Portrait of the alpha male

The word alpha is bandied about on every far flung corner of the manosphere and PUA universe. The alpha is emulated as the paragon of manliness where every ‘beta’ and ‘omega’ strives to be an alpha, but for all the wrong reasons as we shall see. Who is an Alpha male? According to many in the PUA community (whom I do not affiliate with), an alpha is the archetypical masculine man who is cool, confident, and is irresistible to women. Men want to be alphas so that they can have access to an inexhaustible supply of poon. But is this all there is to it? I tend to believe that Alphas have certain character traits that are innate or that one acquires with years of disciplined self improvement. For the purpose of this post, I’m going to rely on cultural references (TV/Books) as it makes the portrait easier to sketch.


True alphas are without exception territorial. Nowhere is this trait better exemplified than in the character of Vito Corleone. We catch a first glimpse of it when Vito murders Fanucci for interfering with his affairs by attempting to extort money. Check out the scene below from Breaking bad. Prior to this scene, Walter White decided to exit crime but the territorial Heisenberg wouldn’t allow it.


Alphas are very loyal to those they feel close to and will stand their ground in their defence. My former roommate stood up to a gang of thugs in defence of a friend some years ago in Karachi. They smashed their rifle butts in his face and he remained standing for as long as he could till he lost consciousness. Alphas protect those they are close to and this is pure masculine instinct. Some say that Alphas and Omegas make good friends as omegas look up to alphas and the latter reciprocate that respect with loyalty and protection. The relationship between Artie Bucco and Tony Soprano immediately comes to mind. Artie respects (and secretly envies) his mobster friend for commanding the power to live life on his own terms. Jenifer Melfi feels protected by Tony’s friendship (if one can call it that), especially after her brutal rape.

PUA alpha or real alpha? Would he take a rifle butt in the face for a friend?

PUA alpha or real alpha? Would he take a rifle butt in the face for a friend?

Force of character

True Alphas radiate a force that cows lesser men into submission. Betas and omegas can assume a tough guy persona at the bar, however, they cannot learn this force. In the Godfather, Puzo wrote that Vito Corleone’s smile had an unnerving effect on those around him. This was because his smile unmasked his true self. What does this mean? The Alpha’s force is basically his intent that is grounded upon an iron will. This intent (and the underlying will) is communicated through body language that disarms those around him. The Alpha is quite capable of backing up his intent with action because he’s been doing this all his life, and it shows in his body language. The pretend alphas of the PUA community cannot imitate this force as it is the product of a lifetime’s worth of strength and courage. Like Lao Tzu’s Tao, this isn’t something that can be expressed clearly in discursive format, but must be intuitively grasped. Check out the clip below. It is a battle of wills where Tony Soprano effortlessly dominates the will of the would be tough beta without laying a finger on him.

Leaders of men

Due to the trait elaborated above, Alphas are natural leaders of men. On several occasions my former roommate’s co-workers sought his assistance when dealing with workplace issues that were clearly outside his purview; circumventing supervisors entirely. His friendship is desired whereas his enmity is feared.  True alphas aren’t merely irresistible to women, they are also admired and feared by men. Jack Nicholson’s character in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest was most certainly an alpha.


Real Alpha’s possess a dogged determination that keeps them going after their goal like a bloodhound after prey. PUAs erroneously think that a man’s score is the sole determinant of alpha status –  but if this were true, then by this sole criterion Hugo Schwyzer (the king of Manginas everywhere, until his twitter meltdown) would also be an alpha. Clint Eastwood’s character Blondie (The Good the Bad and the Ugly) does not get laid even once throughout the film, or in any of the spaghetti westerns. Yet ‘Blondie’ (his character remains nameless) exudes powerful masculine vibes that are characteristically alpha. Nobody in their right mind would think he was gay.

Few closing thoughts

Genuine Alpha traits are inimitable and one might argue that Alphas (the intelligent ones with initiative) were the architects of civilization whereas the Betas were the building blocks of civilization. When viewed in this context it becomes clear that feminism is the Alpha’s weapon of choice against the Beta. As I’ve written here, the feminist project was funded by Alpha males (Rockefellers, Fords, Carnegies ect) from the very beginning to further their own interests.  The feminist useful idiots have only undermined betas but have barely dented the power of the Alphas that continue to provide for them.

The more I think about it the more I’m convinced that religion was intended to police the two groups in society that required the most policing: Women and Alphas. Religion aimed to suppress the negative traits of women (amorality, solipsism) while bringing out the better ones (self sacrificing and nurturing behaviour). Similarly, religion aimed to suppress the more sociopathic tendencies of alphas (predatory instincts) while bringing out their positive qualities (loyalty and focus). In a single stroke, feminism has allowed these two groups to run amok with disastrous consequences for society.

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15 Responses to Portrait of the alpha male

  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    In his article “The Feminization of America,” Fred Reed had this very chilling quote:

    I suspect we will have the worst of both worlds: a nation in which men at the top engage in the usual wars and, a step below, women impose inutterable boredom.

    He didn’t make the arguments in your post or speak of it in the same terms, but what he’s essentially saying is that while the top alpha males continue to engage in their predatory behavior (ie. wars, economic plunder, etc), women will increasingly impose social tyranny on the majority of men (ie. political correctness, obsession with safety and security, demonization of masculinity, and the list goes on).

    That article of his was written ten years ago, and it’s proven to be prophetic. This is exactly what happens when, as you said, we allow unrestricted freedom for women and men at the top.

    • Dota says:

      I’m just amazed at how women still don’t see how they’ve been had by feminism. They were (and still are) so easily manipulated into furthering an elitist agenda while believing that they are struggling for autonomy.

  2. Dota says:

    Well actually Alpha status is attained by how successful you are with women.

    Only the PUA community subscribes to such a shallow definition of Alpha.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Being an Alpha is about brute male strength.

      Nope. You should read through Dota’s post again. If it were just about strength, then any man could become an alpha just by spending a lot of time lifting. Yet only a small minority of men are true alphas.

      Being alpha is about social dominance, powerful body language, a commanding presence, focus, loyalty, etc.

      A.k.a Egyptians, Arabs, Phoenicians, sub-Saharan Africans, Meds, and other equatorial Near Eastern non-Asiatic Caucasoids and Africans.

      Yeah, those are such great civilizations to emulate, aren’t they?

      If alphas are what you say they are, then give me a society of betas any day of the week. Alpha males are indeed real, and they possess many positive qualities. I just find your notion of “alpha” very simplistic.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I guess I just have a question for you, batterytrain: would you consider Hugo Schwyzer an alpha?

      Hugo fucked a LOT of women, attractive ones to boot. And yet through his twitter meltdown and other actions, he exposed himself as a hypocritical, manipulative, passive aggressive, and disloyal scumbag who threw numerous people under the bus, among other worse things.

      If someone like Hugo is indeed “alpha,” then we need a new definition for that word.

    • leeminh0 says:

      Gosh, Xera deserves the lyrics of this song as well, that is how i feel about him

    • leeminh0 says:

      Trolls are sociopaths and we should treat them like that, dear readers Xera- Batterytrain is an Anti-Asian troll so don’t take him seriously, there are many trolls in the worls, such as this case :C

    • leeminh0 says:

      I am really sorry for believing you were Xera, my mistake …………………………….. not really, i now you are Xera, at least Xera’s brother, but it seems you will always lie :C there are many liers in the world, like the controversy in the Japanese foreign vlog community in YouTube, by the way i still watch some anime, but i am right now attracted to Korean stuff more tan anything, the Korean Wave Hallyu is very strong, so. If you keep doing this Xera, i think we’ll need to upload a YouTube video about this, like this issue, i never will be banned from any site, i am good C:

    • Huax says:

      “The White Man and those chingooks owe the Egyptians every convienience the currently have. Sorry, but you guys already emulated “those civilizations.””

      Nah, Egypt objectively contributed nothing to human civilization outside its (significant) use as a regional breadbasket. They were advanced but China beat them to almost everything (shipping, agriculture, writing related) and all of their significant inventions were moribund.

  3. In PUA terms, of course Schwyzer is an Alpha. On a blog somewhere, one guy wrote, “Once you’ve fucked a hundred women, you’re automatically an Alpha.” So by that metric alone, I would say Schwyzer qualifies. I only care about the PUA definition of the word since I am into game.

    Alphas/Sigmas: Attractive to a lot of the women, a lot of the time ~15%?

    Betas: Most men. Attractive to some of the women, some of the time. ~70%?

    Omegas: Attractive to almost none of the women none of the time. Almost no women find them attractive at any time whatsoever. ~15%?

    • Dota says:

      I understand, but by limiting the definition to the PUA version we’ve got gaps in a portrait that is far more complex.

    • Huax says:

      The categories can’t be that limited, can they?

      • Dota says:

        I like to think that masculine traits aren’t solely limited to Alphas, but are shared across males and are not restricted to males from any one culture. Alphas however tend to display these traits to a greater extent than other men. That’s not to say that betas and omegas lack these traits altogether, absolutely not. Betas and omegas can occasionally have their alpha moments too.

        Also, I don’t think that Alphas are limited to any one culture, that’s just bogus. The Japanese Samurai Miyamoto Mushashi was very clearly an alpha male. Even a cursory reading of a book of 5 rings will establish that.

        Btw Huax, I know you’re into HBD (which I personally find very boring) but are you into philosophy as well? I couldn’t help but notice the profound Taoist influence on Mushashi’s writings. What’s your take on that?

      • Huax says:

        I wouldn’t call myself an HBD’er. HBDers are whites and Jews who titillate themselves with specious theories that have only a mild tinge of science flavoring. They deny to the death the mountains of data that contradict them, like the findings I linked above.

        As for philosophy I’m not sure if I’m interested – I could see myself being interested in theory, but I haven’t done much reading, ha. I have not read Mushashi.

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