Western Beauty: Subversion or evolution?

The ideal female form captivates man’s imagination in the same manner as architecture, where aesthetic value is a function of proportion and symmetry. The only difference is that one is shaped by man’s hand whereas the other by his imagination.

Here are some sculptures of women from India and from the Greco-Roman world.

indian sc 1 indian sc2roman 2roman 1

One can immediately glimpse the contrast without being an art major; the Greek sculptures possess a more detailed knowledge of human anatomy and are models of representation; their Indian counterparts, however, are used as decoration (in keeping with India’s introverted culture) often adorning temple and cave walls. A closer inspection reveals that the Indian sculptures are more voluptuous, possessing fuller breasts and ample hips compared to their Greco-Roman counterparts. If the old Western ideals of physical beauty precluded voluptuousness, why then is society obsessed with big breasts today?

I hadn’t thought about this until I stumbled across a blog called “seductive Jewess”. The blog is now offline but the author maintained a large database of softcore, mainstream, and pornographic actresses; all Jewish and all large chested. He believed (from what I could infer) that the preponderance of large chested Ashkanazi Jewish women in porn (hard and soft) had over the decades imperceptibly altered society’s tastes; taking us from this:

1950 woman

to this:


Jewish porn star Sara Jay

The rise of the fitness model

The fitness model look is very recent, which is obvious when compared to the soft and feminine bodies of models from the 70s and 80s. I do know from personal experience that Asian women find the hard bodied muscled look on women to be rather hideous.

female fitness model

Asian women do not aspire towards this look.

The majority of female fitness models these days have undergone breast augmentation surgery. This isn’t entirely surprising given their extremely low levels of body fat. However, I can’t help but notice that these female fitness models are as toned and shaped as fit men in the 60s and 70s. You can see it in their shoulders, arms, and long torsos. If you ignore their faces, they look like men with breasts. Some have pointed out that the preponderance of homosexuals in the fashion industry has led to gays projecting their ideal of beauty (lean, muscular men) into the female models they work with.

In conclusion I wish to say that the purpose of this post is to leave you with some food for thought. Is beauty in the West being subverted or is my post completely off track? Subversion or evolution? Your thoughts are welcome as always.

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10 Responses to Western Beauty: Subversion or evolution?

  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    Some have pointed out that the preponderance of homosexuals in the fashion industry has led to gays projecting their ideal of beauty (lean, muscular men) into the female models they work with.

    I’ve heard the same. Some have even claimed that male fashion and the male physical ideal has been influenced by gays.

    Such a tiny and deviant minority affecting an entire country’s beauty standards has ominous implications.

  2. Andrew says:

    The optimal female form, that with the most genetic fitness, is seen in Renaissance paintings, such as Peter Paul Rubens. Women have large hips for childbearing, as well as a good deal of muscle for work and some fat for lean times. It is likely that European women in times past were significantly stronger and more fertile prior to the advances in medicine that allow the weak and those normally unfit to survive. The fitness model you have above looks attractive to me. Apparently opinions of beauty are highly influenced by culture, but the twiggy look or asian female form is genetic unfitness for Europeans (including your 1950s woman, most seem much more voluptuous in that era). From such mothers, male offspring are skinny and weak, and females with narrow hips have many problems in childbirth. The ideal male is a powerfully-built warrior, and his ideal mate is a well-built female that will give him strong sons and daughters, with the healthy bodies that we see in the renaissance paintings.

  3. Sumit mahajan says:

    Sculpture art began in India and even the civilization. The counterpart romans were originated into caves. It is a huge cotrast beween greek and indian culpture. Indian sculpture look more divine and it gives internal happyness on face. It is an introvert image. The sculptures show the detail knowledge of anatomy as well as the human introvert nature. Most of them are carved out of granite stone. The granite is the hardest stone in the world. It means only a diamond can be used as a tool to cut it. Second important speciality of indian sculptures is found in ellora architecture. What could be more skillful than this. A single mountain of granite carved into beautiful sculptures and rooms and specious pandals! Roman architecture looks in nappies in front of Indian counterpart. The huge lathe turned stone pillors with dancing sculptures are found only in India. The massive 40 tonns of granite blocks were moved for this. How did Indians do that? A tecchnology that a modern world even cant imagine. Especially Indian sculptures are introduces with hemadpanti style means male and female stones gripped together. The western style look very boring and same thing again and again. This is the major difference.Sculpture art of western style is mere a copy of Indian art and nothing else.

  4. sumit says:

    Why does this biased website not put the fine sculptures of India and erotic sculptures of India? Most of them are standing in bright hot sunlight bearing cold and rain and many cultural impacts scince last 1500 years. Due to this this sculptures have lost the shiny surface layers. In fact the sculptures have purposefully made voluptuous and smeared structures in front of fine sculptures as the smeared ones are giving respect to finely made sculpture. Regarding the caves, they are not just the caves. There purpose to build in Granite was to keep long lasting samples of art. Hard material is difficult to make cut and surface finish is rough. The counterpart marble stone which is offcorse from India is a soft stone. The caves are built as if there is a laser cutting. It is done by monks. Art without tools! They followed black rats and saw how they enter these granite stones. Same procedure was followed for the sculpture art. Indian ancient architecture is extremely intricate and complex as if the Masters in sculpture art have made them. They are more romantic, divine at the same time. Musical pillors of India are made of granite and when they are hit by another hard material, give out piano nodes, sa re ga ma pa da ni sa. They are hollow structures.

  5. sumit says:

    Occident Invicta, the unconquered west

    Two nations, one heritage

    The title seems to be strange here. Unconquered west! What does it mean? Europe was fighting with neighboring countries like Indians did with there own people and Greek did the same. Columbus left for India and got America. When he left for India, that was the moment he was conquered by India. The native people were throne out of America and in Australia too. The people of America are Americans, Similarly people from Vatika are Vatican. Vatika means holy garden and is a Sanskrit word. If one see the top view of Vatican, it is the Shiv lingam from India. Basically it shows the same thing. So it is culturally conquered. Vasco da Gama came to cape of good hope with pride of having biggest ship of Europe, however he was astonished when he saw Indian merchants sailing with a ship 12 times bigger than his. They showed him the way to India. That was the moment when Europe was conquered by India. Navigation is originated in India. It is from Sanskrit. Nau means boat, Gati means speed or maneuvering. Naugati makes Navigation. The ancient city of Lothal was the origin of Navigation and had commerce with Mesopotamia, Egypt and yellow river culture. The most precious diamonds in all world were exported from India only. In 17th century diamond mines were found in other countries. Kohinoor is the priceless diamond kept in London museum, Nilam is another priceless diamond. India was the only source of diamonds. Spices were being sold at the price of gold and Europeans came as businessmen. Indian mentality was of Hospitability and the guest were treated as gods. Europians took advantage of it and brought the canons and guns to kill who were hospitable to them. This was the uncivilized behavior. It does not mean India was conquered.

    And which two nations and which one heritage?

    • Dota says:

      And which two nations and which one heritage?

      Canada and America. Two nations that share the same Anglo Saxon Protestant heritage.

      • sumit says:

        if it is so, why is the Indian art shown here? The art of Canada and art of America should be shown and compared. Red Indians are the real Americans. Columbus thought he reached to India and that’s why they were named Indians with red skin. Both are occidental so what’s the purpose of making this discussion? Is there any more or less occidental here? 200 years of heritage! Is that a heritage? Counting number of presidents of America makes the history of America. Real romans and Greek are gone with the time when they left their culture and accepted religion instead of culture. They were sun worshipers and though they accepted christianity, they introduced Sunday as a worship day as a compromise for loosing old culture and to keep the trace of past glory. Otherwise the huge christian army was ready to butcher them. It was a kinda Paganism but had more scope for art architecture and were more open and creative. Because they were considered pagans(not actually), they had demigods such as Zeus which is same as Indra in India, the god of rain or thunder. Varun is the ruler of the sea. Poseidon in Greek. Neptune in Roman.
        Yam is the lord of Death and the underworld. Hades in Greek. Pluto in Roman.
        Kamdev is the God of Love. Eros in Greek. Cupid in RP.
        Saraswathi becomes Athena, the Goddess of wisdom. She is Minerva in Roman.
        Rathi (Kama’s wife) becomes Aphrodite in Greek. Venus in Roman.
        Like Ganesha in indian, Apollo is the God of music.
        Artemis is the Goddess of forests. She is Diana in Greek. She was called Vanadevi in india.
        India was occidental to China, japan, and rest of the eastern world and spread culture to east and west with Nalanda university as a first uni in the world having 10000 international students 2000 years ago. It was a residential complex with 9 floor library. Europe is occidental to India. And most imp thing is that culture is always spread from west to east . Everyone had a time. At one stage India was west for glorious 4000 years, then middle east as a Muslim world was influential for around 500 years becoming west for East and now USA is influencing since last 200 years becoming the west. Egyptians and Persians had commercial influence on east than cultural one. That’s why they lost identity as they lost culture and accepted religion. Culture belongs to civilized world and gives development scope. But religion followed in wrong way creates problems. All the beginning cultures had civilizations. People of sindhu river were called Sindhus people and became indus people by europians and then became hindus. It was Sindhu culture. This is a reason India does not have Hindu as a religion. Romans had no religion, it was a practice of respecting ancestors just like Indians did it. With cast system it became worst scenario. And the ancestors were respected due to higher skills and abilities. Later on it became worship and spoiled everything.

  6. sumit says:

    If you are anglo saxon, why are you sharing greek or roman things here?

  7. sumit says:

    Two nations that share the same Anglo Saxon Protestant heritage. Both are pagan heritages! Where is the Anglo Saxon Protestant heritage?

  8. Daniel says:

    Fitness models are pretty rare I think, Large bosoms were in vogue in pre 60s america, that was what people said about Audrey Hepburn, that she made them go out of style for a bit.

    And Japan also likes large bosoms are their culture shows. It’s a common ideal modernly that many dont have naturally and only a few go out of their way to attain.

    Also, most large breasted girls are seen as easy and not ltr material so the petite look is still seen as pure.

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