No (European) Country For White Men: Sweden and the Relentless Pursuit of Diversity

Ah, Sweden. I’ve written about this humble Scandinavian nation on a couple of occasions. Whether I was discussing the chaos in Stockholm that was fomented by ungrateful immigrants or Sweden’s insane enthusiasm for accepting Israel’s unwanted African immigrants, the once proud land of the Vikings never ceases to amaze me with their suicidal liberalism.

Wimpy Swedes

But apparently, the insatiable desire of Swedes to undermine their traditional homeland and become more “vibrant” isn’t enough for one Sam Piranty of Al Jazeera. Sam Piranty begins his screed by denouncing the unbearable whiteness of Sweden:

“Last month, I went to Stockholm on a reporting trip. The city seemed idyllic: bicycles aplenty standing unlocked outside at night, Volvos with their doors open and engines running, and not a cigarette butt in sight. In trendy Hornstull, bearded bros high-fived each other over Brooklyn craft beers. But everyone, it seemed, was white.”

Good god, what is this oppressively racist and white supremacist world coming to? How dare white people predominate in a Scandinavian country! I wouldn’t be surprised if these multiculturalists began to demand that Thor and other figures in Scandinavian mythology be reinvented as brown in order to cater to growing diversity. Then, after providing us with harrowing tales about Swedish bigotry and hate crimes, Pirandy invokes colonialism like any good leftist would:

“Sweden’s rising inequality plays a role in these social tensions, but racism is not a new phenomenon in this society. Regularly overlooked in Sweden’s history is its role in the slave trade and colonialism. Under King Gustav III, Sweden held colonies such as Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean and profited directly from the slaves who were “imported onto the island and then sold to French colonies and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Sweden actively participated and embraced the agreements in the dividing up of the African continent in the Berlin conference of 1884–85.”

So because Sweden held a tiny colony or two in the Caribbean, Sweden is “colonial” just like Britain or France, and must endure similar moral reproach. Likewise, even though Sweden didn’t hold any colonies in Africa, merely participating in the Berlin conference is enough to lump them in with the real imperialists. Of course, this argument from leftists is nothing new. Pirandy, in so many words, is arguing that Sweden must now willingly accept multiculturalism and open borders to atone for its past.

For the sake of argument, I’ll grant that part of that leftist argument is correct. In the case of Pakistanis in Britain or Algerians in France, their presence in many ways is directly linked to the respective colonial pasts of those countries. Therefore, if small numbers of people in Sweden’s former Caribbean holdings wanted to move to Sweden, then I can somewhat understand. However, what does that have to do with allowing feckless Somalis and Middle Easterners to live in Sweden today? Did Sweden ever colonize Somalia or Syria?

Also, I cannot help but laugh at his absurd denunciation of Swedish inequality, even as he laments the plight of immigrants:

“Ever since, Sweden’s immigrant population has largely reflected wherever there has been conflict or unrest in the world.”

So in other words, poor, unskilled and racially alien immigrants produce inequality and tension in societies throughout the world. Man, the things you learn when reading up on current events! Of course, rather than reaching the logical conclusion that mass immigration and multiculturalism amount to sheer folly, he blames the Swedes for not being accommodating enough:

“For one, Swedish cities are segregated by design. The well-meaning “Million Program” of the 1960s and ’70s, which set out to build affordable housing developments across the country, was ambitious and well intentioned. However, it concentrated low-income rental properties in faraway and inconvenient suburbs, which began the fragmentation of Swedish society. Those arriving from abroad in the ’70s could afford only to move into these distinctive Million Program rentals, while the white middle and upper classes moved into cooperative housing or bought houses outright in the “Swedish-looking” accommodation mainly situated in the centers. This resulted in what Irene Molina, professor of social and economic geography at Uppsala University, has called “the racialization of the city.”

Yet again, I must express my shock at the idea that poor, radically different immigrants occupy different areas of living compared to the native middle and upper classes.

At times, I believe that it’s unnecessary for those of us on the right to denounce multiculturalism, because leftists unwittingly aid us in that regard. This entire editorial is a tacit admission that multiculturalism is a failed experiment. To create a truly harmonious society devoid of racial tension and inequality sounds like a tremendous amount of exhausting work for little reward. Given that Pirandy in so many words admits that multiculturalism causes such headaches the world over, wouldn’t a wiser course of action involve closing the borders and insisting on assimilation?

Your guess is as good as mine.





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31 Responses to No (European) Country For White Men: Sweden and the Relentless Pursuit of Diversity

  1. rescatooor says:

    What a silly little text by Al-Jazeera. As a matter of fact I’m not even sure the journalist went to Sweden at all as I can’t remember ever seeing one unlocked bicycle in Stockholm and instead I remember having encountered plenty of people in all shades of colour. I can’t comprehend how or why could Piranty choose Sweden of all European countries to be the subject of this complaint.

  2. Bruce says:

    Why concede anything to the leftist “argument?” You know who else “profited directly” off the African slave trade? Other Africans. What do they deserve to suffer because of that? What do Jews deserve to suffer for their involvement? It is only white people who are held guilty because it is only white people who are stupid enough to fall for this insincere moralizing.

    Swedes, and whites generally, are deranged and will find any reason to feel guilty about their ethnicity, no matter how insignificant or preposterous. Being proud and self-assertive has pretty much become alien to our racial psychology. It’s absolutely pathetic.

    • Dota says:

      Western culture has internalized universalism whereas non western societies have not. Yet the high trust and universal culture of the west will not survive the onslaught of multiculturalism.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      It is only white people who are held guilty because it is only white people who are stupid enough to fall for this insincere moralizing.

      Swedes, and whites generally, are deranged and will find any reason to feel guilty about their ethnicity, no matter how insignificant or preposterous.


      Even though, in the grand scheme of things, Swedish crimes were very small in scale and insignificant, they’re being made to endure the same “post colonial” crap as more serious offenders like Britain.

      Besides, there are non-white nations with far, far worse records with regards to colonialism, imperialism, or slavery than Sweden. Turkey, Japan, China, Israel, Gulf Arab states, etc. Yet none of them are flagellating themselves or going out of their way to compromise the demographic balance of their respective nations out of guilt over the past.

      (or in the case of Israel and China, their CURRENT settler colonialism in places like the West Bank and Tibet)

      Kevin MacDonald was spot-on when he said that whites are unique among all peoples when it comes to being suckers for morally framed arguments.

      • The problem with Europe is it’s obsessed with giving welfare and all of these socialist programs but then gets surprised when they get taken advantage of. Then when they get these new immigrants, they assume everyone from these places must be the same way. They get shocked when they come across people like Carlos Slim Helu and wealthy venture capitalists of similar backgrounds.

      • Huax says:

        I don’t understand your fixation on China and Tibet. “China colonizing Tibet” is every bit as much of PC crap as anything you’ve witnessed. For one, if you accuse the Han Chinese of swamping Tibet you may as well accuse Anglo-Saxons of swamping the British Isles – they were far less related to the Brythons and pre-Celtic Basque-like people that used to be there than the Northern Chinese are to the Tibetans.

        One child policy and 6 children per Tibetan woman tells me Tibet isn’t going to be “genocided” any time soon. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t love it if non-whites in Sweden were limited to 1 child per couple in urban areas.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        I don’t understand your fixation on China and Tibet.

        I have no such fixation. In fact, prior to this post, I’ve never mentioned Tibet. In all of my posts, I’ve only written two that are related to China. I’m just saying that if white people are going to be given crap for being settlers or colonizers, other peoples should also bear the brunt of such criticism.

        I would gladly accept a situation where everyone stops screaming about “colonialism,” but do you see that happening anytime soon?

        For one, if you accuse the Han Chinese of swamping Tibet you may as well accuse Anglo-Saxons of swamping the British Isles – they were far less related to the Brythons and pre-Celtic Basque-like people that used to be there than the Northern Chinese are to the Tibetans.

        That’s funny, Huax. You normally have no trouble lumping all “Caucasoids” together, but now you’re going to split hairs? Besides, the Northern Chinese being more genetically similar to Tibetans than the former situation doesn’t justify displacement or colonization. Using that logic, I guess the former Eastern European subjects of Russia should have had no problem with Russian imperialism due to their similar Slavic backgrounds.

        One child policy and 6 children per Tibetan woman tells me Tibet isn’t going to be “genocided” any time soon.

        First of all, I said nothing about “genocide.” You’re once again putting words in my mouth.

        Second, from what I’ve gathered, Tibetan activists are not actually claiming that China intends to physically exterminate the Tibetans or wipe them out. When they accuse China of “genocide,” they’re speaking of cultural genocide.

      • Huax says:

        You’ve made a similar mention on Robert’s blog, and as you stated (and I as I suspected) you simply bring it up as an example for people levying the charge of colonization against whites. I brought up “genocide” to mock the “Free Tibet” line, not to speak for you. All I’m saying is that “cultural genocide in Tibet” is something you’d expect to hear from the “all races are the same” PC lemming crowd. If you want an example of displacement and cultural genocide in Northeast Asia there are several that happened hundreds of years ago but it doesn’t happen now.

        Again, I only sarcastically lump all Caucasoids together when retards lump all Northeast Asians together or NEAs with Southeast Asians to demonstrate their idiocy. I’m pretty aware of just how closely or distantly related Caucasoid subgroups are.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Fair enough, Huax.

        Frankly, I couldn’t care less what China and other East Asian nations do with regards to their own internal affairs and minority groups.

        Indeed, I only really bring it up to point out the hypocrisy of fruity PC lemming leftist types who act as if whites are the only people who ever committed any evil acts in world history.

      • Huax says:

        The funny thing BAG, is that the fruity lemming types are the ones who think only China does cultural genocide at present. Confront them about how they’re living on Native real estate and they’ll go “b-b-b-ut … you’re doing it NOW!!!!”

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  4. Tulio says:

    Well I’m black as some may know and I would not want to see Europe become majority non-white. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why they would allow such a thing. Now I know that America is a more complicated situation because everybody here came from somewhere else except Native Americans, but since Europe is white people’s ancestral homeland, I have no problem with them wanting to keep the majority white. I would also expect most Chinese to want China to stay Chinese and blacks to want to keep Africa majority black. On my first trip to Europe in 2001 I landed in London and the train ride from Heathrow into London it was like nothing but Indians and Pakistanis all around me. I was like, wow, where are the native British people? I would’ve thought I was in New Delhi. I think some immigration is fine, I just don’t think it should be to the point that you are displacing your own native population.

    I’m not even white and the attitudes of Swedes even pisses me off. Because I can’t believe anyone can be so stupid as to welcome being displaced in your own ancestral homeland.

    • Dota says:

      Good show Tulio! I agree with everything up there however I also believe that North America has an ethnic character which is white (Saxon specifically). That being said, unlike other traditional conservatives I’ve never had any hostility towards black people. As far as I’m concerned, they are just as American as the white majority. My issue is basically with foreign immigrants. In small and manageable doses, immigration is fine and can even provide an economic stimulus, but beyond a certain point it will surely lead to cultural and economic decay.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        In small and manageable doses, immigration is fine and can even provide an economic stimulus, but beyond a certain point it will surely lead to cultural and economic decay.


        When done right, immigration can provide some needed labor and minor cultural enrichment (ie. Chinatowns and the like).

        However, when immigration becomes too large in scale and it’s accompanied by an ethos of multiculturalism, it beings to feel more like an invasion.

    • Batterytrain says:

      The native Americans aren’t native at all, they were Europeans in the form of R1b Solutreans and the Clovis culture that predate native American expansion into North Americans; you also have the Viking rune stones in New England and the Dakota’s and even a recently discovered Phoenician presence.

      Native-Americans killing giant red-headed people and then recording about them:

      The Smithsonian destroyed the skeletons or took them and hid them as soon as they discovered skeletons that disproved the mainstream narrative.

      Here is another one about unknown giant mound builders that predated Native Americans:

      Either way they were all sorts of unknown mysterious people in North America predating the Native America’s and there is absolutely no rationale for Native American’s claiming the whole of North America. North America was sparsely populated by the Natives, it was too big and unsettled for the Natives to claim the entirety of the North American territories as their own let alone put a mark to say that it was entirely their continental land; not to mention they were mostly nomadic, migrated there from somewhere else and killed other tribes

      Native Americans themselves admit they weren’t “native” to North America at all because of they have admitted killing other native people while on their way to North America! North America belong to Europeans!

    • batterytrain says:

      There were “whites” in North America before the Native Americans crossed the Bering strait bro. Also the Native Americans themselves have tales of them killing other tribes and giant red headed people when they were migrating North America in their legends, making them no “native” at all.

  5. Huax says:

    Sorry Xera, Solutrean hypothesis is proven bunk and white people didn’t exist 10,000 years ago.

    Oh, and you should take a look at this too

  6. Huax says:

    Also this since you’re interested in “Med aesthetics”

    No amount of Med aesthetics can make up for 11cm FSL …

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Huax, my old sparring partner from Robert Linday’s blog!

      You are more than welcome to stay. Heck, you can even promote anti-white beliefs to your heart’s content.

      HOWEVER, there are a few ground rules that you must abide by:

      1. You cannot insult me in any way, shape, or form. I know that we’ve bickered on Robert’s blog, but if you insult me on a personal level even once, you’re gone. No ifs, ands, or buts.

      2. I do not tolerate trolling or derailment. If I catch you bickering with Xera and disrupting the blog by talking about Asian versus Egyptian dick size or anything of that nature, you will be given one warning. Failure to comply will result in a ban.

      3. I know that you can be a bit petulant at times, but you must behave with some measure of courtesy and respect. I don’t want this blog to turn into a cesspool of flame wars or immaturity, so keep your “you filthy, subhuman small-dicked Caucasoid!” types of comments to yourself.

      Follow the rules and you should do just fine.

      This is also a friendly reminder to Xera/Batterytrain to not go out of your way to provoke Huax over issues such as small Asian dick size. I do not want this blog to repeat the kind of flame wars between you two that dominated Robert’s for so long.

      • Huax says:

        The data doesn’t lie – feel free to give whatever spin you like.

        Don’t worry, I always respond the same way I’m addressed. I’m just here because my mere existence probably drives Xera that much closer to suicide.

      • Huax says:

        As far as the topic goes, Sweden isn’t the Americas or Australia or Oceania. So it should be 100% Swedish, except the traditionally Saami areas.

      • Batterytrain says:

        I am not Xera, or whoever the fuck you guys are talking about sorry to say. I don’t understand why you can’t understand that someone else I don’t know of, has been sock puppeting me and using my name and then posting far out stuff that wasn’t posted by myself. Whoever else that is doing this is also trying to get into this account of mine.

        Also all the evidence does point that certain types of European types were here before the Native Americans crossed the Bering strait, even though the natives are not natives at all. Firstly the Smithsonian and mainstream academia destroys evidence that goes against current paradigm’s and dogma’s of archaeological theory and especially something that would suggest that “white Europeans” were here before anyone else which could potentially hurt the liberal cause. The giant red-headed skeletons and various other remains of the mysterious mound builders of America were destroyed by them because of the potential challenge and shift it would cause; why should I trust anything that comes out of the agenda driven status quo enforcing mainstream academia complex?

        Secondly Native Americans themselves have various legends and tales to warrant the claim and suggest, that they took the land or moved into North America in a incursive way, and that they are not natives at all but simply migrants that don’t really belong here or have a real claim to the continent. The stories of the natives killing giant red-headed people as I linked to here, show this without a doubt and these recounts of Amerindians stories are not made up, it’s a fact that they exist which can’t be denied…

      • Batterytrain says:

        I mean how does that link and blog post, (blog posts and opinions are not formal sources and can’t be used in formal education settings to disprove claims and new hypothesis/theories with documentation to back it up, since you are taught this in the collegiate system), invalidate and falsify this hypothesis? Why should I trust “Paleolithic scholars”, who all have an agenda to uphold at the expense of things and reality that go against their territory; while they aren’t afraid to destroy evidence that go against their world views while behaving like inquisition religious figures from the middle ages concerning their pet theories?

        I mean I could simply post this back:

        Either way Native Americans are not Natives at all and whether or not the new theories are debunked still does not invalidate the fact that Native Americans don’t have formal claims to the continental Native American landmass, with reasons that I have provided here before. The solutrean hypothesis is just one more dart towards sinking the bag of this stupid idea of these native noble savage Amerindians.

  7. Batterytrain says:

    I mean there is also the fact that R1b and various traces of DNA fragments from Europe have been found in “Native American tribes” that link them to people from France, and in some cases, Spain (which is real). I could go on with this but people simply keep denying it and resorting to red-herrings but either way “Native American” are not Native to the North American continental land mass.

    • Huax says:

      R1b found in pre-Columbian natives? How is that a smoking gun? The origins of the R clade aren’t far from Siberia. Anatomically modern whites (read: light hair/eyes) appeared only some 6,000 years ago at the latest. If anything those R1b carriers would be proto-Caucasoid.

      “Smithsonian destroys” – conspiracy theories
      Amerind myths – not reliable

      Besides, even if “whites” were native to the Northeast corner of the North America (they’re not), it doesn’t mean they have a right to all of BOTH continents.

      • Batterytrain says:

        But they were Caucasoid because the Native American mythos describes features which are Caucasoid traits on various people there, on people that were there before them in the North American landmass. Btw it’s not conspiracy theories that the Smithsonian destroys evidence or that evidence is never destroyed, it has been documented before that they do this and also that that they even hide evidence for a while until everyone shuts up and forgets everything about such aforementioned evidence. So anytime someone drops the “conspiracy theory” bullshit cover when they can’t mentally grasp or accept something, it is basically a false illogical idiotic unnecessary ad hominem.

        These same people refuse to accurately assess sites such as Twanaku, Gobekki Tepi, Sundaland etc because they push back the human civilization record back to at least around the last Ice age 12,000 years approximately b/c of the threat it posed to mainstream accepted theories. Also yes R1B actually is found in Native American tribes such as the Cherokee and Iroquois and yes “whites” do have a claim to the continent of North America; if “whites” don’t have a claim to the land as par use of your logic, then neither do the Amerindian migrants into North America. North America and it’s primary edifice was developed into what it is today due to “whites” and their descendants there, not any other race of people. Other groups and races simply care about North America b/c they want the fruits and the rewards of work, innovation, labor and achievement of modern civilization in North America which was created thanks to the work of “whites”, not any other race/ethnic group.

      • Huax says:

        Who says R1b even originates with Europeans, is what I’m asking. It’s possible the original R1b carriers simply overran predominately I, K, G and E Europe. Make no mistake every “brother” clade of R (O, Q, N) is not Caucasoid.

        And I have strong doubts that there is one single body of N. American mythos.

    • Huax says:

      24,000 years ago Europeans did not exist. In that case you might argue that the Saami and other “Ugrian” peoples have a right to all of Europe, along with the Basques.

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