Land of the Fat and Home of the Busts: Baby Boomers and Economic Malaise

I’m fully aware that bashing Baby Boomers is hardly original. Various people from George Carlin to former Clinton aide Paul Begala have excoriated that vile abomination of a generation (sorry Robert Lindsay). However, I’m not going to write this post to lambaste boomers for their torrent of cultural crimes.

That’s because their economic and political crimes soundly trump their various cultural pathologies. Under the negligent watch of the boomers, economic inequality has soared, our current boomer infested congress is the worst in memory, and work has become thoroughly degrading. The same people who used to preach “free love” and made sex, drugs, and rebellion defining features of their generation now demonize millennials as lazy, shiftless, and prone to instant gratification. They’re the same people who self-righteously and hypocritically lecture us about personal responsibility and hard work, despite having had the world handed to them on a silver platter. They’re the same people who think that millennials should be grateful to acquire multiple worthless degrees and unpaid internships just to enjoy a decent job beyond flipping burgers.


In short, these are the people who are responsible for the decay and ultimate death of the United States. Even if they were to magically extirpate their polluted cultural outlook, the economic and political system that they established will continue to render life increasingly inhospitable for younger generations. Young whites will increasingly become a minority on account of the boomers having few children while simultaneously demanding countless benefits as they age. That’s where armies of low-skilled immigrants come in. Young people will continue to be plagued by crippling debt and an eternal Sisyphean task, because boomers have made college degrees all the more necessary while increasingly rendering said degrees useless. Finally, should these young people manage to eventually secure a solid career and make it, they’ll find aging profoundly difficult. They can forget about social security or any other benefits that aging boomers will suck dry.

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh on these feckless former free lovers. After all, every great civilization and economy has tanked and declined at some point in world history. One could also argue that the boomers were unlucky in that they assumed power around the same time that rising economic giants and foreign competitors such as China began to make their presence felt. It is true that boomers didn’t get to enjoy the relative lack of foreign competition that previous elites could take for granted.

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to forgive the boomers when they are the ones who have promoted wasteful spending, reckless free trade, and disloyal outsourcing. Boomers hardly invented these various economic ills, but at the bare minimum they have been greatly exacerbated under their watch.

Given the barren wasteland that the boomers have bequeathed to us, what amazes me is that there hasn’t been more youth unrest. After all, the boomers were aggressively rebellious during their youth, despite enjoying greater freedom and opportunities than today’s young people can even imagine. The best we millennials could do under far worse conditions was Occupy Wall Street.

This is why it’s all the more imperative that young people unplug from pop culture and become informed about current events. If more young people can unplug themselves from the Matrix, they can break away from the pretty lies of their parents and teachers. Armed with greater knowledge, passion, and a greater sense of indignation, they can then work towards actually creating an economically sustainable society.

Then, when young whites no longer have to worry about finding a decent job, they can focus on remedying our increasingly dysfunctional society. Also, the next time some cranky boomer derides millennials as lazy, kindly remind him that we didn’t destroy the economy. That ought to shut him up.

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7 Responses to Land of the Fat and Home of the Busts: Baby Boomers and Economic Malaise

  1. Todd Lewis says:

    Want solve the obesity problem just listen to this guy:

    No fatties on this program.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I looked up the fictional character in the clip above. While I generally admire his tone, he falls prey to the same problem that I see too often on the right. While he is appalled by leftist cultural pathologies, he embraces the kind of free-for-all “free market” that enables them.

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  3. Beatrix says:

    I know lots of Baby Boomers who aren’t ever going to be able to retire due to simply not saving a dime, investing in scams (such as the Madoff & Stanford Ponzi schemes) & the infamous crash of 2006 which left many a Boomer with little to no home equity & decimated 401k account.
    Now there’s something not many Americans are talking about.
    Actually I was listening to BBC World Radio the other day was a bit shocked to hear that Americans saved an average of 0% of their yearly income in 2013. Things ain’t looking’ good in the ol’ US of A of you ask me.
    Being of the Generation X/MTV Generation myself I was also surprised to learn U.S. Census Bureau reports that Generation X statistically holds the highest education levels when looking at current age groups.
    I deal with a lot of Millennials, they have to be the most pathetic generation yet – Their attitude – why bother with education when you can download the world in an instant? Socially retarded, I guess manners & basic courtesy have become completely outdated also. The unbelievably prolonged adolescence, supercilious narcissism, blatant ageism – ughhhhhhh you can’t tell them anything, they know it all.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      @ Beatrix

      Believe me, I’m hardly singing the praises of Millennials. As I pointed out in my last interview with Robert Stark, many if not most really are a bunch of feckless social media addicts and gamers.

      However, the Baby Boomers still deserve significantly greater scorn and criticism than Millennials. They were essentially handed the most prosperous civilization in all of human history on a silver platter, and through their greed, hedonism, and negligence have driven it into the ground. Say what you will about Millennials, but we didn’t create the housing bubble, outsource all good blue collar jobs (along with many white collar jobs), crash the global economy, etc.

      I also concede that many Millennials have significant problems relating to everyday people. But again, it wasn’t Millennials who created “helicopter parenting” and an obsession with safety and security. When even a tiny scraped knee becomes an emergency, it’s hard to develop a sense of adventure and independence as a kid. Not to mention, as the late and great George Carlin once pointed out, they even have “play dates.” How can kids learn to develop a healthy sense of social skills when neurotic helicopter moms are planning the simple act of hanging out with a friend? When life becomes so aggressively regulated and stultifying, the natural response is to just retreat and do things like play video games.

      Millennials are very much dysfunctional, but they are a product of the cultural cesspool and economic quagmire bequeathed to them by the boomers. The boomers pissed on the sacrifices and traditional values of their Greatest Generation parents, and have medicated, aggressively regulated, and sold short their own children. They were given everything, and have given those coming after them very little. They deserve to go down in history as the worst generation.

      Must suck being a Gen Xer; you’re stuck between the greedy and self-righteous Baby Boomers on the one hand, and feckless, socially dysfunctional Millennials on the other. No wonder so many Gen Xers come across as cynical or pessimistic!

      (not that I have a problem with that. I’m a cynic myself)

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