Happy 4th of july

decaying america 1

A sobering thought by Pat Buchanan. But let’s not worry about such thoughts for tis the day to celebrate. The US is on the road to cultural ruin, so lets turn up the AC while we get there.

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7 Responses to Happy 4th of july

  1. Dota says:

    I’d never post a pic of myself online. I don’t even have a facebook account.

  2. Tulio says:

    I don’t mind the America of the bottom left. Let’s have more of that. 😀

    But on a serious note, nations are constantly evolving in one way or another. You always have to remember the golden age fallacy. Every generation thinks society is going to hell in a handbasket and nothing is like it was in the good ol’ days. 30 years from now people will be complaining about how they miss the 2010s and reminiscing about how great it was. Society will go on.

    • leeminh0 says:

      Yeppers Tulio, and i wouldn’t mind either the America of the upper right 🙂

    • Dota says:

      Part of the problem is that people think that all change is evolution. Given the cultural decay and income gap I can’t sincerely believe that I’m committing the golden age fallacy. Things are actually getting worse.

      • Tulio says:

        Btw, anybody know who that bottom left chic is? I want to find more of her pics for umm….admiring. 🙂

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        @ Tulio


        By the way, what is your email? I tried sending an email to the address that’s listed under your name, but it didn’t work. I’m guessing you have another email address that works. I just ask because I would be interested in occasionally corresponding with you, kinda like I do with Dota and Robert.

        You can always send the address to occidentinvicta@gmail.com since you understandably wouldn’t want every random visitor to this blog to know your address.

        If not, that’s cool. Just wondering.

  3. Tulio says:

    Talking about not recognizing modern day America, who would guess that this is a major American city?

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