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Happy Birthday Occident Invicta!

It was a very good year, like the Sinatra song, and hopefully there will be many more. Old friends have known us since our days on Robert Lindsay’s blog during the golden years of 2011-2012. Those were the days indeed, … Continue reading

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Delegitimizing the ethnic character of North America

From the comments section in the “About us” page, others may freely join in the debate: Peace Loving Whitey says: May 25, 2014 at 10:11 am Addressing the owners of this site——— I really cannot believe that racism masked under … Continue reading

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The Beige-ification of Food: Soylent and the Destruction of Genuine Diversity

If you spend enough time familiarizing yourself with the alternative right, one of the recurring themes is the idea that those who study the Dark Enlightenment (especially the manosphere/game part) are “taking the red pill.” It’s a clear reference to … Continue reading

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Exit freedom enter totalitarianism: Lost in a liberal wonderland

How can a totalitarian state be erected in a society that is individualist and freedom loving? Before answering this question let us look closely at the 2  types of societies that dot our planet: Collectivist and individualist. Collectivist societies are … Continue reading

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They Added Trigger Warnings While Rome Burned: The New Lows of Campus Leftism

Trigger Warning: Feminist Vapidity, Leftist Retardation While our society continues to devolve into a cesspool of cultural liberal filth, I have always tried to maintain an optimistic attitude. I have repeatedly (both on the blog and during my interview with Robert Stark) … Continue reading

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On the moral superiority and collective stupidity of whites

What Mike says is sadly true and there isn’t anything else to say. Whites are the least racist and most generous ethnic group in all of human history. Consider the following. Slavery: Only white countries abolished slavery for moral reasons … Continue reading

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Jewishness as a “Get Out of Whiteness Free” Card: The Troubling Implications of the Tal Fortgang Controversy

In a sane society, Tal Fortgang’s impassioned essay denouncing the morally masturbatory “check your privilege” trope so casually tossed around by the left wouldn’t make national news. But alas, as the existence of our blog can attest, we do not … Continue reading

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A small victory with major implications

Sometimes all it takes is a small but timely victory to remind us that the war isn’t lost and that we must continue fighting the good fight. Recently, two women’s war against Christianity was foiled in the town of Greece, … Continue reading

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