Feminism’s corporate benefactors

There’s something wrong with the world today, I don’t know what it is
There’s something wrong with our eyes
(Aerosmith, Living on the edge)


One of the most pervasive myths ever promulgated is that feminism began as a grass roots social justice movement. While equity feminism is centuries old, going as far back as Mary Wollstonecraft, gender feminism has always been an elite project aimed at controlling society through social engineering. For five decades women were lied to by being forced fed a myth that ran as follows: Betty Friedan was a typical housewife until she had an awakening which would culminate in the Feminine mystique. We know that this account is wholly false as Daniel Horowitz exposed her extensive links to the CPUSA which Friedan expended considerable energy trying to cover up. This isn’t entirely surprising considering that feminism is basically Marxism adjusted for gender, as many have already pointed out. Sadly, many of see the world through blinkered eyes where the political turf is fought over by the diametrically opposed forces of left and right. Indeed when the blinkers fall do we realize that the left and right serve the same elite overlords. Let’s see how.

Feminist’s have long bashed corporations as Patriarchy’s Frankenstein. What many would be surprised to know is that if not for corporate support, Feminism would have faded into obscurity. As BAG pointed out in his brilliant article, Aaron Russo revealed in an interview that one of the Rockefellers admitted to his clan’s involvement in creating feminism. But is this true? Let’s examine some facts. According to this fascinating book, some of feminism’s early benefactors were: The Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller foundation, The Rockefeller brothers fund, The Andrew Mellon fund, and the Carnegie Corporation, among others. All Plutocratic corporatists, all obscenely wealthy. The book also confirms Kimberly Schuld’s findings that the Fords were actively funding feminist causes throughout the 1970s. Ford money financed and established Women’s studies throughout US colleges and universities thereby infecting an entire generation of impressionable women. According to Schuld:

“Women’s Studies professor and feminist author Susan M. Hartmann credits the Ford Foundation with being a substantive force that created the feminist movement…In 1971, a group of feminists approached Ford president McGeorge Bundy with a request to involve itself in the feminist movement the way it had in the Civil Rights movement, essentially, creating it out of whole cloth. The result of those early discussions was a full-fledged women’s project to fund the small number of existing women’s advocacy organizations, and also to create a whole new field within academia known as “women’s studies.” In 1972, Ford announced the first $1 million national fellowship program for “faculty and doctoral dissertation research on the role of women in society and Women’s Studies broadly construed.” A 1996 article by Heather MacDonald reported that women’s studies programs had received $36 million between 1972-1992 from Ford and other foundations.”

Yet data pertaining to Feminism’s corporate benefactors remains lodged in plain sight for the world to see. The University of Michigan’s background information on the Women’s studies program admits to receiving funding from: “The National Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, National Institute of Education, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Institute of Mental Health, and other agencies have given both support and visibility to research on women’s studies.” The University of Hawaii similarly admitted that it received a “prestigious three-year Rockefeller grant on Gender and Globalization in Asia and the Pacific ($250,000).” The Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and women’s studies has also casually admitted to receiving Rockefeller money.

The information is freely available but yet few of us can see it. There is something very wrong with our eyes.

That was then, what about today? Elite funding for feminism is alive and well even today. “Philanthropist” Warren Buffet’s Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation donated $21 million to the National Abortion Federation Hotline Fund in 2010. According to Heather MacDonald, Sidney Knafel (Chairman of Insight Communications) “recently forked over a juicy $1.5 million to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, a font of feminist grievance and left-wing posturing.” The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation similarly donated $1 million to the global fund for women in the hope of exporting the virus of feminism to the third world. Elite run charities take our money and then funnel it towards their pet causes that advance elitist goals; a tidy sham.

Why are our plutocratic corporate elites bent on funding feminism? Russo provided part of the answer when he highlighted the broadening tax base and state indoctrination. A third reason might be to collapse wages due to a labour influx. In my view however, there are other reasons involved as well. As I pointed out in a previous article:

  • Women aren’t entirely economically independent, feminists have shifted their dependance away from husbands and family and onto the state (Affirmative action legislature, family laws that favour women/alimony/child support ect).
  • Women aren’t any less subservient today, feminists have shifted their subservience away from husbands and families and onto the Corporate elite (Fashion/lifestyle/consumption trends).
  • Women aren’t any less concerned with security today, feminists have shifted that need away from men and onto the state (rape paranoia).

By empowering women to a degree that secures their independence from the family, the state has usurped the masculine role of providing for women. This is possibly why women overwhelmingly vote liberal. This arrangement also lubricates the transition of the high surveillance nanny state that feminists erroneously believe will serve women’s interests. I seriously doubt that Capitalists funded feminism out of the goodness of their hearts, but rather due to the calm realization that women are far more likely to accommodate state totalitarianism than men. Feminism was ideologically shaped by Communism and bankrolled by Capitalism. Sadly, most people still cannot see beyond the artificial left/right divide that obscures the image of our true oppressors: An elite (Jewish/Saxon) that has no loyalty to Western culture or Civilization.

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14 Responses to Feminism’s corporate benefactors

  1. Bay State Guy says:

    That’s why their unearned ‘rights’ need to go by the wayside. Waiting around for women to ‘get it’ is taking for ever. They ‘get it’ but the also get that ‘getting it’ is not cool. They will have to be taken over and simply put in their place. It’ll be easy to do when the time comes. And their foolishness must not be allowed to be forgotten. Just as the ‘sins’ of the patriarchy are yapped up constantly, so also will be the criminal silliness and demographic catastrophe be brought up daily. With conferences and all. It’ll get pounded into the heads of generations the way lies are now.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Things look bad now, but like many other leftist pet causes, grrrl power and female “independence” is a house of sand that requires constant upkeep. The problem is that many American women want to have their cake and eat it too. They want “equality” but also want to enjoy the perks of traditional chivalry and social protection.

      As more men wise up to this hypocrisy, I think we’ll start to see some changes. H.L. Mencken even predicted it:

      “Now that women have the political power to obtain their just rights, they will begin to lose their old power to obtain special privileges by sentimental appeals. Men, facing them squarely, will consider them anew, not as romantic political and social invalids, to be coddled and caressed, but as free competitors in a harsh world. When that reconsideration gets under way there will be a general overhauling of the relations between the sexes, and some of the fair ones, I suspect, will begin to wonder why they didn’t let well enough alone.”

      • Bay State Guy says:

        You said it guy. When the house of sand collapses, they’ll need to be spanked and sent to bed with no dinner. Then the error of their ways will be on display in every sitcom, college course, conference, etc.

        Happy Easter BAG, Dota and fellow readers. Even Bob Lindsay!

      • Dota says:

        Men have always seen an inverse relationship between independance and entitlement. When one goes up the other goes down. Women can’t wrap their heads around that simple equation. As the physically weaker sex that has always been provided for, this sense of entitlement is a part of their nature.

  2. Todd Lewis says:

    Read Mencken’s “In Defense of Women” its great.


  3. Todd Lewis says:

    I think you mean’t David Horowitz, Not Daniel Horowitz.

  4. Todd Lewis says:

    Ignore above, my mistake. He is Daniel Horowitz.

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  7. adanata (@DataJunkie1) says:

    Most of the comments here seem to be made by men. The truly ridiculous, condescending and ignorant ‘spank them and send them to bed’ attitude is part of the reason women could be sold this feminist BS in the first place. I believe Henry Makow has a better take on what has transpired and a profound lack of respect for women by men is as counter productive as the opposite. This horrific damage to families/faith/morality and love of country are the basis of the destruction of all humanity. Globalists are aware of the Marxist fundamental, they must totally destroy all of the above to pull off submission to global governance. They are moving forward with all the same propaganda regarding the notion men and women can be whichever they like; gender can be chosen according to how you ‘feel’ at the moment. This is tragic and if this destruction is to be repaired, men will be required to understand and respect their women and not talk about them as if they are retarded children to be admonished for having a brain and plenty of strength. We are all subject to this endless propaganda and social engineering tearing us apart and destroying our lives, families, culture, morality, faith and nation…. This is much larger than the differences in the traditional roles of men and women, which I believe are the natural, instinctive and proper roles for human beings. If we make the trip at all, it will be a long road back and it can only be made with genuine mutual respect, insight, wisdom and generosity to each other.

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