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Feminist logic 101

You just can’t argue with that logic.

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In Defense of Maligned Millennials

In the comments section of my old article on Baby Boomers and economic malaise, Beatrix had this to say about my fellow Millennials: “I deal with a lot of Millennials, they have to be the most pathetic generation yet – … Continue reading

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Happy independance day Pakistan!

I know I’m a little late on this topic but I’d be remiss if I didn’t impart a few thoughts on this oh so auspicious occasion. India’s evil twin just turned 68 and continues to teeter along a fine line … Continue reading

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I don’t understand employment equity

I’ve read several websites that “debunk” the claim that employment equity is reverse discrimination against white males. For the benefit of non Canadian readers, the employment equity act designates 4 “protected” (a term used by my former HR Proff) groups: … Continue reading

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When the Feminists Make Mistakes, Don’t Interrupt Them

In his latest post, Dota persuasively argued that only decadent 1st world societies with abundant resources can play host to feminism. One of our blog’s major recurring themes is that without constant upkeep and support from powerful elites, the left’s … Continue reading

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