Arab Subversion and Al Jazeera

Throughout the duration of my blogging, I have frequently relied on Al Jazeera America to inform my various posts. While I use Al Jazeera for news, I make even greater use of their editorial page, as it serves as a treasure trove of leftist thinking for me to deconstruct. However, I’ve always wondered why it is that a news publication funded by the ruling family of a Gulf Arab state such as Qatar espouses such radical and progressive politics. After all, Qatar (along with other Gulf Arab states) is not exactly renowned for its progressive record on political freedom, protections for minorities, or workers’ rights. I don’t think I even need to provide a link to an article to support such a claim, as the blatant chauvinism and shameless greed of Gulf Arabs speak for themselves. Dota certainly has more than a few stories to tell about the value system of Gulf Arabs.

However, perhaps my initial skepticism was unfounded. Maybe Al Jazeera was one of those rare progressive non-Western entities that challenges its own society and culture in the same way that they deconstruct and pathologize the West. Therefore, when I saw an editorial that discussed changes in Qatar’s foreign policy, I had some hope. The time had come for Qatar to receive the same critical treatment so often dished out to the West. Of course, I wasn’t too surprised to discover that the editorial was little more than a paean to the humane, just, and amazing foreign policy of Qatar. At that point, I decided that I had had enough with the hypocritical, selective progressivism of Al Jazeera’s editorial page. Therefore, I left an initial comment poking holes in the absurdity of the usual disclaimer that the views of editorial writers do not reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial policy:

“Oh really?

I must say, I am shocked that a paean to Qatar would appear in no less than Al Jazeera, which conveniently happens to be owned by the ruling family of Qatar.

I guess Al Jazeera’s leftist editorials that consistently pathologize and critique Western societies are consistent with the progressive values of Qatar, bastion of human and workers’ rights that it is.

What a joke.”

Indeed, I find it highly laughable that the rulers of Qatar who fund Al Jazeera genuinely embrace universalist progressive values. I’m also fairly certain that they wouldn’t tolerate having the Arab Muslim character of Qatar pathologized or deconstructed in anti-Western fashion. One of the commenters even suggested that the U.S. should undermine Qatar from within in a similar manner to Al Jazeera’s ideological critiques of America. Here’s what I had to say in response:

“It would be like if wealthy conservative Christians in the U.S. funded a publication that consistently ran editorials by far-left Arabs and others that critiqued and deconstructed Arab culture, Islam, and unrelentingly criticized various Gulf Arab monarchies.

Something tells me that that the intrepid seekers of truth at Al Jazeera would not be too amused.”

Just like many Jewish activists, the Arabs in charge of Al Jazeera only embrace left-wing thought when it serves their own interests, and primarily deploy progressivism as an ideological tool against the white West. While they embrace editorials from a variety of leftists that offer strong critiques of white Western culture, they exempt their own society and culture from such scathing criticism. Such hypocrisy from Arab Muslim nationalists, moderate or otherwise, is not the sole domain of Al Jazeera. In his excellent book From Plato to Nato, David Gress perfectly describes the duplicity of Islamic revivalists and reformists, which is essentially similar to Al Jazeeras:

“The revivalists emphatically rejected “modernism” as applied to Islam, but for the same reasons they welcomed postmodernism in a particular sense. Islamic revivalists wanted Western postmodernism if it weakened the West, made Westerners feel insecure and guilty, and made it easier to enforce claims for political and economic concessions on the West. They absolutely did not want postmodernism if it meant that they themselves should question their own morality, their own Grand Narratives, and their own forms of knowledge. Postmodernism was fine, in their view, if it helped to undermine a Western culture that was anyway, in their opinion, immoral and heretical; as a general attitude of skepticism and epistemological doubt applied to any system of universal belief and morals, it was not…The Islamic revivalist insisted that the West be relativist but that his own religious knowledge remain exempt from postmodern deconstruction.”

-Pages 533-534

In Dr. Jamal Abdullah’s editorial, there does indeed seem to be a significant dearth of skepticism and epistemological doubt as applied to Qatar. While he acts as a professional cheerleader for his home team, I wouldn’t be surprised if he later wrote an editorial denouncing Western cultural imperialism, Islamophobia, and various other real or imagined Western sins.

As I pointed out in a recent post, I sincerely believe that it is only whites who are foolish enough to embrace leftist beliefs. The Arabs of Qatar, like virtually all non-Western peoples, embrace nationalism and some measure of chauvinism. They would never embrace progressivism if it meant compromising the various comforts and advantages they enjoy within Qatar. Therefore, don’t expect any editorials denouncing “Gulf Arab privilege” to appear in Al Jazeera anytime soon.

Given the platform enjoyed by Al Jazeera and the millions of people that their writing and broadcasts reach, I deem it necessary to expose their hypocrisy and warn my fellow white people not to be fooled by their progressive posturing. The time has at last come to deconstruct these professional deconstructors.

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5 Responses to Arab Subversion and Al Jazeera

  1. Beatrix says:

    Oooooh..well that explains all the ‘progressive’ ‘independent’ documentaries shown weekends on Al Jazeera Asia-Pacific.

    • Bay Area Guy says:


      Now try getting them to run a “progressive” and “independent” documentary about abuses against migrant workers in Qatar.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        I should also clarify that I don’t uniformly despise Al Jazeera. Their extensive reporting on global events is solid. However, their editorial page is undoubtedly biased and selective.

  2. All races including indians ,chinese,russians or arabs, detest west , They know well that west is superior in Knowledge economy,Military and all other creative fields, reminds me of Nietzsche talking about Morality of Untermensch

    The Untermensch know well that they cannot conquer Ubermensch through war, nor they can enjoy the power as long as ubermensch and their creative minds exist, so they project morality ,guilt upon the stronger ones to make them feel ashamed of themselves…

    The weak can only overpower the strong , when the stronger races hate themselves…This is the ideology of Arabs, russians,indians ..What they seek is not some universal brotherhood, they are as power hungry as western political leaders but they project morality and guilt to put themselves in holier than thou position—

    Hegel talks about the same mentality ,He called this mentality as Slave morality

  3. Its even highly amazing how Brahmins in west preach how US must embrace multiculturalism and hire best and brightest from india and if not American economy will collapse, at the same time they preach their kids how western societies are immoral, uncultured and Hindu civilization is greatest thing that has ever happened on earth and entire humanity must be thankful to Hindus..

    Most of these hypocrites live in west, feed like parasites on western society, and are waiting for opportune movement to stab the very society that gave them life and livelihood when they are rotting in filth and poverty…

    As i say again and again, All humans whether they are weak or strong aspire for Power and Dominance Not Peace..Nietzsche.Hegel and many other German Philosophers are right in saying–

    Altruism and Sympathy are root Human decadence, The master must never bow to the level of slave..—The slave has only one weapon –Guilt..He will always project Guilt upon his victims and let them commit suicide

    All great civilizations died from Suicide not from War

    Some how i like Jewish belief ….Never forgive, Never forget…That should be motto of Gentile races–No sympathy or tolerance for weak

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