Tel Aviv, Ted Cruz, and the Utter Uselessness of Modern Republicans

We make little effort to conceal our disdain for the Republican party and mainstream conservatives. At least for me, my problems with the Republicans are numerous. As a young millennial who embraces progressive taxation, anti-corporatism, and is strongly opposed to outsourcing, I cannot in good conscience support a party that seeks to make life more trying for members of my demographic. Many of my fellow millennials would agree, as a significant percentage repudiate the kind of crony capitalism that got us to where we are today. Fear not, I’m not turning Democrat on you. We millennials have learned the hard way that whether Republicans or Democrats occupy the White House, our rotten and degenerate elites continue to destroy this country. Shit stinks, regardless of the form it takes.

However, I’ll acknowledge that there are certain people who harbor deep passions about various social issues. Perhaps they view the Republican party as the only way to advance the cause of social conservatism, border security, and other issues that motivate most white middle Americans to vote Republican. Unfortunately, in addition to their economic malfeasance, Republicans have proven to be either extremely cynical or borderline retarded when it comes to tackling the culture war. Such idiocy is best demonstrated by the Republican party’s support of Israel and Zionism.

Dota has written before about the lunacy of the Christian Right’s embrace of Israel, but the behavior of Republican elites is even more appalling. The latest example of so-called conservatives sucking up to Israel comes in the form of Texas senator Ted Cruz. Due to the ongoing carnage in Gaza, the FAA imposed a ban on U.S. airlines flying into or out of Ben Gurion International Airport. A sane, rational person might conclude that the FAA is looking out for the safety of American travelers, and that flying planes over a war zone isn’t the wisest idea. However, Ted Cruz knows better. President Obama and the American government, by banning flights into Tel Aviv, are engaging in an “economic boycott” of Israel.

Doesn’t it just warm your heart to know that prominent Republicans like Ted Cruz care more about the economic comfort of Israelis than the safety of their fellow Americans? I guess it’s not enough that the U.S. provides Israel with billions in annual aid or serves as their guardian in the UN. Israel must enjoy its tourism profits, and if a few goyim potentially die, then it’s a small price to pay in order to ensure the continued prosperity of the chosen people. In his article on the Christian Right, Dota rightly argued that it’s folly for conservatives to so vehemently defend the interests of a group committed to liberalism and the undermining of traditional conservative values. Jewish American elites may accept Republican support out of self-interest, but something tells me that they don’t genuinely embrace their useful goyim idiots.

I’ve come to conclude that Republican elites care little for conservative values, and their eyes are always on the economic prize. Even though many Israel lobby denialists and liberals like to highlight the influence of Christian Zionism, their influence on U.S. policy towards Israel is negligible. As Mearsheimer and Walt pointed out in their book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, Israel is just one of many issues that the Christian Right cares about, and not even one of the more important ones. Christian Zionists likewise lack the financial and media power of Jewish Zionists.

Therefore, the pandering of Republicans to Israel is ultimately designed to attract wealthy Zionist Jews such as Sheldon Adelson. Speaking of Adelson, Republican elites are especially out of touch with their base on the issue of immigration. Adelson, along with numerous other top donors to the stupid party, are strongly in favor of “immigration reform” (ie. amnesty for illegals). Sadly, this behavior isn’t confined to cynical and greedy donors. Conservative pundit Glenn Beck, in an especially disgraceful display, has implemented his own mini Marshall Plan for the tens of thousands of illegal Central American children. If only he and his fellow mainstream conservatives would “open their hearts” to the millions of working and middle class white Americans who continue to languish in economic stagnation.

Can Republicans really be this stupid? Given that the majority of Latinos vote Democrat and have aligned themselves with the liberal rainbow coalition, why would Republican elites want to bring in yet more Latinos and future Democratic voters? Simply put, as we have emphasized on this blog time and time again, our elites of all stripes do not actually care about the interests of average people. Political elites are utterly contemptuous of the people they purportedly represent. For Sheldon Adelson and those like him, their already obscene levels of wealth aren’t sufficient. Therefore, they have no problem selling white America short just to bring in more cheap labor and future profits for themselves.

If all of the evidence compiled by the alternative right over the years isn’t enough to convince white conservatives that the stupid party isn’t their friend, then I highly doubt that this post will do the trick. So what can we do about this? Should we just accept that most white conservatives are moronic sheeple who can’t see through their corrupt elites? No, because if we want to save our civilization, we will ultimately have to reach out more to everyday white Americans. If we present our views with tact and avoid esoteric buzzwords, I feel that many conservative whites who are growing more disillusioned with the Republican elite will be receptive to our message. Eric Cantor’s sound defeat in the GOP primary, which had much to do with his perceived softness on immigration, indicates that more white conservatives are inclined to show the establishment sellouts the door.

(not that this is an endorsement of the Tea Party in any way, shape, or form)

Conservatism is not dead, and we on the alternative right demonstrate that one can be a conservative without deifying Israel and the big business interests that support mass immigration. It’s time for us to show the white masses that there are alternatives to our binary political system, and that they are not doomed to be shackled by the chains of the greedy and stupid party.

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