Robert Stark interviews me


We chat about some of the articles I’ve published over the past year.

Topics include:

The Importance Of Being Tolerable: Thoughts On The Shooting in France and Multicultural Stupidity

Muslims, Muslim Immigration, and why it’s a mistake to make Islam the main issue

When immigrants are wiser than natives about Dota’s wife’s statement that Pakistani criminals should be thrown out of the UK

Dota’s recent trip to Mumbai, India and how the nation has changed

Dota’s article on Return of Kings about Why The World Would Not Be A Better Place If Women Ruled

Why feminism fails in the third world

Portrait of the alpha male and the role that religion played in surprising certain characteristics of women and alpha makes

Feminism’s corporate benefactors

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7 Responses to Robert Stark interviews me

  1. Todd Lewis says:

    Great interview Dota. All the points you made were quite informative. I would just say that culture does not always trump religion. Look at the savage Irish and Saxons in the 5th century and the Vikings in the 9th, but by 300 hundred years later in each case Christianity had civilized and tamed them. In 800 Anglo-Saxon and Irish scholars were the center of Greek and Latin learning in the west. In short Christianity turned savage frontiers into the centers of western scholarship not a bad 300 years work.

    • Dota says:

      Thanks Todd.

      You make some good points, but I still stand by what I’ve always said. The Saxons and Irish might have contributed tremendously to Western civilization, however, in such a case Christianity was merely the impetus, not the cause itself. Islam motivated the Arabs to construct a civilization that valued reason, science, and philosophy. There must have been something in their culture to accommodate learning as the Ottomans and Mughuls had no comparable accomplishments to their credit.

  2. Todd Lewis says:

    ” The Saxons and Irish might have contributed tremendously to Western civilization, however, in such a case Christianity was merely the impetus, not the cause itself.”

    Given that the Irish have remained Christian since the destruction of their intellectual civilization by the Norse in the 9th century and have never recovered their intellectual lead. I don’t think think there is anything particularly Irish qua Irish about intellectual excellence. The Church, after the Norse invasions shifted their centers of learning back to the mainland and continued the long process of rebuilding western civilization.

    • Dota says:

      The Church might have succeeded in building civilization in Europe, but not outside Europe. There was clearly something about European culture that made it susceptible to the civilizing force of Christianity.

      • Todd Lewis says:

        One could say that was besides North America, outside of Europe Christianity never really took root. There is a saying that Afghans have that confirm your views on culture, I am a pashtun first, a Muslim second and Afghan or Pakistani third.

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