Black People: Menace or Nuisance?

There’s no point in trying to deny that many within the alternative right and white nationalist movements aren’t especially fond of black people. The implications of low average black IQ, the incessant grievance mongering of professional black leaders, as well as rowdy and violent black misbehavior are recurring themes when discussing the black question. Aside from the most extreme of white nationalists, you won’t see anyone calling for the extermination or ethnic cleansing of black people. Nevertheless, the general sentiment is that black people are at best an unwelcome presence and thorn in the side, and at worst a hostile population that poses a great danger to white people. Prominent white nationalist Jared Taylor has spent much of his career documenting the annoyances and even violence that blacks inflict on whites, which has culminated in his recent book Face to Face With Race.

(See Matt Forney’s review over at Alternative Right)

Personally, I think that the alternative right is both right and wrong with regards to their criticisms of blacks. I don’t deny that there are significant problems with black culture and the black community, nor is it my intention to come across as some bleeding heart liberal pontificating about the evils of prejudice. I’ll even admit that there was a time when I harbored a strong disdain for black people and black culture. Having had bad experiences with black people in middle school, and to a smaller extent high school, I came away with the impression that blacks are an easily angered, obnoxious group of people who will start confrontations or fights at the drop of a hat. I remember waiting in line for Burger King at the mall during my sophmore year in high school when out of the blue some aggressive sounding black guy yelled at me, “what chu lookin’ at?!” When I responded in a shocked and flustered fashion, he then immediately laughed and said he was just fucking with me. I’ve had similar experiences elsewhere. I likewise heard various stories from my mom and others about their experiences being accosted by black people. Needless to say, I did not emerge from my adolescence holding blacks in high esteem. During my younger and more volatile days commenting on blogs, I even made some harsh and unflattering statements about blacks that I’ve since renounced.

I do not deny that many black people can be irritating. I likewise am not downplaying the violent crimes that certain blacks randomly perpetrate against whites, which are not to be taken lightly. I also fully acknowledge that compared to my younger days when I lived in the East Bay, I currently live in a part of the Bay Area mostly devoid of black people. Perhaps if I lived in Oakland and had to deal with obnoxious ghetto blacks on a consistent basis, I would be singing a tune similar to Matt Forney and the various whites featured in Jared Taylor’s book.

With that being said, where I disagree with the alternative right regards the amount of weight they assign to the black question. Yes, black violence is problematic. Yes, black activists and professional complainers can be quite irritating. Yes, black people can at times be quite a nuisance, as demonstrated by the #blackbrunchnyc disturbances. However, black people are mostly just that: a nuisance. Ultimately, black radicals and critical race theorists are correct when they insist that blacks don’t actually wield any real power. Aside from certain urban enclaves such as Detroit, blacks do not possess the capacity to truly threaten white America.

To the extent that blacks menace or bother white people beyond violent street encounters, they can only do so when they are being aided and abetted by our depraved elites. Upset white brunchgoers and annoyed observers should focus their anger on wealthy oligarchs such as George Soros, whose funding of the Ferguson protests emboldens black activists to engage in irritating behavior such as #blackbrunchnyc.

On a more cultural level, if one is upset by the prevalence of rap music that promotes classless ghetto behavior, then blame white media moguls, Jewish and gentile alike. They are the ones who glamorize the ghetto lifestyle for the white masses through their influence over television and Hollywood. The suburban white and other non-black kids that I’ve observed saying “nigga” did not learn such behavior from their numerous, mostly nonexistent black friends.

Idiot Wigger

Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean that I believe the alternative right should embrace black people and treat them as brothers. As visible racial minorities with a significant amount of historical baggage as it pertains to their relations with whites, the overwhelming majority of blacks will never endorse a movement that promotes white identity and seeks to preserve white demographic superiority. Trying to pander to blacks in any way would be a complete waste of time.

Rather, the alternative right should direct most of its attention and energy towards the white liberal elites who enable black petulance. Scratch any negative national trend and you will find a rotten white elite. As obnoxious and abrasive as DeQuan the foul-mouthed hood rat with sagging pants can be, he is child’s play compared to the likes of George Soros. As long as one avoids violent ghetto blacks or black people with an obvious axe to grind against whites, then black people by and large are harmless.

By no means should we disregard black misbehavior towards whites, but just remember that there are far bigger fish to fry.

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16 Responses to Black People: Menace or Nuisance?

  1. Sutpen says:

    The vast number of white people have overcome racism, right down to trying to ferret out cultural quirks invisible to many. It has taken 50+ years and much effort. Now it’s time for black people to catch up, monitor and correct their own behavior.
    Slavery is no excuse because it ended in 1865 and nobody involved in it is alive. Neither are their children, grandchildren, and most of their great-grandchildren. People like me, who remember segregation (and even as a little kid I didn’t like it), are old. It hasn’t been legal for half a century.
    The only real racists, aside from a few holdouts, are the liberals who obsess over race and black people who still let themselves be controlled by people dead 200 years.or who use it to manipulate society.

    • Dota says:

      I have a theory about why blacks have been acting up lately. When an only child gets a new brother or sister that child steps up the tantrums to retain the parent’s attention. As North America becomes more diverse and as additional groups become new contenders in the oppression Olympics (like transsexuals) Blacks feel left out. I guess there isn’t enough Liberal love to go around. What’s also interesting is that if Whites become a minority, Blacks will no longer be able to capitalize on white guilt. Do you think Asians and Latinos will give a crap about Slavery? I doubt they care much about the Holocaust either. Mass immigration also creates additional competition for low skill jobs that many Black people could benefit from. A strong white majority is actually in Black America’s best interests.

      • Sutpen says:

        Well, if that’s the case and they don’t like it they’ll have to take it up with the liberals.

      • Have you seen Suit of Narendra modi –Hindu solipsism and Narcissism Radiates from modi a self obsessed moron, who loves to hear the echo of his own voice

      • GulliverFredrich says:

        “Who says he has no “substance” ?? Do you think 800 million people would give a mandate simply to a guy who “looks good” or “dresses well” ??

        Modi has a proven track record of governance – he has delivered on the ground development as the chief executive of his state which grossed double digit GDP growth for close to a decade he was in power. His state is one of the few in India where investors were still interested in investing during the past 10 years of corrupt, dysfunctional and red-tape ridden cental government rule.

        And finally, he is a man who has reached the highest office in the land with no money, no political connections, no fancy educational pedigree nor affirmative action. Only through hard work, intelligence and passion has he been able to rise against all the odds to reach where he is.

        His rise is more phenomenal and more inspiring than Barack Obama’s or other leaders in the world from similar circumstances because he comes from a society that is rigidly hierarchical and was intellectually enslaved to the pseudo-secular, intellectually-bankrupt liberal elite who perpetuated the equally bankrupt Gandhi-Nehru family dynasty in Indian politics.

        Claiming that he is “narcissistic” and merely “style” is ignorant. Prime Minister Modi for most of his childhood and adult life couldn’t afford luxury in any fashion; when he toured across the US a few decades ago – he brought with him 3 pairs of clothes he had to wear over and over again. His own mother lives in a house with less than 4 rooms and without any hint of wealth or prosperity. Mr Modi is intimately acquainted with poverty and deprivation and being disadvantaged materially and socially. He needs no instruction in “humility” from the ignorant the chattering mobs of the internet.”

        Here is a quote from there ILOR

  2. Bruce says:

    Negroids are an inferior subspecies of Homo Sapiens, whose unevolved craniums lack the capacity for abstract thought and social organization that helped European caucasians create some of the Earth’s greatest civilizations. The idea of integrating with blacks was the most insane and stupid thing ever. For a long time we have had enough scientific knowledge to understand that blacks could never come up to our level collectively. The price that we have payed for being so stupid is almost beyond belief. It is best symbolized in the completely ruined cities blacks have produced all across the country.

    Blacks are definitely a menace, and not just a nuisance.

    • GulliverFredrich says:

      What about Asians in Asia?

    • Tulio says:

      You talk as if blacks had a choice to come here. If you are so angry about the black presence in America, then curse your white slave-owning ancestors who brought blacks here AGAINST their will.

      And there’s no such thing as an “unevolved” race, dumbass. Each race evolved to suit its own environment. If there are physiological differences between Europeans and Africans, it’s because those differences were a survival advantage in their respective locations. It does not mean one race was more or less evolved than another. You clearly don’t understand what the term evolved even means.

  3. When all is done and said a people are not free if they are not sovereign and a people are not sovereign if they are no longer in control of their destiny. Whites are not a sovereign people because they are not in control of their destiny any longer.( Nor for that matter are Blacks, Hispanics, or Native-American in the United States. They to are no longer sovereign.) Just because white are a numerical majority does not mean they are in control of their destiny. In such a case any freedom is strictly illusionary. Karl Marx had it wrong; it is not religion that is the opiate of the people, its voting! By voting white people think they are still in control of their destiny.

    Now as regards America’s toxic culture I would say it is Judeo-African in nature as media elites use the most dysfunctional aspects of African-American culture and project it towards whites in order to destroy racial consciousness (not to mention morality) among whites.

  4. jackson says:

    All you crackers, rednecks racist ass-jerks are timid. Fucking scumbags you’ve enslaved , beaten, raped black race as much as you can and you crib about being victimized to spread your festering hatred. This victimhood mentality makes you even more worthless. If things were the other way around, you’d only be more ignorant than you already are. Peach out racist cracker cave monkeys!!!

    • Dota says:

      We’re not victim mongering here. You won’t find us begging the nanny state for handouts and freebies in the name of “equality.” We believe in making it on our own. Nice try though.

      • jackson says:

        You’re constantly victim-mongering, bitching, moaning for problems created by your own. Denial is not gonna help. Nobody is begging for handouts to the government, bitch. Its the governments resopnsiblity to provide the affirmative action for allowing monstrosity like slavery, lynching, Jimcrow in existence.
        I see you’re from India right, dont they have affirmative action for minorities there? Didn’t your community beg and benefit from the affirmative action there? Based on what fucking logic you’re stressing right-wing ideologue to america? Scurry off back to your shithole white- wannabe slumdog!!! Its amusing to watch even slumdogs like you desperately crave for a white identity and licking white asses in the process. You do think you can join whites in their dreadful fight against black and the whitey would count guys like you as one among them. It never gonna happen. Good luck slumdog!!!

      • Dota says:

        My community is one of the wealthiest in India, so I wasn’t raised with the victimhood mentality. Also, I’m not trying to be white since that is impossible. However, just because I’m not white doesn’t mean I need to become a liberal traitor.

        And lastly, I’m going to have to ban you for excessive flaming. You are also using multiple email accounts and IP addresses which makes me think that you are just a troll.

    • The honest truth says:

      Sadly, vermin like “Jackson” are probably the best his race can produce – violent, shrieking savages seeking to reduce the rest of the world to their own debased level.

  5. Leon says:

    Menace or nuisance. I would say wow but lol no real power huh lets see you forgive and forget 400+ years of salvery in a society where your just exspected to act as if nothing took place get over it move on get out the ghetto get a job in a system that feel u are a manace or nuisance where is the level playing field it doesnt exist with human rationality one must look to God. And search and have integrity to tolerate is to deal with your presence to welcome is to invite your presence ive never felt invite 😉

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Just to be clear, when I said that blacks (by themselves) have no real power, I wasn’t passing judgment; it’s simply a fact. Believe it or not, I actually do cut blacks – who, with the exception of recent black immigrants, were brought here involuntarily – some slack. However, even if many black grievances are legitimate, that still doesn’t change the fact that certain black people can indeed be a nuisance for whites.

      Ultimately, I don’t really focus on blacks too much, and I was basically exhorting the alt right to follow my lead. In the grand scheme of things, the black man is not responsible for the various ills afflicting white people.

      On another note, while I’m generally not pedantic about this sort of thing, do try to use proper spelling and grammar. I had some trouble following your comment, and I want any future discussions/debates between us to be clear.

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