The Beige-ification of Food: Soylent and the Destruction of Genuine Diversity

If you spend enough time familiarizing yourself with the alternative right, one of the recurring themes is the idea that those who study the Dark Enlightenment (especially the manosphere/game part) are “taking the red pill.” It’s a clear reference to the 1999 film The Matrix, where the protagonist Neo chooses to abandon his comfortable but illusory virtual reality world and accept the privation of the brutal real world. While many like to focus on Neo’s choice to take the red pill and reject pretty lies in favor of truth, another brief part of the film always fascinated me. When Neo enters the real world, he is introduced to the meager real world diet of “tasty wheat.”

Just imagine a world where there was a food that had no taste, flavor, or character, but provided your body with everything it needed. Well, look no further, as the introduction of a new product called Soylent could provide our current Matrix its own version of “tasty wheat.” Sounds pretty admirable, right? On paper, it looks like a cheap, convenient way to eat without the hassles of eating out or cooking at home. Certain leftists have even lauded Soylent as fostering social justice. With Soylent, the poor can enjoy greater access to nutrition, women will no longer have any need to cook (god forbid), and land will no longer be shackled to agricultural needs.

I don’t know about you, but I am very skeptical about Soylent. I view its promotion as yet another attempt by our elites to transform us into a hive-minded society. They already promote multiculturalism and yearn for the day when we become an indistinguishable beige mass.

Mixed Race Photo

They likewise promote endless consumption, social media usage, and politically correct orthodoxy. Not content with trying to make us look all the same, think the same, and consume the same crap, they are now trying to render our eating habits monolithic. This assault on food is yet another manifestation of the assault on culture and tradition, as many have argued that food is a major component of culture and identity. As Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once put it, “tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

While the current American diet is hardly something to write home about, I’ll take bacon burgers and fried chicken over a Matrix-esque “tasty wheat” any day of the week. This may astound many of my readers, but I actually enjoy diversity. I like the fact that there are countries with white people, black people, brown people, and yellow people. I find it fascinating that there are various countries with a wide array of religious, political, and social norms. I likewise would prefer that different countries and regions retain their distinct and unique cuisines.

I believe in maintaining certain distinct features of American culture, fattening and debased as they may be. I have nothing against individuals who choose to consume Soylent, particularly if they’re poor and otherwise have little access to proper nutrition. Just don’t impose your tasty wheat on the rest of us, and let us enjoy our diverse food in peace.

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