If You’re White, You’re Wrong

I’m hardly dropping a bombshell revelation when I state that leftists and non-white tribal activists do not particularly care for white people. Of course, such hostility has never prevented legions of white useful idiots from embracing liberal ideas and policies designed to assist their colored brethren. However, the noble intentions of white liberals are never enough to placate their supposed allies. The perpetual discontent of non-white SJWs has once again reared its head following the conclusion of the Sydney hostage crisis. In a nutshell, a deranged Iranian guy with a penchant for radical Islam held several people hostage at a cafe in Sydney, Australia. After many hours, the crisis was resolved following the deaths of three people, including the gunman.

I’m not going to turn this post into a discussion about Muslims. Likewise, it’s hardly a shocker that there are ungrateful immigrants and minorities living in Western countries today, whether it’s Man Horan Monis in Australia or Anjem Choudary in Britain. Such lunatics are thankfully the minority of most immigrants and Muslims, but they can nevertheless be quite a thorn in the side. They also wouldn’t be able to act on their extremism so easily without permissive attitudes towards borders and multiculturalism. Needless to say, Western countries need to seriously reassess their current immigration policies.

Hypocritical Muslim Immigrant

I’m more interested in the attitudes exhibited by leftists and non-white tribalists in response to this incident rather than discussions regarding extreme versus moderate Islam. In typical fashion, the reactions of leftists to the crisis have been all too predictable. Since white people are all potentially violent racists who can barely contain their insatiable hatred, many Australian Muslims have been bracing themselves for a potential backlash. They needn’t worry, however. Many do-gooder Australians, fearing for the safety of Muslims, now stand in solidarity with them. Such solidarity even culminated in a hashtag entitled #illridewithyou.

One would think that few people could possibly object to such a noble display of solidarity. After all, I think we all know what would happen if Muslims or other visible minorities, individually or in groups, were to pull off such a terrible deed in most non-Western countries. Unfortunately for some aggrieved colored souls, far from being a positive development, the #illridewithyou hashtag is an exercise in colonialism. I kid you not. At least that’s what one editorial writer for my favorite hypocritical leftist media outlet Al Jazeera argues. This editorial is so fatuous that it merits a thorough deconstruction:

“More subtly, this expectation for Muslims to keep speaking out is nothing short of Islamophobic. It assumes that Islam is, at its core, evil. It also upholds the view that Muslims can be essentialised as a monolithic whole.

The chastisement thus becomes the yardstick from which the wider world is to differentiate between a good Muslim and a bad Muslim.”

I can accept the argument that it’s unfair for Muslims to have to disassociate themselves from the actions of extremists, especially when most of them have nothing to do with extremism. However, as I pointed out in my post regarding the left’s notion of collective responsibility, such a courtesy is not extended to whites. It is leftists who assume that whites are evil at their core, can be treated as a monolithic privileged mass, and can be differentiated between good whites (SJWs and radical leftists who betray their own kind) and bad whites (all other white people). The editorial only gets even more absurd:

“Yes, the hashtag was born out of goodwill as the Twitter universe reacted to the story of a white Australian woman pledging to walk in solidarity with a Muslim woman who took her hijab off following news of the Sydney siege. We will protect the good Muslims, so gestures the campaign.

Unfortunately, it also reproduces an age-old trope that has been highlighted by scholars of postcolonial studies. As Western colonisers encounter non-European natives, they began to think of their “Other” in one of two antithetical ways – either as a barbaric savage or a noble savage.

To the colonisers, the hostile savage is inherently dangerous in a sub-human way and always an enemy to the civilised individual. Meanwhile, the noble savage is romanticised as innately benign. Untouched by modernisation, the noble savage should be admired and protected.

Transposed to modern times, the hostile savage translates as the bad Muslim and the noble savage – the good Muslim. Yet, barbaric or noble, a savage is still a savage. The hashtag #illridewithyou is just as patronising.”

Only someone with a major axe to grind against the West could possibly reach the conclusion that a campaign designed to shield a minority group from backlash and hatred somehow amounts to treating them like “savages.” Also, are we supposed to pretend that “bad Muslims” somehow don’t exist? Similar to Jewish gatekeepers like Max Blumenthal who insist that the crimes of Zionism not be associated with Jewish identity as a whole, Nazry Bahrawi treats acts of Islamic extremism as aberrations. Only bigots would dare critique Islam in relation to acts of Muslim extremism. Bahrawi is likewise angered by perceived double standards regarding Muslim and white mass murderers:

“Yet consider this. During the Sydney siege, a shooting spree incidence unfolded in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that left 6 dead.

International media agencies described the perpetrator, the now-deceased Bradley William Stone, simply as “a suspect”, “a gunman on the loose” and even “a Montgomery man”. No hashtag campaign was necessary to assure white people that the rest of the world will ride with them to keep them safe.

The same can be observed of the reaction to the mass killings committed by the Norwegian Anders Breivik in 2011. While Breivik had claimed himself a baptised Christian in his 1,500-page manifesto, the world did not expect Christians to condemn terrorism in the same way Muslims had.”

Perhaps “the world” didn’t expect whites or Christians to apologize for the crimes of a few of its members, but leftists and non-white tribalists such as the author certainly do. Every time a trigger happy white cop kills an unarmed black man, we white people are constantly told that the cop’s action cannot be divorced from the general racism and white supremacy that characterize the United States. In the wake of Ferguson and the death of Eric Garner, one can easily find several arguments to the effect that the U.S needs to undergo serious racial soul searching, and that white America needs to take responsibility. Acts of white racism are always treated as an integral part of white identity, whereas SJWs and non-white tribalists pull out the No True Scotsman argument and expect us to cut slack to other groups, whose identities and cultures remain fundamentally pure. I guarantee you that if a high profile white individual were to engage in bigotry against Muslims, Mr. Bahrawi wouldn’t hesitate to place that individual’s action within the context of a “culture of Islamophobia,” rather than treating him as just a deranged individual.

Aside from reiterating that the left is hypocritical with regards to applying their standard of  “collective responsibility,” the purpose of this post is to highlight just how difficult it is to satisfy these non-white SJWs. No matter what white people do, it is never enough in their eyes.

Bad White Man

If white people just go about their daily lives and remain ignorant, then they’re in denial of their privilege and are contributing to oppression through their silence. If whites critique Islam following acts of Muslim terrorism, then they’re Islamophobes. If whites attempt to stand in solidarity with Muslims and insist that most Muslims are good, then they’re patronizing colonists who are treating Muslims like “noble savages.” There is very little that white people can do short of prostrating themselves before non-white activists that won’t result in some kind of criticism.

Nor are white allies of Muslims the only ones who get tarred with such criticism. Take Tim Wise, who has incurred the wrath of many white nationalists and conservatives for his relentless critiques of white people and white identity. However, his treachery is not enough to satisfy certain non-white tribalists such as Suey Park. He’s also earned the ire of non-white activists less radical and abrasive than Park.

Essentially, white people are either wicked or they’re eternally on probation, with the slightest mistake resulting in an avalanche of social justice fury. Small wonder that more white people aren’t eagerly embracing the opportunity to become an “ally.”

Ultimately, it’s necessary to inform my fellow white people that these leftists and tribalists are bottomless pits, and that there’s little point in engaging them. Don’t apologize, don’t make concessions, don’t even give them the time of day. The second we debate these issues on their terms, we’ve already lost, because white will never be right to them.

While I will continue to pathologize and critique leftism, I won’t waste valuable time by directly engaging them, and neither should you. I say we let them eat them eat their own and enjoy the popcorn.

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19 Responses to If You’re White, You’re Wrong

  1. Sutpen says:

    Liberals are exercising a truly bizarre form of racism in such cases. On the one hand they accuse white people (themselves, too) of just up and automatically hating other people for some odd reason — usually conscious racism, which isn’t instinctive but was a control mechanism for slaves developed over some centuries — and on the other they deny that any other people have their own cultural and historical dynamic and are capable of aggression on their own. It seems any non-white who does anything is actually reacting to and thus controlled by whites and lack any other motives.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      In the eyes of leftists, non-whites are amazing and strong people…except when they do something bad. Once that happens, they lose all agency and their negative behavior is blamed on white influence, however indirect it is.

      I even once had a radical professor in college who claimed that sexism in the non-Western world was the result of colonialism. No joke. Makes me wonder if they subconsciously view non-whites as children.

      • Sutpen says:

        They are conscious of having that view, simultaneously with being conscious of having its opposite. The function is to be able to criticize whites and everybody else when the occasion arises without seeming to be “racist”.

  2. Sutpen says:

    Yes, they do view non-whites as children, even the Chinese despite their long and respectable credentials as a civilization. Once the white liberal elite rules the world non-whites will return to playing banjos on the porch and singing quaint if sometimes surprisingly insightful folk tales and lower whites will return to watching football and occasionally brawling, all under the wise guidance of the liberal left.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Didn’t you know that whites introduced the practice of foot binding to the Chinese? Ditto for female infanticide. I’ve never seen any evidence to substantiate such claims, but it must be true.

      For leftists, all roads lead to the white man.

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Well said. We should neither ignore nor debate leftists and non-white tribal activists, but instead directly confront them, troll them, taunt them, and subvert them at every opportunity.

  4. mixedraced says:

    How do you undermine your enemy without confronting them or addressing their arguments in anyway? By sitting back you’ll let them pursue their objectives with no obstacles. I thought the whole purpose of this blog was to effectively warn whites of the current regime against them so to reverse present trends. Finding faults in their arguments under the shelter of your blog proves nothing to many people.

    • By the way Axum, remenber that you are the only one who knows my secret 😉 so don’t tell anyone until I order you and happy 2015 ! Oh gosh I remenber the comments I left in new year 2014 with Coward, how quick time passes, the 2014 I spent it in Mexico, but this 2015 I will spent it in Texas today! lol I would like to talk to some American women to see if they are the Feminazis that some say … and talk to more White and Asian people.

    • Bay Area Guy says:


      I critique leftists and inform my fellow whites about certain problems. However, what I don’t do is directly debate or argue with them. It would be a fruitless endeavor, since we would just be talking past one another, agree on little, and waste much passion and energy.

      In my younger days, I was all too eager to debate or argue with my ideological opponents, but now I realize just how much of a waste of time and energy it was.

  5. mixedraced says:

    How do you undermine your enemy without confronting or adressing their arguments in a more public and direct setting? People need to this sort of thing as it shows confidence. Your blog lacks an overall presence, it isn’t widely known.

  6. Sutpen says:

    Another way to undermine your enemy is to reproduce. I agree this is difficult because today’s gynogroveler judges and other officials combined with the poison of feminism make having a family almost impossible, while today’s education is profoundly anti-social and anti-freedom.

  7. Indian inferiority complex + relative growth in incomes since 2 decades created a filth of Fake indian intellect and now indians are busy renaming everything on their name

    Solipsistic cultures cannot see world different from them, they cannot imaging so they create everything on their name , just to satisfy their fragile Ego

    Indian narcissistic culture, with inferiority complex and fake cultural supremacy will create a society which is worse than modern pakistan….

    After claiming credit for inventing fake plastic surgery , now indians are claiming they have invented Aircraft

    It reminds me of Nietzsche theory of Untermensch, The Untermensch or Lower order men which Nietzsche named hate the ubermensch( higher intellectual men) so much that they will kill all that is of higher intellect ,just to satisfy their lower order existence and come in terms with their lack of creativity

    This is why its necessary to protect the inventions , The altruism of west is the reason for its decay, Western altruism has resulted in vaccines,UNICEF distributing preventive medicines to Regions like india, where 8 out 10 use to die with contagious diseases,.

    Thanks to west the population of Lower order people has increased…. now these untermensch will claim everything created and invented by people who are lot more intelligent and creative than culture of untermensch can ever produce in its entire existence

  8. Even indian movies can think originally entire story line and cinematography is copied from this movie

    and indians usually add their mummo jumbo hindu nationalism and stupid love story dances to satisfy their ego

  9. Sutpen says:

    So does this mean the West needn’t worry about India? Is that what you’re saying?

    • No, while west dies with self hatred all its inventions and accomplishments will be renamed and history will rewritten by other nations who are inferior to west

      What i meant to say is simple, egalitarianism will result in death of civilizations

      This will be the future of West , nature is cruel to those people who are not interested in defending themselves

      Notice hyena has not given any trigger warnings before attacking wilder beast, Hyena simply devours wilder beast,, call it immoral or unjust or use any other progressive word

      Nature doesnt give a shit to those nations or tribes or races or Castes who are not willing to protect their ethnic , Caste or Racial identity

      • Sutpen says:

        If we’re here we’re aware of it. Possibly if you’re from India you can reach people who need to be reached since they’ll have all kinds of sympathy from liberals, who are sure any country having problems is that way because of us.

      • Liberalism is a disease,but there is far more bigger parasite that resides in Western world and had always sought to destroy the very essence of Western civilization—The parasite is called JEW

        No organism can be healthy with a parasite in its body

  10. Sutpen says:

    So that’s it, huh?

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