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Too Big and Non-White to Oppose: China and Postcolonial Selective Outrage

I’m going to do something radical and completely out of character; I’m going to cut Zionist Jews and Israel some slack! You heard me right. Is it because I’ve come to embrace organized Jewry and Israel? Is it because I … Continue reading

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Portrait of the alpha male

The word alpha is bandied about on every far flung corner of the manosphere and PUA universe. The alpha is emulated as the paragon of manliness where every ‘beta’ and ‘omega’ strives to be an alpha, but for all the … Continue reading

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No (European) Country For White Men: Sweden and the Relentless Pursuit of Diversity

Ah, Sweden. I’ve written about this humble Scandinavian nation on a couple of occasions. Whether I was discussing the chaos in Stockholm that was fomented by ungrateful immigrants or Sweden’s insane enthusiasm for accepting Israel’s unwanted African immigrants, the once proud land … Continue reading

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Western Beauty: Subversion or evolution?

The ideal female form captivates man’s imagination in the same manner as architecture, where aesthetic value is a function of proportion and symmetry. The only difference is that one is shaped by man’s hand whereas the other by his imagination. … Continue reading

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Deutschland über alles!

The Germans have indeed lived up to “über alles” according the 2013 country rating poll conducted by the BBC. The goal of the survey was straightforward, it aimed to measure public attitudes of various countries around the world regarding other … Continue reading

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