. The morally sound Mr. Harris likewise has a very distorted notion of law and justice:

“Because of their militant tactics, antifa associations also end up doing a lot of prisoner support. Five other participants in the Tinley Park action agreed to similar pleas in January 2013, and all are now out on parole. When push comes to shove, the police are always willing to defend neo-Nazis in suits from anarchists in hoodies. You can host a fascist meet-up, but God forbid you try to stop it by breaking a window.”

For starters, if white nationalists and those who wish to preserve a white majority are “fascists,” then that makes most of the world fascist. That aside, I find it amusing how he equates voicing unpopular opinions with unlawful activities such as vandalism. Stay classy, lefties. Harris also demonstrates that he is either morally retarded or utterly clueless about the purpose of free speech (probably both):

“American liberalism prides itself on making space available for all, including white supremacists, as in the 1969 Supreme Court decision Brandenburg v. Ohio, which affirmed the Klan’s right to rally on public streets. But when liberalism protects white nationalists against those who seek to disrupt their vile, anti-liberal activities, what does our system hope to gain?”

How about protecting dissenting, unpopular speech and other fundamental liberties. In fact, the best rebuttal to this fatuous argument comes from such Nazis as the liberal Jewish dean of UC Irvine’s law school, Erwin Chemerinsky. He specifically denounces the kind of “heckler’s veto” that Malcolm Harris promotes:

Freedom of speech, on campuses and elsewhere, is rendered meaningless if speakers can be shouted down by those who disagree. The law is well established that the government can act to prevent a heckler’s veto — to prevent the reaction of the audience from silencing the speaker. There is simply no 1st Amendment right to go into an auditorium and prevent a speaker from being heard, no matter who the speaker is or how strongly one disagrees with his or her message.

Harris asserts that white nationalists don’t deserve constitutional protections due to their lack of respect for liberalism and the Constitution. Yet, as Chemerinsky’s editorial demonstrates, it it Harris and his fellow travelers who spit on classical liberal and constitutional values. Worse, they scream bloody murder when the government doesn’t endorse their desire to play Whac-A-Mole with pro-white activists. He goes on to claim that all white nationalists (I’m sorry, “Nazis”) are violent, even as he supports violence when used on behalf of “antiracist” causes.

I also find it tremendously ironic that the left devotes so much energy to attacking white nationalists given that the left frequently employs the argument that “racism equals prejudice plus power.” Last time I checked, white nationalists don’t wield any real power. They certainly don’t enjoy major platforms in the mainstream media (Pat Buchanan perhaps being one exception), lucrative speaking gigs at universities and corporations, or entire university departments dedicated to promulgating their ideas.

Malcolm Harris is especially abrasive, but his fundamental beliefs are pages from the typical leftist playbook. While the left brands any and all pro-white thinkers “fascist,” far left radicals are the legitimate offspring of Stalin, Mao, and other authoritarian communists. Just like their ideological forebears, they will use any means necessary, including violence, to silence those who oppose their anti-white, anti-Western agenda. Given the opportunity, they would gladly send any white person who doesn’t worship at the altar of suicidal leftism to the wall. This embarrassing tirade is yet further proof that it is people like Harris who are extremist degenerates on a global level.

Let us continue to remind people that the left does not argue in good faith, and that leftist activism is little more than a blatant power grab. Let us also make it unequivocally clear that the far left has no clothes.

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4 Responses to The Far Left Has No Clothes

  1. Quartermain says:

    Malcolm Harris, their anti-fa black shirts, and the rest of the left with their white privilege conferences are losing it more everyday. With what they think and espouse, I wish I meet them. I have ocean front property in the Mid-West I could let them have at a good price.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      It seems that either out of frustration or sheer hubris, the left is becoming more unhinged by the day. SJWs are so batshit insane that even many progressives and liberals are growing tired of their antics. They don’t seem to realize just how unpopular they’re becoming. Once our elites decide that SJWs have outlived their usefulness, they’re toast.

  2. GulliverFredrich says:

    I tried posting this comment but there was sort of an error that prevented me from doing so in their website comments but here is my comment:

    There are so many stupid comments in this article and this article is just stupid beyond belief; firstly it is to the advantage of the Western world and of North America to retain it’s “White-European majority”. White Europeans are the only group of people that allow freedom’s of speech and privileges to hostile and anti-Western alien elements within their countries and foreigners unlike any other civilization or tribal group in history. Free speech is only carried out and maintaind in White-European countries, because for the most part, Europeans are civilized and are able to correct and augment thier own societies problems through their ingrained tendency to collaborate and reason with logical empiricism from a outside point of view. Such characteristics are diametrically opposite traits to all and most “non-white” societies and are completely non-existent within the societies found in most non-European and non-Western countries. Europeans are granting free-speech to inferior cultures and groups who never generated such concepts within their collective societies on their own and who only want to use their privilege to further accelerate and expand their own group interests at the expense of the Europeans that are granting them this privilege.

    White supremacists knows that ultimately only European majority societies can produce advanced socially equal high HDI countries with equal social mobility and democratic representation for all. Going back to Ancient Greece and the Vikings, democracy and rights for women were recognized and encouraged which was something completely alien to all the other civilizations and cultures of the world. They know that the immigrants coming into Western countries want to leech and invade what has been built and polished by Europeans because they themselves are too low and primitive to ever create their countries. They know that these dumb idiot immigrants, who only want to leech and not give back, are too stupid to see through the insidious globalist corporatist government that seek to usurp and destroy the cultures and countries of the world, they are being used as cannon fodder and as pawns to erode away civil liberties and rights that White-Europeans have worked tremendously hard to uphold and which are inherent in the societies they create.

    If I was an immigrant, I would do everything in my power to support far-right movements and preservation movements because the country I would be residing in is granting me rights and privileges that I could only dream of in my home country; due to a White majority in the Western country I have immigrated to. I enjoy the technological advances and social services that Whites created to bolster my lifespan and living standards that seperate modern societies from backwards ones in the rest of the world. I would cherish the fact that I have access to almost unlimited information thanks to the ingenuity of White societies in constructing the internet and it’s infrastracture, which could not have possibly developed in non-White countries. I have access to modern medicines and clean sanitory conditions that allow me to have a family in a clean safe atmosphere, not suffer from diseases and not lose children from diseases thanks to the White-European’s medicinal developments. I would cherish the fact that my children would have access to modern education and scientific theory that allows me to approach the universe in the most objective manner possible which was all developed by White Europeans and not others. I would be grateful that I could be in cities that are clean and neatly designed which reduces over-crowding and congestion.

    Every immigrant and White-European needs to support and contribute to far-right movements because there is a battle for the soul of the West and the Western world. If they don’t, then they lose the entire integrity of countries and borders worldwide to the Jew-marxist-Corporatist globalist enslavement matrix machine that seeks to destroy and enslave all national cultures and ethnicities worldwide. Without the Western world there is no modernity, no free speech, or no feminism etc etc. We will all end up becoming slaves with no real identity and no capacity to formulate abstract thoughts and chained to the most primitive and basest of our desires. Every people and culture deserve their own land and their inherent right to self-determination of their biological futures and identities, Europeans shouldn’t be different.

    For without White-Europeans, there is no modern industrial world, no real science, no real innovation, no computers, no internet, no anti-biotics, no clean sanitation, no electricity, no airplanes, no trains, no cars,. no well-maintained roads, no mobile phones, no modern technology, no factories, no tractors to keep food costs reasonable, no modern plumbing, no washing machines and pretty much no modern convienience that allows you to live a modern life.


  3. Quartermain says:

    Just today in Yahoo, Obama says he wants to be the Reagan of the left.

    Too late, he already is:

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