Why feminism fails in the third world

The brutal rape that occurred in Delhi two years ago was followed by unprecedented national outrage and demands for legislature reform. They were also followed by a spike in sexual assaults including the shocking rape of 2 peasants girls whose corpses were hung on trees. India is but one country in the global tapestry we know as the third world. Why does the third world reject feminism? I will for the sake of clarity attempt to answer the question by using India as a case study.

Variables other than culture.

Those that have followed my articles over the year, (and my comments on Robert Lindsay’s blog over the preceding years) will know that I place an enormous degree of importance on culture when analyzing politics, history, and society. However, after reading the “anonymous conservative” I’ve come to realize that perhaps there are other factors that warrant scrutiny. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the following:


I think the anonymous conservative provides us with a clue as to why feminism can’t succeed in the third world. Feminism has infested the West because western societies are abundant in resources and have strong states to allocate those resources to those that feel entitled to them for taking the trouble of being born with a vagina.

As I’ve pointed out on numerous occasions, feminism has merely shifted women’s need to be provided for away from the family and onto the state. The nanny state provides women with resources that enable them to rise in society without merit. Some of these resources are (but not limited to): affirmative action, preferential treatment in education (Universities), and various non profit initiatives like “Women Entrepreneurs of…(whatever).

Feminism fails in the third world precisely because third world nations are lacking in resources and effective governments.

In India for example, the state lacks the resources to arrest and prosecute rapists, let alone spare any officers to respond to domestic disturbance calls made by women who wish to eject their husbands from their property following a minor domestic spat. For rural women, divorce is an omen of doom as the state has no means of enforcing alimony and child support on non compliant husbands. The infamous Shah Bano case illustrates a scenario where an effete state backed down under societal pressure. Many third world nations lack the resources to protect their women from physical harm, let alone consider and debate the gender bending lunacy of Western gender feminism.

Western feminists tend to gloat female encroachment into men’s space and often bemoan any instance where female entry into male domains is barred. Yet this is precisely the case in India where women are still underrepresented in elite schools like the Indian Institute of technology (IIT). In the absence of abundant resources, women will generally fail to break through the glass ceiling. Naturally, this doesn’t apply to ALL women as some are exceptional but we are discussing general principles here.

Schopenhauer referred to female Independence as an “unnatural state” and perhaps now we may begin to appreciate why. In our species, women were never meant to be the independent sex. Note that by “independent” I am not referring to a woman’s ability to work and earn a living outside the home, but rather, the erroneous feminist belief that women MUST pursue work outside the home to truly self actualize. Female independence comes at a cost which must ultimately be borne by society. When women outsource motherhood to daycares while they chase their corporate fantasies, their offspring develop lower IQs and emotional stability as demonstrated by studies. The cost of lower IQ citizens is borne by society. Similarly, children raised in single mother households are statistically more likely to take to crime than those raised in traditional households. Who bears the cost for bad decisions made by “strong and independent” single moms? Society does.

The feminist enterprise has a massive financial upkeep that third world nations are clearly unable to bear. If feminist “equality” were truly natural to our species there would be no need for an upkeep. Some would blame entrenched patriarchy and culture but lets not forget that these are shaped by environment. When resources grow scarce, women lose their petulant rebelliousness and support patriarchy, not out of selfless love for men, but out of self interest as the mechanism of patriarchy deems them a protected class entitled to sustenance and protection.

During the roaring 1920s, the thriving Flapper subculture of women flouted societal conventions pertaining to modesty and propriety as they pursued a lifestyle of hedonism. There is a great volume of online feminist literature that glorifies these rebellious heroines  as models to be emulated but little is said about their downfall. How did the Flapper subculture fall? It declined with the onset of the Great Depression when resources became scarce and female survival instincts jettisoned “independence” in favour of patriarchy’s protective embrace.

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20 Responses to Why feminism fails in the third world

  1. Bay State Guy says:

    “Flapper” is the perfect moniker for these broads as they can’t stop flapping their gums.

  2. Todd Lewis says:

    Feminism is demographic suicide as we see in Europe.

    • Dota says:

      It’s also cultural suicide. It’s a full frontal attack on civilization.

      • Todd Lewis says:

        Yeah. Feminism is the expression of the under-man that was warned about by Lothrop Stoddard in The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under Man.

  3. gothicbrat says:

    This blog (ditto for the article) is fantastic fun to read, for all its pseudo-coherent inconsistency and shock value. Do you ever bother to back your outlandish hype with any sources? Say hey!

  4. gothicbrat says:

    You may not know much about western ethos coming as you do from the orient, but we try to shoot always from the hip.

    • Dota says:

      If you know so much more, maybe you should start your own blog instead of being a pest here.

      • gothicbrat says:

        I wouldn’t want to burst your little bubble, Sahib.

      • Dota says:

        You’ve been trolling ever since you got here. This is a serious blog and no place for passive aggressive trolls. We don’t like banning people here (we’ve banned only 2 so far) but if you don’t cut it out, we’ll have to show you the door.

  5. Jake says:

    I guess, it’s he same reason why third world countries like Thailand and Indonesia have had women head of states meanwhile, the supposed “feminist” US would prefer a bimbo like Sarah Palin who thinks that NORTH Korea(So a “conservative” thinks the US is allied with a FASIST state? Great and knowledgeable!) is an American ally to accepted as “female head of state”


    And you basically fail at the Wolf-rabbit analogy. Rabbits would tend to be the “conservatives”. It’s basically the liberals who push for birth control, not the conservatives. Just look at the Birth control and abortion debate. Who the hell breeds like rabbits? And in the US, it’s usually ultra conservatives who get pregnant early and breed like rabbits because they don’t like reproductive health and education.

    I guess it is easier to blame “feminism” for the demographic and cultural decline of the West over hypercapitalism (which is pushed by ultraconservatives). Even in countries where women equality is low (Japan, South Korea), they have lower birthrate and are on to demographic suicide. Not so much different from the demographic suicide of the more “liberal” Western Europe. It boils down to the hypermaterialistic culture made by hypercapitalism that drove the cost of living in developed countries to an unattainable cost. Not only that, it is the ultrasconservatives who started offshoring and “exporting” of Western jobs to take advantage of the low cost labor in the “third world”. It was also who pushed for Globalization. When “poorer nations” figured out how to play their cards in globalization, the conservatives panic and blamed it to the Liberals. Nixon even decided to “open” China to trade and what is the result now? China has been stealing and hacking the US government and corporations. The China problem — started by the conservatives.

    Talk about “accountability”.

    Even obesity in the US is caused by the conservatives. The most obese states are the religious nutcase states and the conservative nutcase states. Driven by the hypercapitalism promoted by the conservatives — eating “fake corporate food”, hyper-convenience created by conservatives..and bam! Energy imbalance! Hence, the obesity epidemic. 35% of Americans are obese and the highest are in the conservative states. The more liberal Canada has lower obesity rates than the US.

    The destruction of the West is caused by the delusional ultraconservatives.

    But then again, do you even mean the difference between a conservative and liberal? It seems that anyone who DISAGREES with you, despite their political-economic beliefs, is automatically a “liberal”. What a convenient cop out.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I won’t speak for Dota, since he can speak for himself, but there are several things wrong with your post:

      1. Just because a society elects a woman as a leader doesn’t make it more “feminist” than societies such as the U.S. India has had female leaders and Pakistan had Benazhir Bhutto. However, do you seriously think that the average American woman would want to trade places with the average South Asian woman? I focus more on reality and facts on the ground for everyday people than I do the elites when it comes to assessing a society’s feminism or liberalism. It’s also worth mentioning that various female politicians in places like South Asia and the 3rd world come from powerful dynasties, and that their rise to power has more to do with dynastic politics than gender egalitarianism.

      2. Who the hell breeds like rabbits? And in the US, it’s usually ultra conservatives who get pregnant early and breed like rabbits because they don’t like reproductive health and education.

      A few poor religious whites aside, it is not white conservatives who are breeding like rabits. The white birthrate is well below replacement level fertility. It’s Latinos who breed like rabbits, and they align themselves with the liberal coalition.

      3. Liberals are just as bad as conservatives when it comes to globalization and China. Let’s not forget that it was neoliberal Bill Clinton who granted China MFN (most favored nation) status. Liberals have pretty much abandoned economics, and instead focus on promoting various cultural pet causes like gay marriage. Also, if you’ve read our various posts, we’re very critical of mainstream conservatives and Republicans. Paleoconservatives and those on the alternative right such as Pat Buchanan strongly denounce “free trade” and globalization. Buchanan even abandoned the Republican party because of its embrace of globalization.

      The destruction of the West is caused by the delusional ultraconservatives.

      Hardly. It’s our current Baby Boomer elite that is dooming the West to collapse. As I’ve said before, rotten elites are rotten elites, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans.

      Right now, we have the worst of both the left and the right. The left has polluted our culture and opened up a pandora’s box with their promotion of feminism and multiculturalism, while the economic right continues to plunder this country’s wealth.

    • Dota says:

      High ranking female politicians with the right pedigree in the orient can rise with the right connections, like Sonia Gandhi in India and Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. It has little to do with feminism which is virtually absent in society and the street. Get an education before spouting your sarcasm.

      And you basically fail at the Wolf-rabbit analogy.

      Nope. Single mothers are on the rise in western society just like the rabbit analogy. With abundant resources available, the female doesn’t need the male to provide for her and her offspring and so the male just dumps his sperm and moves on.

      I guess it is easier to blame “feminism” for the demographic and cultural decline of the West over hypercapitalism

      I’m a PaleoConservative, I despise Hypercapitalism and corporatism. Bay Area Guy and myself are very pro small business.

      We pretty much criticize Liberals and conservatives on this website. See Bay Area Guy’s last article.

      it seems that anyone who DISAGREES with you, despite their political-economic beliefs, is automatically a “liberal”.

      Not true. Many of them are simply morons, regardless of ideology.

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