Happy independance day Pakistan!

I know I’m a little late on this topic but I’d be remiss if I didn’t impart a few thoughts on this oh so auspicious occasion. India’s evil twin just turned 68 and continues to teeter along a fine line between existence and oblivion. Like a brain dead patient on life support, Pakistan doesn’t stand a chance of recovering; yet disconnecting this nuclear powered failed state from its life support system terrifies the world. Pakistan has skillfully leveraged it’s existence as an elaborate protection racket where failure to comply threatens global destruction with the possibility of its nuclear arsenal ending up in the wrong hands. Thus the world’s foremost beggar state sustains itself on the charity of other states while contributing virtually nothing to human civilization.

It is a source of tremendous amusement coupled with irony that this honour obsessed patriarchal society, where men would be ashamed to live off the wages of their women, has acclimated to their nation’s beggar status on the international level. This harmonization of divergent thought and action is what validates a prior observation I had articulated on Robert Linday’s blog: In South Asia, shame is a function of losing face and not one’s awakening to one’s own hypocrisy resulting from honest introspection.

The question it all boils down to is this: What is Pakistan’s Raison d’être? Is Pakistan a safe haven for South Asian Muslims? This cannot be true given that the vast majority of terror attack victims are Muslims. The same goes for the casualties of ethnic violence. It seems that Pakistanis, like Israelis, are fated to live out the Biblical curse of King David where the sword shall never leave their house. Pakistanis might re-direct this question across the border: Why does India exist? But while India is a unique Hell in its own right, it has existed for 4000 years and endures for no other good reason.

Why does Pakistan exist? Or more precisely, why does it continue to exist? The logic of Pakistan was shattered by the 1971 war which resulted in East Pakistan becoming Bangladesh. Pakistanis should have realized at that historic moment that religion could not possibly unite an ethnically diverse country. A country without a common set of core values bound by the thread of culture cannot possibly endure. The 1971 war was the beginning of Pakistan’s end. Those that had the foresight to see it back then wouldn’t be surprised in the least by current state of affairs.

The phantasmagorical monolithic cultured Muslim lodged in Jinnah’s psyche was the product of a disconnected imagination. A Pakistani is basically a self hating Indian that despises the very DNA housed by the cells of his body. This peculiar mental illness is unique to the Pakistani mind. I have never heard of North Koreans denying their racial heritage and neither have I heard of Taiwanese or Singaporeans denying their Chinese ethnicity. It is with a profound sense of curiosity that I wonder what the Pakistani sees when he looks in the mirror.

This takes me back to an anecdote that was narrated to me by a Pakistani acquaintance here in Saskatoon. He told me that his little niece once rooted for India in a cricket match against Sri Lanka because the Indians “look like us, eat the same food as us, and dress the same way.” As Yoda would put it: “truly wonderful the mind of a child is.” When the artificial Islamic identity is stripped away, all that remains underneath is Indian. As I’ve stated numerous times over the years, culture and race always trump religion. Since the very design of Pakistan necessitated the purging of all cultural elements deemed “Indian”, society was left with no safety mechanism to guard against religious puritanism.  Pakistanis compensate their lack of a cultural/racial identity with religion, hence leaving society vulnerable to Wahabi incursion.

The Pakistan project was doomed to fail from its very inception and Wahabism is it’s logical conclusion. Yet despite all this the average Pakistani still thinks the answer is not less religion, but more. The Pakistani cannot see beyond religion. He cares not for modern healthcare, education, or infrastructure; he wants more Islam. Like the crack addict that is convinced his next hit will be his last, the Pakistani is also convinced that just a little more Islam is needed. And a little more after.

Project Pakistan, unlike Israel, has no identity or unifying purpose and is fated to self destruct. Under these inevitable circumstances the ideal situation would be for every province to gain statehood and go their own way. This has worked for ethnically homogenous Bangladesh as its strong cultural identity is capable of keeping radical Islam at bay. The disintegration of Pakistan would add to the long term stability of the region and would benefit not just India, but the world. Most importantly however, it would benefit the restless and frustrated people that were long ago robbed of purpose by the abomination that is Pakistan.



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12 Responses to Happy independance day Pakistan!

  1. jalnicholl says:

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  2. Movenon says:

    If Pakistan splits off into its major states, do you think that Urdu-speaking Muhajirs ought to get a state somewhere for themselves, or be expected to integrate into one of the presumably ethnic-based states like Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan? Muhajirs generally don’t bother learning to speak Sindhi in most parts.

    Should Kashmir split off from both Pakistan and India to form it’s own independent state?

    • Dota says:

      I don’t really know about the Muhajirs, haven’t given them too much thought. As for Kashmir, the entire region should become independent. They have been screwed equally by both India and Pakistan.

  3. Beatrix says:

    What do the kids on the streets of Kashmir chant?
    Booka nanga Hindustan!
    Jeevay, jeevay Pakistan!
    (Poor and naked India!
    Long live, long live Pakistan!)

    • Dota says:

      I can understand why these Kashmiris don’t want to join craphole India, but do they seriously believe Pakistan is a better alternative? Are they really that daft?!

      • Beatrix says:

        Well, what I’ve heard from the Kashmiris who wish to join Pakistan is the belief they will receive better treatment from Pakistanis because they are Muslim.
        The common highly emotional lament from most Kashmiris on India is ‘THEY ARE KILLING US!!!” (Which is true, young Kashmiri men & boys are still frequently disappeared/murdered/imprisoned indefinitely/tortured in Indian administered Kashmir.)
        However, I’ve spoken to many Kashmiris coming from PoK through Nepal as part of Omar Abdullah’s ‘amnesty’ program who say the situation as far as poverty/basic amenities (food, shelter, sanitation, healthcare, education, clean water, infrastructure in general) in PoK is absolutely horrific and far far worse than Indian administered Kashmir.
        (Yes, it is that dumb that former Kashmiri militants from PoK who wish to apply for amnesty & return to Indian administered Kashmir can not come through India but must go through Nepal to enter India.)
        All things considered though, Kashmiri Muslims are a bit daft in general – not the sharpest tools in the shed for sure.
        I was just in Srinagar for 2 months & the military presence has calmed down quite a bit as compared to even 3 yrs ago. Most of the really violent stuff is occurring at more remote villages now.

      • South Asia is a Dark continent, If shit hole nation states like India, pakistan, Bangladesh which were engineered by british balkanize or collapse,

        There will be a great chaos and tragedy .

        Pakistan is genetically different from India in many ways, India in itself is an artificial entity, you can call pakistani as punjabi or sindhi or balochi or Pasthun but he is not an indian

        What is india, a state created by British, which never had a historic legacy except the collective humiliation that much of Princely provinces suffered in the hands of conquering hoard’s from Central Asia and Europe

        There is no India nor there is an indian to begin with, this is the fundamental void that hindutva understands, much of Hindutva project is aimed at creating a collective identity to treacherous people who inhabit south Asian Geographical land which we call india

        Pakistan like india is racially mixed nation, Much of south asia is heavily mixed, this resulted in confusion about the racial history, which still plagues south asian mind.

        India shows us the results of multicultural and multiracial mixing,multiculturalism always ends in chaos,corruption, and decadence

  4. RD Sultan says:

    Good essay, Dota. My personal opinion is that the Brits created Pakistan as a buffer state to play the role of defender of Southern Asia against the Kremlin’s ambitions to secure a base in the Indian Ocean, since Muslims were more reliably anti-communist than Hindus.

    • Dota says:

      Interesting, at this point their motive is irrelevant. Pakistan is undoubtedly one of the greatest mistakes of this century.

      • I consider india as greatest tragedy that has even been created. Only difference between pakistan and india is

        Pakistan is Failed state and India has several Failed states like Uttarpradesh, Bihar,Madhyapradesh, Rajasthan, and newly created Jharkhand,Chattisgarh, Telangana

        If even Indian Republic collapses like Soviet union, there will be complete chaos and destruction

        But i believe that natural selection must happen in India,population must be culled down by an order of 900 million

        I think next world war must be thrust upon india, pakistan, and much of south asia

        European continent has seen a lot of conflict and europe doesnt deserve another war

    • braveagnosticg says:


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