Feminists Actually Do Have a Sense of Humor!

It goes without saying that feminists have never been renowned for their sense of humor. To be fair, women as a whole don’t have a proclivity for humor, but when combined with the inflated victimization complex of feminists, you have a recipe for comedic kryptonite. Since feminists resent the notion that men are inherently funnier than women and attribute this perception to “social constructs,” one daring feminist has decided to do more than just whine. She has decided to regale us with her own sense of humor, thereby refuting the pernicious notion that men have a monopoly on jokes.

Aspiring feminist comedian Soraya Chemaly recently released a transcript of her next standup act for The Onion where she playfully waxes indignant about the conspicuous tendency of women to form long lines for the restroom. I mean, hey, it is pretty obvious that women have some unusual tendencies regarding restroom usage, so it makes for a pretty good routine.

Unfortunately, I just learned that this is not a standup routine. Likewise, this grievance did not grace The Onion, but rather Time. While I was looking forward to a good laugh to brighten up my day, I am now crestfallen upon learning that Ms. Chemaly was actually being serious about the injustice of women having to wait in line for the restroom.

(hat tip Roosh V)

Is this for real?

I cross my heart and hope to die when I tell you that I am not making this up. Part of me still wants to believe that this is actually a major hoax and prank designed to outrage a gullible public for cheap laughs.

However, I can’t say that I’m too surprised. Feminists consistently whine about the most trivial offenses and inconveniences, whether it’s phony complaints about “street harassment,” grievances against “manspreading” on public transportation, the indignity of having to wrap Christmas presents, or even the terrible oppression inflicted on women by an “inappropriate” shirt worn by a famous scientist.

I’m not even going to bother dissecting and critiquing Soraya Chemaly’s article, as the absurdity speaks for itself. Likewise, her article does people like us a favor. Even if your average man doesn’t necessarily subscribe to the views espoused by the alternative right, he’ll be more inclined to listen to us than the histrionics of whiny and entitled feminists. He might even start to question why the mainstream media gives a platform to such humorless and deranged individuals, which might lead him to question the media as a whole.

As Dota and I have argued on many occasions, leftist pet causes are houses of sand that require consistent upkeep. Since the media plays a prominent role in maintaining this upkeep, then more people unplugging from the mainstream media and pop culture goes a long way towards weakening liberal insanity. Therefore, I would like to thank Ms. Chemaly from the bottom of my heart for unwittingly bolstering our arguments and alienating more regular people from liberalism.

As this humorously ironic incident demonstrates, feminists can indeed be funny.

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5 Responses to Feminists Actually Do Have a Sense of Humor!

  1. Sutpen says:

    Females are complainers, not doers and repairers. If they take positive action it means taking responsibility for the results and the steps leading to them, and responsibility is the last thing the majority of females want. besides, somebody might complain about the outcome.

    • Dota says:

      Ah North American women. Vapid, privileged, narcissistic, and pampered. They have never known any genuine hardships or pain and thus invent imaginary problems (“everyday sexism” lol) to justify their hollow existence. And Society wants to empower these overgrown infants.

      • Sutpen says:

        Alas, they are already “empowered” and privileged to an extent beyond the hopes of past royalty. Even kings could get their head cut off.

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    Western female privilege: Being given a platform by the mainstream media to vent about imaginary injustices.

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