University education is worthless by design

A recent article on Return of Kings by Matt Forney suggested a couple of good reasons why men must avoid universities. To summarize, modern universities are hotbeds of cultural Marxist garbage which make an especially toxic environment for White heterosexual Christian males. The second reason stated was that University degrees are actually worthless. Students fail to learn any marketable skills while becoming debt slaves for decades. While I don’t disagree with any of this I would still nevertheless like to add that University education is worthless by design. Let’s examine how.

Universities churn out mediocrity

University professors regurgitate the tired myth that today’s  University is the same institution (in spirit) that Plato conceptualized; an institution dedicated to impartial inquiry. Those who argue the contrary, ie Universities solidify the status quo, generally point to the Humanities and social sciences as evidence. I wish to point out that this is also the case with Business majors. I hold an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a marketing major. The structure of every Marketing class was the same. There was theory followed by exams and a final course group project. The projects and case studies were generally centered around formulating a marketing plan within a particular context. What was inconspicuously absent from these case studies was any mention of a budget. I recall that some of my professors even discouraged us from dwelling on financial details and to just go wild with our marketing creativity. Why would they do that? The answer is so blatantly obvious that I’m amazed that I didn’t see it back then. They expect their young acolytes to go out there and serve Nike or Nestle, or any large corporation that has an unlimited budget.

Students are neither taught nor given any directive to start their own business. The goal is not to produce the next Richard Branson or Bill Gates, but rather, the employees who would then serve the Bransons and Gates of our world. We’re not taught to be good businessmen but instead are moulded to become good employees. Out of the 120 credits I completed for my degree only 3 credits (1 course) was dedicated to teaching us small business management skills. The rest of the degree didn’t bother teaching us how to pitch our ideas to venture capitalists or what banks look for in a business plan. We were not taught how to manage a website or read key metrics in Google Analytics. We were not taught how to negotiate co-op advertizing with suppliers.

Why I majored in Marketing

After years of soul searching I’ve come to the painful realization that I majored in Marketing because of my mediocrity (at the time). I lacked the mathematical and analytical mind that would enable me to succeed in Finance or Accounting. Technical professions are generally in demand and will always be indispensable. Marketing majors are for those that naively believe that creativity trumps technical expertise. This is untrue in the third world and is certainly untrue in the first, and I’ve lived in both. Marketing, Humanities, and the social sciences are for those individuals (like myself at the time) without the talent nor inclination to muster the effort required to study a technical field. A close friend of mine graduated with a degree in Philosophy and quickly discovered just how unemployable he truly was. Rather than throwing up his hands and exclaiming vey ist mir, he took two years off to study programming and now earns a respectable $25/hour.

After graduating from University I decided to follow my friend’s example and taught myself some technical computer skills. In the last marketing job I worked, my knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, Google Analytics, and Photoshop served me better than the worthless knowledge I acquired back in University. To this day not one employer has expressed even the remotest interest in my university grades or transcripts. Employers, however, have expressed a lot of interest in my graphic design portfolio and (amateur/self taught) programming skills. Many of my classmates have still not landed a Marketing job. Women that major in humanities or woman’s studies fare a lot worse. Universities churn out hordes of unemployable graduates whose frustration keep Marxist agitators in business.

In conclusion I’d like to advise young men to avoid University and instead learn a trade. If one still wishes to attend University one must select a major with great consideration in a technical field such as programming. As Universities are the nexus of Cultural Marxist and Feminist rot, I’d say it’s about time we starve this beast.



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4 Responses to University education is worthless by design

  1. Bay State Guy says:

    College/University are for learning, period. They were never intended to be training schools, diploma mills, staffing companies, etc. The post-war era combined with money-grubbing, bourgeois Boobus Americanus (H.L. Mencken’s term) turned the “City of the Mind” into yet another business. If you son’t want to learn, then don’t go to college, it’s that simple. Now anyone interested in learning can’t do so. College is full of willfully ignorant diploma seekers. The curricula need to cater to that. It is just another distraction now.

  2. RD Sultan says:

    Most universities these days teach you ‘what to think’ rather than ‘how to think.’

    • braveagnosticg says:

      In my university of administrator business in a town in Mexico there is no such feminist studies … however I do find lame many of the classes. My grandfather created a business of materials of construction such as blocks, It is run by my mother now and if I ever inherit that, don’t know what to do, people often says is better to have your own business, but anyways how much could grow? like the big one companies, I would be stuck in that town as we aren’t a super company with branches in other cities, so.

  3. Beatrix says:

    And that’s why my 1st degree was in pharmacy.
    An actual ‘profession’ & ‘marketable skill’ with lots of well paying jobs available immediately darned near everywhere.
    Also a great degree to ‘spring board’ to other things from another degree in healthcare, education, research, or starting your own business.
    Pharmacy is boring as all Hell though.
    Guess that’s why I got all uppity & went to Med school.

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