The masculinity of Jewish men

The stereotype of the effete and henpecked Jewish husband is an old one. Interestingly enough, there are several examples of henpecked husbands in the Old Testament. Abraham, who was henpecked by his shrewish wife Sarah, was compelled to abandon Hagar and her son Ishmael to perish in the desert. Ahab was henpecked by his wife Jezebel to rebel and sin against God. I haven’t the foggiest idea of what accounts for Jewish wimpiness but I have observed that Jewish men share certain traits in common with women in general.


If there is but one word that so flawlessly describes both Jew and Woman it is this. Modern western women are famously solipsistic and live through contradictions without even being aware of them. They are “strong and independent” but yet always the “victim. ” They are “empowered” but still fantasize about Christian Grey types. They claim they don’t need a man but are still content to live on his charity (Alimony, Child support). You get the idea. Jewish men likewise are also solipsistic. They genuinely believe that their influence on the world is positive and that antisemitism is completely irrational. The Jew sincerely believes that the goyim should love him for inundating the latter’s society with Feminism, Porn, Hollywood, and Cultural Marxism. H.G Wells said it best: “A careful study of anti-Semitism, prejudice and accusations might be of great value to many Jews, who do not adequately realize the irritation they inflict

The following quote by Alan Dershowitz illustrates Jewish solipsism in all it’s glory:

“How does one understand — not even forgive, simply understand! — the virulently anti-Jewish statements of intellectuals throughout history? Their numbers included H. L. Mencken (‘The Jews could be put down very plausibly as the most unpleasant race ever heard of’); George Bernard Shaw (‘Stop being Jews and start being human beings’); Henry Adams (‘The whole rotten carcass is rotten with Jew worms’); H.G. Wells (‘A careful study of anti-Semitism, prejudice and accusations might be of great value to many Jews, who do not adequately realize the irritation they inflict’); Edgar Degas (characterized as a ‘wild anti-Semite’); Denis Diderot (‘Brutish people, vile and vulgar men’); Theodore Dreiser (New York is a ‘kike’s dream of a ghetto,’ and Jews are not ‘pure Americans’ and ‘lack integrity’); T. S. Eliot (a social as well as literary anti-Semite, even after the Holocaust); Immanuel Kant (‘The Jews still cannot claim any true genius, any truly great man. All their talents and skills revolve around stratagems and low cunning … They are a nation of swindlers.’) Other famous anti-Semites include Tacitus, Cicero, Aleksander Pushkin, Pierre Renoir, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and, of course, Richard Wagner. This honor roll of anti-Jewish bigotry goes on, and included people of every race, religion, and geographic area, political leaning, gender, and age. The answer to the question why? probably lies more in the realm of abnormal psychology than in any rational attempts to find understandable cause in history, or economics. Anti-Semitism is a disease of the soul, and diseases are best diagnosed by examining those infected with them (Dershowitz, Alan. Chutzpah. Little, Brown, and Co. Boston, Toronto, London, 1991; p 113).”


That the Jew’s propensity to provoke antisemitism wherever he goes does not give him pause to critically reflect on his behavior. No, antisemitism HAS to be irrational! While Jewry routinely deconstruct European identities, their own identity will always remain off-limits. Henry Ford once observed that while Jews were used to a certain amount of xenophobia, they were very threatened when their Jewish identity itself was critically examined. The Jews wish for North Americans to see them as ordinary whites who practice a different religion, and not as a nation within a nation. Or worse, a fifth column for Israel.

To borrow an analogy from Bay Area Guy: If a man gets kicked out of a bar, no one makes much of it. However, if this same guy gets kicked out of every bar he visits, you begin to wonder. The Jewish tendency to binge on the sound of their own voice while shutting out others is a very female characteristic.


The media never fails to remind us that Jews remain the reigning Gold medalists in the Oppression Olympics. Jews wear their victimhood on their sleeve and ruthlessly compete with other victim groups to maintain their position on top of the victim pyramid.

The only other group that plays the victim card as religiously happens to be women. Like today’s modern woman that whines about “males privilege” while remaining oblivious to her many privileges, the Jews routinely abuse their disproportionate power by silencing critics while genuinely believing themselves to being the victims. I suspect this trait is the origin of the stereotype that Jews lack manliness. The Canadian Museum for Human rights is basically a temple dedicated to Jewish Victimhood worship. Like Jezebel and Lady Macbeth, the Jews can affect nothing save through the influence they wield upon powerful figures among the goyim. The Jews never confront their foes head on, but rather prefer to subvert, cajole, and manipulate.  Just as Herod was manipulated by his queen and daughter to murder John the Baptist, the Jew is likewise nothing without the Saxon tools at his disposal. The Jewish alliance with turncoat Saxon elites is not an equal one. Jewry uses wealth and influence but agency is exercised at the discretion of said turncoat elites. I’ve often wondered if this is why American porn is saturated with scenes of Jewish men copulating with blonde gentile females. That the Jew is trying to convince himself that HE is the masculine one in this relationship. But that is just a speculation.

I’m not sure why Jewish men are less masculine but I think it’s certainly an area worth looking into.

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8 Responses to The masculinity of Jewish men

  1. There is an Austrian Jewish Write Otto weininger who called “Jews are sons of EVE and satan “—His book “sex and character” shows why Jews are solipsistic, they are devoid of any Masculine character—Where ever organized Jewry Exists, it tries to destroy family unit,and attack all institutions which impose restraint over female sexuality

    Its not just Jews that are solipsistic but even Indian Hinduism for the most part is a solipsistic faith, from my knowledge most indians are extremely solipsistic, they dont understand the harm they inflict on others,as long as its favourable to their survival they go along with the tide

    Is it mere coincidence that Organized Jewry and hindus got a nation around same time?, or is it just an accident when Jewish thought became a norm in Western Civilization today, Hinduism (another Solipsistic culture)is making inroads into west ?, or is it just an accident that both these cultures despise Christianity and Islam –or is it just me who is seeing feminization of Western world where every masculine virtue is degraded and despised.

    I think Weininger was right ,When Jewry triumphs they will dissolve every masculine trait in man,They despise masculinity…I believe its a kind of parasitism that Jewry exhibits , when the ecosystem of host nation is completely subdued by Jews,they make sure that all forms of threats are neutralized, First threat to organized Jewry is masculine identity of society,which keeps a constraint on feminine sexuality, once you dissolve masculine identity, All fundamental institutions of society will be destroyed.

    I believe behind the mask of innocence, there is some thing evil and despotic about Female Gender.

    Ancient Greeks believed that Women are created by God as a punishment for man, Feminine spirit seeks unchecked freedom and Unchecked Female freedom leads to destruction of everything great that men have built

    Weininger’s book is eye opening atleast for me, He thinks there is some masculine spirit and Feminine spirit in this world, While masculine spirit strives for aggression ,creative thought,adventure—Feminine spirit seeks revenge,Destruction,unlimited freedom without check..Weininger in his book says,that Feminine spirit in essence is satanic, “The biblical EVE Never liked Adam, she is still in Lust for satan and seeking that forbidden fruit”–He likens “Women as Necessary evil in this world and Jews are seed of Eve and Satan,” . Although i am not religious , I believe the comparison is accurate…

    There is another Hungarian Statesmen who despised the Jewry and Reached some what same conclusions as weininger, He wrote a book ” Tragedy of a man” in which biblical Adam,eve and satan are re-incarnated every time in each century as different prominent personalities, the EVE cheats of Adam and begets children from SATAN , God tries to intervene and punishes EVE and gives her next life , but again EVE will stray and will have children with Satan…After each passing century the Humanity on earth becomes decadent …God again intervenes to stop his creation from complete decadence,he gives a final chance to Eve to mate with Adam and establish kingdom of God on earth…The story ends with Eve as Queen and Satan as a minister hatching up a plan after their sexual intercourse to murder the king ( Allegorical ADAM)…and Eve Kills adam and Kingdom of Evil will be established on earth—

    The final chapter of ” Tragedy of man” shows Eve Fornicating with satan while their children who inhabit this earth will participate on sodomy ,incest..

  2. Ashton says:

    This slumdog assole writer writes as if jews are the most responsible for every misgivings in the society conveniently forgetting the fact tat majority of people from other nations including from his own shithole contribute to the economy both positively as well as negatively. what is amusing how every inefficient, talentless, inarticulate wimps point their fingers point their fingers at the jews for all their nefarious purposes and out of sheer envy of their successes. These scums must also realize what is their contribution besides churning out gibberish after gibberish. This scumfuck thinks he’s above the stink of his shithole by spilling out his hate excrements one after the other , regardless of how much you try to curry the flavour with the whites by throwing your excrement towards jews, your fellow countrymen and blacks. A slumdog will be a slumdog….

  3. Beatrix says:

    HG Wells cracks me up.
    I can’t remember his name, but there was a Jewish writer on BBC radio I heard about a year ago that boldly made a similar statement on Jews’ lack of introspection about what makes them so disliked. Perhaps he didn’t get a very positive response from the ‘tribe’ because I never heard him again anywhere.
    I wonder a lot about women & the whole ‘victimhood’ thing.
    I’ve known many ‘professional’ and or ‘career women’ (essentially my peers) who get sucked into this stupid victim mentality (usually egged on by some sort of ‘therapist’) that goes absolutely nowhere. It’s like a bottomless pit, that even the ‘therapist’ doesn’t know how to get out of. Then comes the diagnosis of clinical depression (along with OCD, bipolar disorder or whatever fad dx is making the rounds), then the SSRI’s & the anti-polarizing meds, throw in a bankruptcy or 2 (it’s all the credit card’s fault), failed relationships of all sorts (that’s what happens when you blame everyone else around for YOUR poor choices), & finally the career goes down the tubes (due to yet even more poor choices) & they end up the crazy Prozac cat lady living in a trailer park on SSD by the time they’re 45 yrs old. Yes, women are inherently more prone to depression than men (progesterone is notorious for weepy, sleepy, depressive behaviors – estrogen for anxiety & insomnia) but COME ON.
    Maybe it’s the predominant influence of Jewish thought in mental health professions that perpetuates this ‘victim’ status in female patients rather than encouraging them to ’empower’ themselves by behaving like responsible adults?

    • Dota says:

      I just get the impression that women are more prone to victim mongering than men. Whining is considered unmanly whereas this standard doesn’t seem to apply to women anymore. Take Anita Sarkeesian for example. She made a few videos whining about how women were portrayed in video games and then raised $150k on kickstarter. That’s enough to put 3 women through programming school who could then create their own indie game shaped by feminist ideals. But no. She’d rather make more videos with more whining. Contrast this to Lucas Pope who quit his job lived on his savings for 9 months as he programmed his game “papers please.” The game sold extremely well and he’s now a wealthy man. He had initiative and he took a measured risk. He didn’t have access to the coffers of “Women Entrepreneurs of (whatever)” or any other taxpayer funded program for women. These feminist twits create nothing of value and then expect everybody else around them to bend over backwards and accommodate their parody of a social movement.

      • I believe that West should Die, i hope to see some society or ideology which is as ruthless against Jewish Influence as NSDAP but it won’t happen in Western civilization..the nations which succumbed to organized Jewry will not survive.

        If you can recollect west is not as degenerate as it is 10 years ago,The speed of Collapse of western society is striking for someone who is an outsider like me .

        I believe west deserves do die, there is no point in changing the course of events which will unfold in coming decades,you will find same Organized Jewry pulling the strings..An average Joe like me can see things clearly ,i am not sure whats wrong with People in West , is it because of relatively easy life that most whites live? , or it because access to easy sex and comfortable life style?..I dont know..These people have never been through hard times and are accustomed to living in easy,opulent lives…Most of the complaints about gender equality , equal pay,and egalitarian wealth distribution without work,worse collective guilt for the sins which they have never committed, are by products of a society which is rotten to core…

        Organized Jewry won against their historic enemy who expelled them every time for past 2000 years, Egyptians use to call these people are Habiru -Means cut throat bandits, who later became hebrews(Jews)…I have noticed the so called “Jewish behavior” in Germany several times,even in respected academic Institutions “Jewish Behavior” is different from Germanic, the lying,backstabbing, inside politics in research institutes,outright cheating,using every means possible to get the name in publications even if their contribution is nothing and are elevated just because they are hired from Israel by Jewish Professor in Germany, Aggressive Nepotism,Favouritism are very common.

        I dont know how it will end, perhaps Hitler was right,WW2 is not a war by germany against Allies,Its a war for preserving European heritage, He was right when he said “if Germany Loses.European people dont deserve their fatherland”..-

        Organized Jewry won WW2, their economic(Control over money printing machine,Keynesian-ism),cultural(Feminism,Marxism,Neoliberalism,Homosexuality,Lesbianism),political ideologies (Globalization,Multiculturalism,Democracy in its worst form)became the norm in the world we live in.

        They are still leeching on Dying Western World, perhaps they will not relax till they suck last drop of blood from western civilization—Then they will move to other nation perhaps china and feed on them, i dont believe the theory that Jews will shift their ghetto from USA to india.

        Although i agree that Jewish Solipsistic believes and Hindu believes are very similar ,including the behaviour and ability to commit fraud with complete lack of introspection–

        Jews need a nation of producers to leech, Countries like Germany in 19th century ,US in 20th,21st centuries ,Britain in 16th century, France in 15th century Portuguese Empire in 14 Century—Perhaps china in coming decade…

        A Parasite needs a Health Productive host to feed on.., Its not surprising to me to find similarities between Jewish behaviour and behaviour of biologic Parasite–

      • This answers some questions in regard with Female Sense of danger assessment, Female psyche

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