Yeshivas are ok, Madrasas are not

My life’s experience has taught me to take the very opposite position of whatever the mainstream media reports. Thus if the media insists that North American women are powerless victims perpetually oppressed and denied opportunities to succeed, I’m inclined to believe the opposite. If the media wails about how homosexuals in North America are stomped on by society, I’m similarly inclined to believe the opposite. Of-course, I do a significant amount of research to back up my views. However, I think that simply following this aforementioned axiom (even without doing any research) would restore clarity to a society that refuses to think critically.

As Israel’s senseless war against the civilians of Gaza climbs to new heights of insanity with each passing day, this axiom continues to rear its ugly head. Prior to Israel’s campaign of slaughter, 3 Jewish Israeli boys with religious settler backgrounds were kidnapped and then killed. Major American media outlets such as CNN were quick to mourn their deaths. I can’t help but wonder what the Western Media’s reaction would be if 3 students from the religious school below were abducted and murdered.



For fun, lets also assume that the head of the above Pakistani school made a statement that ran as follows:

“It is well known that to conquer the Land of the India is a commandment. However, from the Sharia point of view, it is not clear whether this is a Quranic-based or a Sunnah injunction, and where and how it is to be applied. At any rate, it is clear that the Sharia does not consider the conquest a positive commandment binding on every Muslim at every time and place.”

I suspect the above statement would play a large part in diluting sympathy for the murdered students if word of it got out.

I tried in vain to determine from the Western media the names of the Jewish seminaries (Yeshivas) that the 3 murdered boys attended. I then decided to scour the Israeli media and learned that 2 of the boys attended Makor Chaim Yeshiva while the third attended Shavei Hevron near Hebron. According to Rabbi HaRav Steinsaltz of Makor Chaim institute:

“It is well known that to conquer the Land of Israel
is a commandment. However, from the
Halachic point of view, it is not clear whether this is a Torah-based or a Rabbinic injunction, and
where and how it is to be applied. At any rate, it
is clear that the Halachah does not consider the
conquest a positive commandment binding on every Jew at every time and place.”

You may read his entire charming sermon here.

The Shavei Hevron school serves the Jewish settlers around Hebron that routinely make life as miserable as they possibly can for their Arab neighbours. Since one Jewish life is worth about 10 Arab lives (rough approximation), the IDF maintains a heavy presence in the area to protect God’s chosen parasites from their Arab neighbours who, for some reason, insist on defending their property from Jewish settler vandalism. The Rabbi that began the settler project in Hebron, Moshe Levinger, remains unrepentant. His charming daughter (then 15 years old) was quoted as saying:“Now the Arabs know their place and they see that the Jews are in charge…With God’s help, the Arabs won’t dare take revenge.”

Rabbi Dov Lior (of the Shavei Hevron school) made the infamous assertion that: ” “There is no such thing as civilians in wartime… A thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail!” (Christian and Hindu philosemites should take note).

The purpose of this article isn’t to justify the barbaric murder of 3 Israeli children, but to point out the grotesque hypocrisy of the Jew media in the West. If these were madrasa students that were murdered, the North American media would either choose to ignore the incident, or air the students’ sordid backgrounds if they chose to report the incident. Jewish Israeli Yeshivas incite just as much fascism and hatred as their madrasa counterparts in the Muslim world, but of-course, such discourse is forever barred from the mainstream media.

Far from being the work of fringe extremists, such hatred described above is closer to the norm in Israel. In the Jewish state that supposedly “shares values” with our North American societies, bigotry and hate are incited by prominent mainstream politicians. Following the deaths of the 3 kidnapped boys, a just and tolerant leader would have called for calm and the quelling of hateful passions. However, Benjamin Netanyahu (the prime minister of Israel) went out of his way to rile up anti-Palestinian hatred among Jewish Israelis (including on twitter). If a white blogger were to call for vengeance against blacks or Mexican illegals following members of those groups committing an act of violence against white people, such an individual would be confined to a fringe website and monitored by the ADL and SPLC. If a white politician behaved in such a manner, he would soon find himself confronted by a torrent of outrage and pressure, and in need of tremendous luck to keep his position. In Israel, such bigots occupy the highest offices in the land, and suffer no consequences for such hate. It should also be noted that Netanyahu is just the tip of one very racist (as in, genuinely racist) and bigoted iceberg in the land of the chosen people.

Before I conclude I would like to add upon the principle that prefaced this article. When it comes to  non Western (tribal) societies, one must remember to never assume that the English media in those societies reflect the views of the majority. Indian Journalist Aakar Patel once pointed out that one wouldn’t see a society wide Anti-Muslim consensus in the English media of India. To clearly see this society wide consensus (that cheered the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat 2002) one would have to turn to the Gujarati and Hindi media. Tribal/collectivist societies generally express their group prejudice(s) in their tribal tongues and not in English. Similarly, the liberal views expressed in the Pakistani Tribune and Dawn newspapers do not represent the views of Pakistani society at large; a society with an entrenched prejudice against Hindus and Christians.

If one wishes to glimpse the true face of Israel, one must brush aside Haaretz and turn towards the Hebrew press.


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22 Responses to Yeshivas are ok, Madrasas are not

  1. Bruce says:

    It is not just the true face of Israel that we are seeing, but an aspect of the true face of Judaism that we are not supposed to know about. They are very good at hiding it, or at least have been up until recently. They are riding so high and mighty nowadays that they have become careless, and large numbers of people are seeing them for the first time.

    • Dota says:

      I don’t think that Judaism is the cause of this behavior, but rather, a manifestation of Jewish tribalism. Note how some of the most fanatical genocidal Zionists are atheists.

      • jgarbuz says:

        Israel is Jewish land, and the only land Jews have ever demanded sovereignty over. By contrast, Muslim Arabs demand sovereignty over every country they come to inhabit.

      • Dota says:

        Islam isn’t a unified force and Muslims have no power on the global scale. Israel’s invasion and ethnic cleansing of Palestine isn’t morally justifiable no matter how much you may wish it so. The only legitimacy Israel has is that of might. I suggest you drop your shallow pretenses lest you offend everybody’s intelligence.

      • jgarbuz says:

        And some of the most genocidal Arabs, such as those who have joined the Caliphate (ISIS), claim only to be following in the footsteps of their Prophet. How did the Prophet deal with Jews in the Hijaz who had lived there for centuries?

      • Dota says:

        Perhaps your buddies in Israel shouldn’t have had their stooge America knock off Saddam. The man was a tyrant, but he did a decent job keeping radicals at bay.

      • jgarbuz says:

        Well, maybe Saddam shouldn’t have tried to kill me and my son by shooting Scuds at our apartment a few miles from Tel Aviv back in 1990? We had to sit in sealed rooms with gas masks on because Kuwait wanted the US to liberate it from Saddam’s army, we in Israel got shot at with Scuds. Saddam was looking for trouble, and he finally found it. Yes, like Stalin he was very brutal and was able to keep all opposition down by having his sons rape the daughter of anyone who opposed him. But, as you say, at least the Sunnis were ablle to keep the Shia majority in line thanks to Saddam’s incredible brutality, and now the Shia and Sunni are going at it full blast, until both side bleed enough.Just like Catholics and Protestants in Europe did a few centuries back.

      • Dota says:

        I fail to see what any of this has to do with Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

      • jgarbuz says:

        No such thing ever happened! There was no “ethnc cleansing of Palestine.” There was the nearly 100% ethnic cleansing of Jews out of the Arab countries, starting with the Jewish tribes who had inhabitad the Hijaz in Arabia 1400 years ago. Regarding “Palestine,” there are today over 5 times as many Arabs living west of the Jordan river than there was in 1947. And in eastern “Palestine,” also known as “Jordan,” there many millions more. In fact, there are 20 times as many “Palestinian Arabs” today as there was in 1919 less than a century ago. By contrast the Jewiish population of the world is less today than it was in the 1930s.

      • Dota says:

        I’m not going to argue about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine when virtually every reputable historian has established it as a fact. Like you said earlier, you are free to believe in any fairy tale you desire.

      • jgarbuz says:

        When Ben Gurion declared the state he begged all non-Jews, especially Arabs to remain in place and no harm would come to them. Those Arab villages who surrendered and did not violently oppose the Partition decision remained. Inideed 160,000 non-Jews chose to remain and today they number some 2 million or 1/4 of the State of Israel’s population. But others chose to leave either out of fear, or out of being insttructed to go elsewhere to make room for the Arab armies to come in and slaughter the Jews. It is true, that after the Arab attack began that maybe 50,000 Arabs were forced to leave Lydda and Ramle but that was during the midst of war, and they represent a base for the enemy forces to operate in. But even Benny Morris, the Israeli father of “historical revisionism:” in the early 1980s has walked back on his earlier claims. In addition, where did mot fo the refugees go? To what became Jordan and its “West Bank.” Others went to Lebanon and Syria. But Jordan is eastern Palestine as defined by the Romans, who came the region that name. So most “Palestinian refugees” never left “Palestine.” Like going from New York to California, one does not leave North America.

      • Dota says:

        It’s amazing that people still believe the old myth of Ben Gurion begging the Arabs to stay.

        But even Benny Morris, the Israeli father of “historical revisionism:” in the early 1980s has walked back on his earlier claims.

        From jewish wiki:

        A Jewish state would not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border areas and cleanse the main roads. It was necessary to cleanse the villages from which our convoys and our settlements were fired on.

        Doesn’t sound like much has changed, except that he’s defending ethnic cleansing whereas he formerly did not.

        Amazing how on one hand you deny ethnic cleansing took place and then on the other hand you were defending Rabbi HaRav Steinsaltz’s injunction to conquer Palestine. Let’s see you use that famed Ashkenzai verbal IQ of yours to squirm out of this contradiction.

        So most “Palestinian refugees” never left “Palestine.” Like going from New York to California, one does not leave North America

        Brilliant logic. So if China hypothetically invades Thailand and expels 700k Thais to Pakistan, it’s not ethnic cleansing by your logic. After all, it’s all Asia right?

      • jgarbuz says:

        I have no clue as to what “Jewish Wiki” you’re talking about, but here’s an excerpt of Ben Gurion’s speech of May 14, 1948 declaring Israel’s independence:

        “WE APPEAL – in the very midst of the onslaught launched against us now for months – to the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to preserve peace and participate in the upbuilding of the State on the basis of full and equal citizenship and due representation in all its provisional and permanent institutions.

        WE EXTEND our hand to all neighbouring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighbourliness, and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land. The State of Israel is prepared to do its share in a common effort for the advancement of the entire Middle East. ”

        There was no “invasion” nor expulsion of 700,000 Arabs. This just more blood libels like Jews using the blood fo Christian children to bake matzot for Passover. And it certainly nothing to do with China invading Thailand, or whatever other nonesense you wrote. Israel is Jewish land,so affirmed by the League of Nations in 1922 which in the Mandate which invited Jews to return to resettle their homeland. You should stop reading “Jewish wikis” whatever those are, and read some factual truths for a change.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        And you should study actual history as opposed to regurgitating the usual hasbara nonsense.

        There was no “invasion” nor expulsion of 700,000 Arabs.

        Do me a favor and look up “Plan Dalet” and “transfer.” Then, learn about the manner in which the IDF destroyed Palestinian villages as a preemptive measure against the right of return. Or read about the massacre at Tantura.

        However, the Zionists always regarded the Palestinians as a problem and sought their exclusion. Conduct some cursory research on the “conquest of labor” and “conquest of land.” The Zionists were fully cognizant of the necessity of ethnic cleansing; how else were they going to create a “Jewish state” in a land that was predominantly Palestinian? Obviously they weren’t going to openly proclaim their intent to displace the Palestinians, especially in the post-WWII era when colonialism was starting to get a bad name.

        Nevertheless, Zionists always wanted the Palestinians out. The Labor Zionists were just more tactful about it than right wing Zionists such as Jabotinsky. It that constitutes “blood libel,” then so be it.

        Israel is Jewish land,so affirmed by the League of Nations in 1922 which in the Mandate which invited Jews to return to resettle their homeland.

        So if China, India, and other rising Eastern powers were to form a bloc and declare Israel “Iranian land,” then that would be perfectly fine in your book? After all, the land used to be part of the Persian Empire.

      • jgarbuz says:

        If you want to talk about “transfers” talk about the expulsion of the Jews from the Hijaz by Muhammad. If you want to talk about massacres, how about the Safed massacres such as the one in 1834? Or the Hebron massacre of 1929?
        Here’s the bottom line . Since the League of Nations ruled that Palestine belongs to the Jews in 1922, allowing Jews to freely immigrate into Palestine, the number of Arabs in “Palelstine” has increased from 600,000 to over 12 million. By contrast, the number of Jews in the Arab countries has gone from 900,000 to approximately 0 today in the same period. Millions of Arabs live on Jewish land; almost zero Jews today still live in the Arab lands where many had lived since the fall of Judea.

        Back in Roman times, 7 million Jews lived in the Roman empire, or about 10% of the population of the Roman empire. At least half that number lived in Judea before the Roman slaughters turned Judea into a desolate place they chose to rename “Palestina.” . In all of the 2000 years since the Roman destruction of the Jewish tribal homeland, the number of non-Jews, mostly Muslim Arabs who occupied the land generally numbered between 200k and 600k at most. UNTIL the Zionist Jews began to return in the 1880s. From that point on, the Arab population began to rapidly rise thanks to the improving conditions that the Jews and the Brits created. Today the population of the Land of Israel, a.k.a “Palestine” by non-Jews and Arabs, is over 12 million packed into 10,000 square miles, over 60% of which is totally unusuable desert.About half of those people are Jews, and the other half non-Jews, mostly Arabs. Many of them now call themselves “Palestinians,” an identity manufactured after 1948.

        The truth is, there was no “transfer” nor “ethnic cleansing” committed by the Jews. 160,000 non-Jews chose to remain in Jewish controlled territory in 1948, and 700,000 chose to go to Arab controlled territories expecting to return in a matter of days and weeks after the 5 invading Arabs had pushed all the Holocaust survivors back into the sea, adn then loot the Jewish farms, industries and other properties that the Jews had built up in the 65 years preceding 1948. But their plan backfired and againts almost all expectations, and even predcitions by American and British generals, the Jews won. The Arabs chose not to recognize nor make peace and so only about 80,000 of the Arab refugees were allowed back in quietly over the years. In the meantine Israel had to absorb 1.2 million Jews from the Muslimn countries including the 300,000 Holocaust survivors after the war.

      • Dota says:

        Your attempts to constantly bring up Muhammad are ludicrous. Muhammad’s relationship with the Arab Jews of Medina in the 7th century have little bearing on the behaviour of Ashkenazi jews in 1948. Your arguments are basically as follows:

        1) There was no ethnic cleansing
        2) Israel has the right to ethnically cleanse Palestine since the Arabs had an empire 800 years ago (You still haven’t reconciled the contradiction between points 1 and 2)
        3) Jewish sob stories ie oy vey ist mir

        Look, you haven’t broken any rules here so you are free to continue spamming your Zionist nonsense but I see no point in continuing this ‘discussion’ any further. Jews are just as tribal as their Ishmaelite cousins and do not respond well to ethics. Western ethics are well beyond your primitive tribal comprehension. I see no point in discussing the abhorrence of collective punishment because individualism is inaccessible to you. I see no point in discussing the evils of ethnic cleansing because moral universalism is inaccessible to you. Western ethics are as inaccessible to you as algebra is to a chimpanzee. You may continue spamming your hasbara but I won’t be responding. Have a good life.

    • jgarbuz says:

      The Jewish nation has the absolute right to liberate its occupied homeland, regardless if the occupiers are Greeks, Romans or Arabs. It’s Jewish land. And that was affirmed by the League of Nations in 1922. And that is all I have to say, and I will leave it at that.

  2. Beatrix says:

    I had never seen nor met Jew until I went to university. Yes, I grew up in a rural area. We were told in Mennonite school that they were ‘God’s chosen people’ so give them respect but have as little to do with them as possible. Ok, weird, but ok.
    Excerpt from an interesting article I came across on Mennonites during WWII living predominantly in the Ukraine-
    “Many Mennonite survivors of the Stalinist terror and anti-kulak and deportation campaigns expressed virulent hatred for both Jews and Communists as equivalent evils. Mennonites generally resented, envied and despised Jews because so many of them seem to have been found in the ranks of the Soviet secret police and the Communist party cadre as well as among the supervisors and managers of collective farms and local government agencies. Anna Sudermann, for example, reported that she encountered them all too frequently in the judicial system, in the role of interrogating judges and states attorney and police chiefs.”

    • jgarbuz says:

      I’m a Jew who never met a Mennonite. I agree that Bolshevism was a black spot on those foolish Jews that Stalin made use of to destroy Ukrainian nationalism under the guise of collectivism. Stalin was very clever. The Jews he used were very naive fools.

  3. jgarbuz says:

    Jews are tribal nation,and the Land of Israel, known as “Palestine” by Romans and other foreigners and gentiles, is Jewish land occupied by all manner of foreigners especially Arabs. As for Jews being in involved in Communism and the like, those Jews were not generally Zionists, albeit there were many socialist zionists. IN any case, Jews only demand sovereignty over their tiny homeland, less than 10,000 miles square, or just a bit larger than the US state of New Jersey. By contrast, Islam unabashedly seeks sovereignty over the entire planet, and aren’t ashamed to say so.

    • Adi says:

      “Israel” wasn’t called “Palestine” by the Romans until they destroyed the Kingdom of Judea during the Bar-Kochba revolt under Emporer Hadrian. The Romans had always called the province Judea which is where we get the expression “Jew (a description conspicuously absent throughout the Old Testament where Jews are called Hebrews).”

      Hadrian destroyed Jerusalem renaming it Aelia Capitolina and renaming Judea “Palestine” after the name of the Hebrews’ most implacable enemies and finally merging Judea with formerly Seleucid Syria.

  4. Adi Barot says:


    It’s a slow evening and I’ve been going thru your archives.

    You are a bit of a conundrum. Unabashedly pro-white and pro-western, cosmopolitan, evidently college-educated, curmudgeonly and even witty.

    Regrettably, you’re not as clever as you think you are. Intelligence occulates its owner against Jew hatred. You have the disease, real bad. I don’t think you can be cured.

    Jewish yeshivas don’t teach violence in the service of Judaism. There are more yeshivas outside Eretz Yisrael than in E”Y, and they exist to ensure that the Haredim can continue their Rabbinical traditions.

    Yeshivas don’t preach a Jewish jihad against the goyish kafir. They spend all day reading musty books in dead languages understanding Ha’shem’s law(s). It involves years and years of scholarship.

    I’m sure it’s very hard for you to accept that Jews aren’t genocidal maniacs like your coreligionists, but that’s the fact. Not a single mainstream Jewish sect and its yeshivas have incited violence as opposed to your madressas which exist to spread hate and violence and where students are taught to fill their heart with hate. No gentile is afraid of a bunch of Jews leaving schul on sabbath whereas all us kaffirs get home before juma evening prayers since that crowd is always riled up and ready to rumble.

    Judaism is not in the least like your barbaric religion which religion is nothing more than a pact among pirates justifying limitless bloodshed, slavery and robbery. Judaism is the grandmother of Christianity, and like Christianity, is devoted to one single objective: obeying the lord and doing good so that the lord will have mercy on the day of judgment.

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