Thoughts on Asian “Tolerance” and Reciprocal Obligations

In his post that analyzes the racial and cultural dynamics of the film Office Space, Dota persuasively argues that minority assimilation reciprocated by majority tolerance is the only successful means of fostering harmony in a racially diverse society. However, this historically proven method for maintaining diverse societies is not what multiculturalists and leftists have in mind when they conceive of a tolerant society. For them, “tolerance” amounts to the white majority surrendering its identity, throwing open its borders, resigning itself to minority status, and unquestioningly accepting any and all non-white behavioral differences.

At the end of his post, Dota prescribes certain elements of Confucianism, with its emphasis on loyalty and reciprocal obligations, as a remedy to multicultural looniness. I can’t imagine that any bashers of the West could object. After all, various liberals and leftists either endorse or accept the notion that Eastern religions and philosophies are gentler and more tolerant than the brutality of Western culture. Buddhism in particular has enjoyed much adulation from ignorant Western liberals. After all, how can one not love such kind and gentle figures such as the Dalai Lama, who pens editorials imploring us to respect and show compassion towards one another?

In one of my college classes, which concerned first contact with indigenous peoples, my professor, an old Japanese American radical, juxtaposed the ignorance and chauvinism of the West with the tolerance and humanity of Asian culture. After shocking us with harrowing tales about white brutality towards American Indians, he then told us that in his “Asian culture, you make your heaven or hell depending on how you treat others.” The implication, of course, is that Asians are much more peaceful and enlightened towards different groups of people than whites.

Of course, such a claim is nonsense. Ask Burma’s Rohingya people, Muslims in Sri Lanka, or Uighurs in China about the humane and tolerant values of Asians and Buddhists in particular. No doubt some leftist somewhere will find a way to blame such violence and repression on Western colonialism.

White Liberal

It should be said that not all Asian nations brutally attack or repress their minorities. Taiwan (if you can even call it a nation) has earned a reputation for tolerance towards its small Muslim minority. However, after reading between the lines, I’ve concluded that Taiwanese tolerance is very conditional and requires the maintenance of the status quo (what liberals would call “privilege” in a white/Western context). To begin with, the chairman of Taipei’s grand mosque, Omar Yang, decries the fading of Islamic practices while simultaneously offering interesting insights on East Asian attitudes towards nationalism:

According to Omar Yang, chairman of the mosque, there is a crisis of faith among the Muslim community here stemming from the new generation’s lack of education about Islam, and the prevalence of Chinese culture and traditions, which have led to the fading away of Islamic practices.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Yang recalled the story of a family from central Taiwan who discovered their ancestors were Muslims. They respected various Islamic practices, including not eating pork, but never questioned their ways.

One day they unwrapped one of the offerings their ancestors had left on the traditional Chinese family shrine, and discovered a copy of the Quran in Arabic.

“Knowledge about Islam is not being passed on to the next generation,” Yang said. “That’s the real problem.”

Nevertheless, the concerns of the nation trump the desires of any minority group:

“As Taiwanese, we’re less interested in religion and faith, because our priority remains to survive as a nation,” Yang told Al Jazeera.

That sentence right there is key. While Taiwan permits Muslims to worship and does not repress them the way that China does, they likewise aren’t going out of their way to accommodate or coddle their minorities. The interests of the nation and majority group come first; the special interests of minorities come last, if at all. The Taiwanese are only tolerant to the extent that their culture and interests aren’t threatened (bolded emphasis mine):

According to a 2014 report from the PEW Research Center as part of its Religion and Public Life Project, Taiwan ranks second in the world in the Religious Diversity Index, after Singapore.

“Taiwan is a very tolerant place,” said Anas Chao, a 28-year-old Taipei-based designer whose family came to the island with the KMT.

Yet, according to him, it is Muslims’ responsibility to think of ways to teach and preserve Islam “while not destroying or affecting the local Taiwanese traditions”.

Dota has mentioned on many occasions that throughout the non-Western world, there are very few liberals in the Western sense of the world. Instead, there are fascist hawks and moderate conservatives.

The bolded passage above illustrates the truth of Dota’s argument, and tells you all you need to know about Asian notions of tolerance. Tolerance is not unconditional, with Muslims and other minorities being tolerated so long as they respect the majority culture and do not infringe on the space of the dominant group. Minorities must either assimilate or know their place in the shadows. There is also the presumption that Taiwanese culture and the majority ethnic group will remain dominant. We will never witness any rhetoric along the lines of, “Taiwan could become 100% Muslim and it would remain Taiwan.” The Taiwanese and other Asian peoples certainly won’t countenance a scenario where they could be rendered minorities within a few decades.

Not that they need to worry anytime soon, as Taiwan and other Asian nations are much more homogenous than most Western countries. Such relative homogeneity is precisely why much of Asia appears so tolerant. It’s easy to be tolerant when there aren’t large numbers of visible minorities that you’re being told to make room for and accommodate. It’s also easier to practice tolerance when your group isn’t being consistently demonized while minorities are frequently exempted from having to be respectful towards the majority. Likewise, it’s not exceedingly difficult to remain tolerant when members of minority groups aren’t running large sex grooming operations that involve the rape and sexual enslavement of native girls, with the authorities covering it up for fear or appearing “racist.” Ad Nauseum.

Even though this blog espouses Western values, I second Dota’s assertion that the West must import certain Asian values in order to preserve its civilization. Since we all know that Asian peoples such as the Taiwanese wouldn’t remain tolerant if they were demographically eclipsed and culturally usurped, then it is hypocritical to demand higher tolerance from whites. Unless, of course, leftists hold white people to higher moral standards than non-whites, which makes their screeds against white supremacy rather hollow.

One-way tolerance ultimately amounts to unilateral disarmament, and does not bode well for a group’s well being. Therefore, let’s make reciprocation a virtue to cultivate in 2015, on both a national and personal level.

You can be civilized towards other people without tolerating petulant jerks who don’t respect you or your identity.

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5 Responses to Thoughts on Asian “Tolerance” and Reciprocal Obligations

  1. Sutpen says:

    The basic tenet of Western white liberals isn’t “Do unto others as…” but “We’re no good and everyone else is perfect.”

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Well said.

      Although, I don’t know if white liberals necessarily see other groups as “better” on a gut level, as their embrace of diversity is very shallow. For example, while they may enjoy eating Chinese food, I highly doubt that they know much about Chinese history or culture.

      Deep down, they regard themselves as a superior and enlightened class. It’s those other whites who are defective. I feel like white liberals don’t necessarily regard non-whites as “better,” but instead use them as a means of showing up white conservatives and working class types.

      • batterytrain says:

        Interestingly, Liberals only identify groups like the Chinese by what they offer and what kind of food they bring, what kind of services they provide. It’s as if they only identify them for these things only and not as independent personalities with their worlds and depth-ness. They don’t understand or grasp the concept, that the Chinese have an existence separate from these things, and they are not their to ONLY do those niches. So Liberals are infact the real racists, because they play and apply this axiomatic approach to many minority groups they have a relationship and purport to support, especially their pet blacks.

      • Dota says:

        Liberals have always been the real racists. Historically, white man’s burden was a liberal idea (Mill/Macaulay) and today, exporting feminism and cultural Marxist lunacy to the third world is a modern incarnation of white man’s burden.

  2. Sutpen says:

    Exactly so. The “We’re no good..” teaching is for all whites EXCEPT liberals. Liberals believe other peoples will naturally see their superiority and to an extent liberals believe all others follow Western values except for white rednecks, who follow some kinds of bizarre racist sexist homophobe urges.
    However, liberals reveal their attitude in that they regard other cultures and quaint and childlike, able only to respond to Western imperialism and lacking any historical or cultural dynamics of their own and look up to Westerners as superior and liberals as saviors protecting them from themselves and rednecks. (Instead of arrogant fools.) The intellectual “summit” of this is Julian Jaynes’ theory that such peoples as American Indians, black Africans, Polynesians, and Aborigines, maybe even many Asians, were unconscious till white Westerners contacted them.

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