On the moral superiority and collective stupidity of whites

What Mike says is sadly true and there isn’t anything else to say.

Whites are the least racist and most generous ethnic group in all of human history. Consider the following.

Slavery: Only white countries abolished slavery for moral reasons (in some cases, anyway).

Colonialism: Only white countries surrendered the lands they conquered for moral reasons (in some cases, anyway).

White guilt: Only white people reject their own heritage as irredeemably racist and oppressive.

Immigration: Only white people are surrendering their majority status to unassimilable foreigners who bear historical grudges against them.

Welfare: Only white countries offer generous public benefits to minority groups who pay little or no taxes, makes lots of babies they can’t afford, and commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime (often against whites).

Crime: Only white people think it’s racist to complain about being victimized by hostile ethnic groups.

Crime 2: Despite being 74 percent of the population, whites commit only 10 percent of interracial crimes.

Culture: Only white people downplay their ancestors’ accomplishments (Western civilization) while glorifying the accomplishments of other races (rap music).

Charity: Only white people pair unceasing concern for poor minorities (“at-risk youth”) with contempt or hatred for poor members of their own race (“white trash”).

Internationalism: Only white people agonize over the problems of complete strangers on the other side of the world, spend hundreds of billions of dollars to alleviate their suffering, and welcome them into their homelands as “refugees” and “migrants.”

Environmentalism: Only white people gallivant around the world trying to save rare species and natural habitats in developing countries.

Legislation: White countries were the first to outlaw racial discrimination. Only white countries have special laws and penalties for “hate crimes” and “Holocaust denial.”

Affirmative action: Only white countries have laws and policies that put the majority ethnic group at a competitive disadvantage to minority ethnic groups.

Culture: Only white people feel guilty about their success and complain about their cultural dominance (“white privilege”).

Ideology: Only white people define their nations in terms of abstract ideals rather than culture, ethnicity, and religion.

Manners: White people are nice.

Political correctness: Only white people have a pathological fear of offending people.

Anti-racism: Only white countries engage in cathargic orgies of moral outrage over any hint of prejudice—no matter how small, isolated, imagined, or harmless.

Individualism/Universalism: Only white people reject the concepts of racial identity and racial solidarity.

Multiculturalism: Only white countries welcome the arrival and persistence of alien cultures, religions, and languages.

Diversity: Only white people feel guilty about a lack of diversity in their neighborhoods, schools, businesses, social circles, and entertainment choices.

Extinction: Only whites have allowed their birthrate to fall below replacement level; only whites glorify miscegenation; and only whites see their demographic decline as a sign of social progress.

Feel free to paste this list in the comment sections of anti-white articles on liberal and mainstream sites. Consider closing with the following: “I now fully expect other whites to attack me for saying good things about whites—which only proves my point! Whites don’t hate other races. Whites hate themselves.”

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23 Responses to On the moral superiority and collective stupidity of whites

  1. Gay State Girl says:

    Not really. Jewish people have affirmative action style programs for Palestinians.

    China has such programs for its minority ethinc groups.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Gay State Girl!

      We thought you had disappeared off the face of the internet. Our discussions about organized Jewry versus the Orthodox and the Palestinian Solidarity Movement were always very edifying.

      Good to have you on the blog.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        I don’t know if I will be staying very long. I prefer the high-traffic commentator-filled type of environment. It seems there are very few commentators here.

        I was briefly in California and took a trip to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I dropped by Japan and Sweden before coming back to the States.

    • Mike Smith says:

      I didn’t know that. Interesting.

  2. Johan Hoeff says:

    I wonder, are there evolutionary principles at work here? Or is this simply a ‘process’ of Civilization?

  3. Quartermain says:

    Ah the fruits of raising multiple generations on black anger and white guilt, much of which could have been avoided if cultural Marxists weren’t giving a platform to spread that crap.

  4. Gay State Girl says:

    Before any of you start to criticize my above statement by claiming Jews took over land that rightfully belongs to the Palestinians……Whites took over land that rightfully belonged to Native Americans.

  5. Gay State Girl says:

    Extinction: Only whites have allowed their birthrate to fall below replacement level; only whites glorify miscegenation; and only whites see their demographic decline as a sign of social progress.

    Not nessecarily. Koreans and Japanese have an alarmingly declining birthrate, and their population could shrink rapidly in the near future. I don’t see why they can’t allow some ultra-frisky people to come in and make some babies. Like the Chinese for example, or some southeastern Asians.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      It’s definitely true that specific Asian ethnic groups like the Koreans and Japanese have low birthrates.

      However, as a racial group, whites by far have lower birthrates than anyone else. Even whites in less than prosperous countries such as Russia have low birthrates. On the other hand, many Asian countries (particularly in Southeast Asia) continue to have stable birthrates.

    • Tobias says:

      Why is a low birthrate alarmingly? from a capitalistic point of view yes, however, shouldnt it be great to have more room and overall more resources for less people?

      • Gay State Girl says:

        Southeast Asians are an entirely different animal. Didn’t Robert once say that genetically Northeasterners were closer to Caucasians than to Southeasterners?

        Either way, why not let nature take its course? If whites voluntarily choose to use sex as a recreational tool rather than a procreational one, why the need to alter the course of nature?

        Besides, the birthrate of blacks has dramatically decreased as well, at least in the United States. WASPs will be substituted for by White Hispanics, and the two combined will still comprise 60% of the U.S. by 2050.

      • Dota says:

        GSG is back! You’re like my annoying kid sister who constantly needles me but I’m glad you’re back.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Southeast Asians are an entirely different animal.

        Oh yes, if Huax were here, he would castigate me for daring to lump in his immaculate East Asians with those inferior Southeast Asians.

        (Even though that never stopped him from lumping all “Caucasoids,” European and non-European, together. But I digress)

        Either way, why not let nature take its course?

        Because there’s nothing “natural” about it. Women not having kids during their prime and fertile years in order to climb the corporate ladder and acquire multiple college degrees is not “natural.” How can a civilization endure when your peoples’ birthrate is below replacement level? This is almost unprecedented in world history, and is primarily confined to wealthy white and East Asian nations. Nature did not intend for this to be the case.

        Besides, there are other groups that engage in frequent recreational sex (ie. Latinos) and yet they still have high fertility rates.

        WASPs will be substituted for by White Hispanics, and the two combined will still comprise 60% of the U.S. by 2050.

        Where I live, the large majority of Latinos that I know and observe are either of Mestizo or Indian descent. Most are visibly brown.

        I’m hardly one of those ignorant Americans who thinks that “Latino” is a race, but most Latinos who come to the U.S. are Indian/Mestizo. They greatly outnumber white Latinos. Besides, as I pointed out in one of my older posts, identity politics and the perks of minority status make it so a lot of white Latinos don’t really identify as white.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        Actually it is quite interesting. White Hispanics will identify themselves as YT when they want to get in between a white girl’s legs or gentrify into a white neighborhood, but they will identify as “brown” when they can reap an affirmative action benefit.

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  7. mixedraced says:

    China and Japan abolished slavery over a thousand years ago. It’s not unique to whites.

    • Gay State Girl says:

      Japan? Do enlighten me. To my knowledge, China had abolished slavery, but Japan still practiced slavery until WWII.

  8. mixedraced says:

    Vietnam and China are world leaders in reforestation, environmental maintenance and protection. China also has the worlds largest renewable energy industry.

  9. mixedraced says:

    The Chinese were probably the first on earth to create a universal, ethical and humanistic system and ideology, Confucianism.

    • Dota says:

      I’m going to address this point in my next post due very soon. I agree with what you say regarding Confucianism but there are other factors.

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