Happy Birthday Occident Invicta!

It was a very good year, like the Sinatra song, and hopefully there will be many more. Old friends have known us since our days on Robert Lindsay’s blog during the golden years of 2011-2012. Those were the days indeed, the debates were intelligent and furious with some of the brightest minds we’ve debated with online. Robert was (and still is) a very talented writer. We also met some truly insane commenters (mostly Hindutvas) who routinely defecated over Robert’s blog and began to ruin it.

It was around this time that Bay Area Guy emailed me and suggested that we start our own blog and do things our way. I admit that I was initially hesitant as it sounded like quite a commitment. I was in Austin at the time visiting my liberal sister and after a particularly painful conversation about white privilege and critical race theory, I emailed Bay Area Guy and told him I was in. While our blog certainly has a long way to go we’ve still made some modest gains during the year. Daily traffic has doubled, our SEO (Search engine optimization) with google has improved tremendously, and we have a small community of commenters. It pleases us immensely that the commenters who comment here are intelligent and mature, and that we’ve banned a grand total of only 2 commenters over the course of the year. A mature community polices itself and enhances the intellectual climate of the blog.

We’d like to thank all of our commenters, old and new, for contributing to this blog and turning it into a worthy intellectual refuge for those that are constantly assaulted by Cultural Marxist, Communist and feminist filth.

We thank you all and hope that all of you remain with us for many more years.

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12 Responses to Happy Birthday Occident Invicta!

  1. Bay State Guy says:

    Happy Birthday Occident Invicta! Good luck and good health Dota and Bay Area Gut.

    • leeminh0 says:

      Yohoo, I will never forget the old times when I used to play here with Coward and Axum 🙂 hahah

      • Dota says:

        Well Coward is now gone, he was too disruptive and frankly, a bit of a pest.

      • leeminh0 says:

        Yes I agree, I wish him well though 🙂 hope he don’t become the next Elliot Rodgers nor Slenderman girls in the United States

      • Pranav says:

        Good job, Good luck both of you. I have learnt a lot from your blog didn’t comment on much of your stuff cos I am too naive about most of the history and philosophy discussed here sans India.

      • Dota says:

        You don’t have to be PHd to comment on this blog, everyone is welcome.

  2. Quartermain says:

    Congrats… May you have many more years.

  3. euroglory says:

    They were the days, weren’t they? Remember Indian philosopher and whatever other name she had later? Of course you do! She was a lively one. Steve

  4. euroglory says:

    Sometimes it would be cool if you guys were over there more.

    • BraveAtheistGirl says:

      Euroglory could you post your Photo

      • Steven says:

        haha do I know you?

        I don’t even know if you are really a girl…lots of sockpuppets around here.
        BraveAtheistGirl is reminiscent of proudfeministgirl and wasn’t she coward or that other guy?

  5. euroglory says:

    I’ve got to say though that it has got better lately. Cyrus and Beatrix have both been commenting a lot and that has made it better and more liked the old days.

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