An Edifying Conversation With a “Woman of Color”

Not too long ago, I had dinner with an old friend of the family who happens to be a 2nd generation Chinese American woman. While it’s not my intent to turn this blog into a soapbox for me to discuss my life outside of the internet, the insights I gained from my conversation with her can provide many valuable lessons. I left the conversation feeling both hopeful as well as irritated at how far our society has devolved.

For starters, my conversation with her further confirms my contention that our leftist  enemies are the true minorities. Most everyday individuals could care less about the radical politics they espouse, and their movements would collapse in a heartbeat should the day ever come when our current overlords decide to throw SJW’s under the bus. While being tactful and not openly promoting alternative right ideology, I took a few shots at SJW stupidity during the course of our conversation.

At one point, she was discussing the differences in teaching style between her male and female teachers for a class she’s currently taking at an adult school. After jokingly asking if it was sexist to point that out, I immediately assuaged her fears of running afoul of the PC police by asserting that there are indeed fundamental differences between the two sexes. Despite being an educated “woman of color” who generally subscribes to liberal values and therefore would presumably embrace fundamental tenets of SJW thought, she approvingly endorsed my claim.

The conversation then ventured into the topic of health and nutrition (she’s a physician). Somewhere along the way, I brought up the humorous abomination of a “movement” known as fat acceptance (using less colorful language, of course). In a calm and descriptive manner, I highlighted the fatuous argument that fatness is not an indicator of poor health and that one can enjoy “health at any size.” Before I could further elaborate on the sheer absurdity of fat acceptance logic, she immediately exclaimed that such an argument is bullshit, and that obesity leads to diabetes and hypertension. Call me crazy, but I think I’ll take the opinion of a doctor with a greater degree of seriousness than neurotic teenage girls on Tumblr.

So there you have it. Despite living in the liberal Bay Area and conversing with a generally liberal non-white woman about somewhat controversial topics, I did not inspire any resentment or offense. Most people in the real world are not SJW’s, and so long as those in the alternative right exercise proper tact, they could easily get by while living in the belly of the liberal beast. Therefore, reaching out to center-right white middle Americans should be a piece of cake.

Unfortunately, not all aspects of the conversation left me feeling hopeful and validated. As a successful Baby Boomer, she was far more optimistic with her appraisal of the current situation in the United States than those of us on the alternative right. She dismissed claims that things have gotten worse as mere “the sky is falling” rhetoric, which has characterized countless eras. In her mind, the only aspect of modern life that is worse than before is global warming. Yeah, tell that to the hordes of overeducated and underemployed Millennials. Given my history of castigating Baby Boomers, I should clarify that I do not think all Boomers are scum, and many such as this woman are very dignified individuals. Nevertheless, their lack of awareness about the “privileges” their generation enjoyed can be very rankling.

(always love using SJW lingo to my advantage!)

The environment continued to be a major topic in our discussion. For those of you not in the know, my native California is currently undergoing one of the worst droughts in its history. Yet everywhere I go, I see individuals and various businesses consuming tremendous amounts of water, and they show no signs of slowing down in spite of various billboards encouraging people to conserve water. According to my old family friend, she witnessed a similar drought plague California during the late 70s. Amazingly, the people where she lived made a concerted and collective effort to combat the problem. Lawns  were primarily brown, and anyone with the temerity to keep their lawns green were put into check by concerned neighbors. Toilets were rarely flushed, filters were installed on showers to ensure that no water was unduly wasted, restaurants would not serve water, and the list goes on.

Try telling today’s legions of social media addicts to curtail their consumption and make the sacrifices necessary to tackle a dire environmental predicament. We all know that the very idea of sacrifice is anathema to today’s average young person, and both she and I noted that lawns everywhere are green in spite of our severe water shortage. Perhaps this is simply American individualism and Calvinism taken to its logical conclusion. Or, more likely, the combination of mass immigration, multiculturalism, and legacy of greed bequeathed to the nation by Reaganomics have rendered today’s Americans a bunch of selfish and apathetic individuals who could care less about the world that surrounds them. The response of everyday people to the drought speaks volumes about how low-trust of a society we have become, with the very notion of a common good being increasingly eroded.

While I am very grateful for the recognition I receive within the alternative right, I find day-t0-day interactions with everyday people even more rewarding. In fact, I have a little assignment for our readers. Should you ever find yourself in a discussion with your friends or coworkers about serious issues, cleverly sneak in some anti-leftist logic here and there. Avoid impassioned rhetoric, shun buzzwords, but find some way to undermine multicultural and feminist lunacy.

I have a hunch that most of you will be pleasantly surprised. Ultimately, our movement will have to move beyond the confines of the internet to enjoy genuine success.

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