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University education is worthless by design

A recent article on Return of Kings by Matt Forney suggested a couple of good reasons why men must avoid universities. To summarize, modern universities are hotbeds of cultural Marxist garbage which make an especially toxic environment for White heterosexual … Continue reading

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An Edifying Conversation With a “Woman of Color”

Not too long ago, I had dinner with an old friend of the family who happens to be a 2nd generation Chinese American woman. While it’s not my intent to turn this blog into a soapbox for me to discuss … Continue reading

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The masculinity of Jewish men

The stereotype of the effete and henpecked Jewish husband is an old one. Interestingly enough, there are several examples of henpecked husbands in the Old Testament. Abraham, who was henpecked by his shrewish wife Sarah, was compelled to abandon Hagar … Continue reading

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