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If You’re White, You’re Wrong

I’m hardly dropping a bombshell revelation when I state that leftists and non-white tribal activists do not particularly care for white people. Of course, such hostility has never prevented legions of white useful idiots from¬†embracing liberal ideas and policies designed … Continue reading

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Are Humans Naturally Conservative As a Species?

The two greatest forces that impact any community are economic and political. Economics is primarily concerned with the distribution of resources whereas politics is concerned with the distribution of power. Conventional wisdom states that societies and culture are formed at … Continue reading

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My article on Return of Kings

Here. I had to use a new pen name on Return of kings as per their website policy. In case any of you are wondering, ‘woh kavi’ is Hindi for “That poet”. Modest aren’t I? But that’s why you people … Continue reading

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Is it time for a new aristocracy?

Now make us a king to judge us like all the nations. (1 Samuel 8:5) There are few words that conjure a succession of images in the mind, each more grotesque than the previous, than the word aristocracy. Some picture … Continue reading

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