Happy New Year!

Happy new  year Occident Invicta readers! We apologize for the lack of activity here but Bay Area Guy was on Holiday while I’m currently visiting India (and it’s no holiday I assure you). A lot of things have changed in India (at least in Bombay) while many things remain the same. One of the new trends that pokes you in the eye wherever you turn is rape hysteria. I thought that I could enjoy a couple of feminist free weeks in Bombay but I was clearly wrong. Sensible journalists like Aakar Patel have challenged this baseless hysteria but if the US media can yield to the impulse of gutter sensationalist journalism, what hope is there for a  less civilized country like India?

I found the following printed behind my train ticket and I think it’s certainly worth discussing.

The caption below woman and child reads: The best society is one that protects mother and child.

The caption below woman and child reads: The best society is where mother and child are safe.

Memes like the above are now ubiquitous but not half as obnoxious as the feminist memes one has the misfortune of gazing upon in the West. Many of these “feminist” memes in India depict mother and child and remind Indians to respect the wives and mothers of society. In other words, society is urged to respect women while the latter are urged to become good wives and mothers. The respect that Indian women demand seems to be reciprocal in nature and that is a radical departure from the petulant rebelliousness and narcissistic entitlement of North American feminism.

This meme takes me back to the origins of the suffragist movement in America nearly a century ago. As feminist Yen Chuan Yu points out, the suffragists demanded welfare benefits for mothers and children.


Now that feminists have amassed considerable political and social clout, children have been conveniently jettisoned as their resource magnet services are no longer required.

It should be interesting to see how a low IQ and limited resource society like India digests the toxicity of feminism.


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16 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Sutpen says:

    In a way such things will help the US during the present crisis. I don’t know much about India and have generally thought well of it because it seems like a sensible country, so I don’t know how it will affect them, but fanatical places like many Moslem countries could be in serious trouble from “liberated” women. That’s a good thing, since it can destabilize them at a point when the West, and, believe it or not, the US in particular, are becoming able to deal with it rationally and sensibly.

  2. Dota says:

    I wouldn’t wish feminism on my worst enemy.

    • Feminism is by product of female nature, without biological impulse from women, the entire narrative of feminine suffering and victim hood will fall apart, but it wont happen, women by nature are solipsistic and hypergamous , Women are evolved to be hypergamous—Feminism is just a manifestation of innate feminine instinct ,

      The feminism in west is by product of Industrialization and mechanization of every day life, machines have replaced common house hold chores also high abundance of food and less external threat has made feminine instincts come out of closet.

      Once washing machine,Pressure cooker and Cooking gas supply facilities became part of every house in western world, a new leisure class was created -This class consists of women who have nothing much to do except child rearing, then came female lust for political power and economic power, women have understood quite well that natural constraints which imposed checks on their feral sexual instincts were no longer present….Then women campaigned for political power,next came in protests for women in workforce..Once women understood quite well that they can accomplish economic and political power without support of women, their natural sexuality came out of closet.

      Women always practised dual sexual strategy, The stronger male gets the breeding rights and weaker male gets the provisioning rights, women have always used different men for breeding and provisioning while providing more sexual access to breeding partner and obligatory sex to provisioning partner since the provisioning partner is needed in women’s life during her worst times when female sexuality no longer gives her social,economic acceptance and when she becomes old.

      Feminism is a by product of natural forces deep inside female which came out open in social sphere when time is ripe.

      Feminism (American style) will never happen in india, since Indians are genetically different from their american counterparts. Indian society is survivalist society, its not patriarchal but a matriarchal society, even some indian women practise Dual sexual strategy ( after all women are women and they are gate keepers of Natural selection process) but much of the filth and ugly sinister acts will be swept under the carpet in Indian society.

      Indian society operates on layers of hypocrisy when man is just another cog in wheel and his sexuality is repressed to a point where he has to seek ,Arranged marriage transaction to satisfy his innate biological urges.

      India is already a feminine oriented society, even indian men are feminine and weak, all their machismo (fake baravdo which comes with deep seated sexual repression and inferiority complex) is diverted to beating down other men while becoming a weak pussy beggars before women.

      To be honest average indian women is far more ugly compared other brown women ( in Arab world,Iran,Including pakistan and lebanese ,syrian etc) , they are just above Black women, Your average hairy indian girl cannot be compared with “white or asian or latina” women….it would be quite amazing to see if India will ever become a free sexual society, if it does, then indian women have lot to loose than gain with their declining sexual value as they age and thanks to South asian womens genes, their bodies become bloated by 30, and they hit menopause quite earlier compared to White and Asian women(again it has lot to do with biological and genetic factors).

      Add all these factors , you will understand why indian society puts arranged marriage in early 20’s and mid 20’s as high priority for female sex why forced sexual selection is rampant in India.In a surivalist society, female becomes a liability in longer run , men are an asset they work and probably feed their parents in tougher times–Women are mere transaction.

      Lot of the factors highlighted above play a great role in Indian society ..Western style feminism will not happen in India but guess what, india is already a gigantic Feminist society where all social ,cultural and even economic aspects of society and family are hugely influenced by women indirectly and men are just a reproductive engine

      It would fun to see how indian men will mitigate when indian women practise dual sexual strategy like western women , what if the fairy tale illusions fall apart when premarital sex becomes a norm in India, Its already becoming a norm in cities , Hindutva shit hole cow belt villages are still living medieval era, but In cities its changing drastically, wife sharing, extramarital pregnancies are common

      In my state andhra pradesh where Migrating to USA is considered as life time accomplishment, lot of women are sleeping around during their onsite stint ,once they move to a society where natural female sexual instincts are openly celebrated they have no shame in practising dual sexual strategy.

      I would like to see natural dissolution of Indian family , Indian rigid family system is a prison for both men and women, its just an obligation forced onto two people by larger family and society.

      Dissolution of indian family will result in lesser population, although this might not happen in shorter run as both male and female gender are co dependent on each other for sharing resources and mitigating extremes of life. The only way this dynamic can to disrupted is through war, War alters the demographics and social norms , South asia with its huge population and low productivity needs a war or an engineered civil war which can disrupt prevailing social order…Some one must partake in this social engineering initiative

    • Batterytrain says:

      I thought the upper/middle classes in India had decent to high IQ scores?

    • batterytrain says:

      That baby in the picture looks incredibly ugly, it must suck to be born as a Indian that’s not admired. Suicide would be a great option for ugly Indians, or forced sterilizations.

    • batterytrain says:

      Dota what do you think about the whole drama with Jian Ghomeshi?

    • Dota says:

      Not really sure be honest. I know the general facts, but I haven’t been following the story much. Some on the Manosphere believe that his fate is a case of poetic justice, that he who lives by the social justice sword dies by the social justice sword. SJWs tend to devour their own. 2014 has been the year of false rape accusations by socially retarded white women.

      • batterytrain says:

        I wouldn’t say they are socially retarded, various numbers of these accusers were quite attractive, had good social standing, and were socially cunning and maneuverable enough to manipulate the situation into false rape accusations.

        i’m surprised that you haven’t been following it given how it was another case of SWPL mob tactics, and how Jian Ghomeshi was very popular with the smug SWPL liberal leftist crowd in Canada.

  3. Dota says:

    I will say this though, modern Liberalism is so ideologically vapid that it is quite easy putting on a SJW face for the public.

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  5. Gay State Girl says:

    I’m sick of people acting as though children are under attack. It seems to be a universal notion in the manosphere. In reality our entire society lives and breathes for the sake of the goddamn child. Men should have every right to complain that they are no longer allowed to properly discipline their child, and traditional women should be complaining that asking your children to do chores is now considered “exploitative.”

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