Victory From the Land of Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys!

How can one not love the French? When they’re not being hilariously parodied by Peter Sellers in various “Pink Panther” films, they’re impressing snobby white liberals with their sophisticated wine and cheese. Pop culture often derides the French are for their effeminate and wimpy ways.

At times, the French have even been victims of misguided patriotic jingoism. I’m sure people remember “freedom fries” following France’s refusal to go along with dubya’s imperial misadventure in Iraq.

However, I feel that the French deserve a lot of credit for their role in contributing to Western civilization. They held the line at the decisive Battle of Tours, saving France and perhaps Europe as a whole from the yoke of Arab imperialism. Their assistance during the American Revolutionary War likewise helped secure our nation’s fragile independence.

Lately, they have made the news for all the right reasons. Acting on its internationalist impulses, radical gender feminism has been making its way to France. Remember all that nonsense about how the differences between the sexes are just social constructs, and how boys and girls shouldn’t play with “gendered” toys? Well, the French government has been trying to force such filth down the throats of impressionable schoolchildren. Not even “Little Red Riding Hood” would have been spared from such gender bending:

“One class in the curriculum, called l’ABCD de l’Egalité (ABCs of Equality), included re-enacting the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, with girls playing the part of wolf and boys playing the heroine. The program warned against “privileging speed, brusque movements of boys and fluidness, softness of girls” when commenting on the performance of the students.”

Would find something very strange about such social engineering

Would find something very strange about such social engineering

However, such efforts have been repulsed due to sustained pressure from conservatives, along with parents pulling their kids from school. What makes this victory even sweeter is the fact that it was spearheaded by a woman of Algerian descent, Farida Belghoul. She was even able to successfully forge an unlikely alliance between Muslims and Catholics in common opposition to the assault on heterosexual norms.

The left has always had a problem with conservative minorities. And I’m not talking about professional Uncle Tom’s or paid sellouts like Larry Elder and Armstrong Williams. I mean minorities who don’t sabotage their own group but who nonetheless harbor strong conservative convictions with regards to the sexes and issues such as gay marriage.

The growing minorities of Europe (various Muslim ethnic groups) and the United States (primarily Latinos) support the left primarily out of group interest. As visible racial minorities comprised heavily of poor immigrants, they’re certainly not going to support parties such as the National Front. However, they’re drawing the line on bizarre pet causes such as loony gender theory, which are anathema to their traditionally conservative cultures. This puts white leftists in a very uncomfortable bind. On the one hand, they regard such displays of “sexism” and “homophobia” as repugnant. At the same time, the very thought of criticizing non-white cultural practices terrifies them. After all, avoiding the dreaded R word is more important than standing by one’s convictions.

Too often, I feel that we on the Alternative Right come across as the bearers of bad news and harrowing tales of cultural collapse. I feel that this victory from France provides some very valuable and empowering lessons.

For starters, this ought to demonstrate that the cultural left is not some unstoppable juggernaut that always gets its way. Through dedicated resistance and effective organizing, conservatives can successfully fight back against the assaults on their civilizations. Those on our side of the barricade can and do enjoy victories.

Second, despite the claims by various purveyors of evo psych and manosphere principles, women in the West are not doomed by some genetic happenstance to reject their heritage and gorge on narcissism. As Dota pointed out in his post on women and culture, women from conservative cultures are indeed capable of preserving their heritage and helping maintain the moral fabric of society. Algerian Farida Belghoul is a perfect example of this principle. Liberal white women who have imbibed feminist norms are globally deviant, not the norm.

Finally, as I mentioned in my post on the racial dynamics of the Bay Area, something has to give. There’s already been long documented tension between white feminist elites and non-whites. I can say with the utmost confidence that the attempt by white gender feminists to impose loony gender theory will create further friction between the two camps. There’s no real loyalty within the rainbow coalition, just common resentment of white gentiles and a leap from one outrage to the next. We can exploit this to our advantage.

This was a very gratifying victory. Let us cherish it and hope for more. Maybe then, we can put an end to the kind of Inspector Clouseau type foolishness once and for all!


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5 Responses to Victory From the Land of Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys!

  1. People from upper class families did educate the women. If you are descended from upper class families, this is normal to you. In any case, non Muslims from the Middle East don’t support Sharia law. Women who support their own oppression need to wake up. I believe in a feminist movement in the Middle East.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      While I believe that women as a group should enjoy a good measure of education, I think that sending women to college en masse and promoting the careerist lifestyle has been a disaster for the West.

      Call me sexist or radical, but I harbor this crazy idea that it’s wise for a society to have those responsible for bearing children in a position to actually bear children. Societies need new blood to sustain themselves, not careerist gals trying to climb the corporate or bureaucratic ladder up until their 30s.

      And of course, that’s where mass immigration comes in. These careerist gals owe their female empowerment to the influx of poor 3rd worlders.

      • I think everyone should be able to go the path they want to go towards with no pressure. If it is “their place”, the direction will go the way you want to.

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