No Queers, No Beers: Thoughts on the St. Patrick’s Day Imbroglio

Hope you all had a stimulating and enriching St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re like many Americans you wore some green, went out to a bar, and decimated your brain cells in the process. However, if you’re a perpetually aggrieved member of the DIC (Diversity Industrial Complex, for those who don’t remember), then St. Patrick’s Day is a source of tremendous controversy and histrionics. What could this fun, alcohol fueled Irish holiday possibly have to do with the DIC?

Well, St. Patrick’s Day parades ran afoul of the gods of diversity by fostering an environment that was “discriminatory” towards LGBT’s (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender). In addition to incurring the wrath of gays, the parades were even boycotted by the mayors of New York and Boston, in addition to prominent brewers such as Guinness and Sam Adams. Gay activist group GLAAD was especially impressed by the decision of Guinness to disassociate itself from the parades. Guinness “sent a strong message to its customers and employees: discrimination should never be celebrated.” Sam Adams withdrew its sponsorship after a gay Boston bar threatened to stop pouring its beer.

So what was this oppressive, discriminatory offense committed by the organizers of the parades? Did they ban gay people from participating in the parades? Did they invite homophobic, conservative Catholic priests to speak during the parades? No and no. Gays were fully welcome to participate and march in the parade. The organizers of the parade simply didn’t want them carrying any pro-gay rights signs.

Really, that’s it. I guess it is a crime against humanity to forbid gays from promoting their propaganda on a day otherwise designed to celebrate Irish heritage and have a good time. This reminds me of a very perceptive comment by Tulio on Robert Lindsay’s blog a while back:

The gay movement is poised to become more annoying than “rape culture” feminists, ADL and Al Sharptonites combined. Homosexuality has become one of those things where you can’t even politely disagree with it or show the slightest distaste of the act. You can’t even be NEUTRAL on gays as in, “I neither oppose them or embrace them”. Being neutral to gays would be like being neutral on Hitler. If you are neutral on Hitler you’re evil. If you are neutral on gays, you’re a homophobe because you have not *fully* embraced them or the act of homosexuality.

Tulio’s prediction is being proven correct. Despite tolerating gays and allowing them to participate, the parades have been smeared as homophobic simply because they didn’t want gays to derail their event with their own separate agenda. This also illustrates the point I made in a previous post about gays and the DIC:

Far from “fighting the power,” those who espouse cultural liberalism are the power.

Gays and gay activists are apparently so oppressed that they can have prominent mayors and companies boycott popular parades because they deem them insufficiently committed to their pet cause. It seems that gays are starting to eclipse even Jews as the establishment’s preferred protected class. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they open a homophobia museum in D.C. in the near future.

Yet again, I want to reiterate that I don’t care that much about gays. Even though I grow increasingly annoyed with the aggressive and self-righteous antics of the gay lobby, they’re still child’s play compared to the far more pernicious ideologies and movements that plague our societies. Nevertheless, it is a troubling sign that the liberal establishment has elevated gays to such an exalted position. This is part of an overall attempt to promote the subversive and deviant, as well as continually remind regular white people that there can be no dominant and “normal” identity or lifestyle. We must accept anyone and everyone, and all boundaries be damned.

In case anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not saying that people should go around throwing stones at gays or harass them with demeaning insults. Treat them with the basic everyday courtesy and human decency that you would afford other people. Like it or not, they’re here to stay, so you might as well tolerate them. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept or endorse their lifestyles. There is a huge difference between “tolerance” and “acceptance.” Gays more or less enjoy tolerance, so they’re after acceptance now. However, gays by definition are abnormal, and for all that gays love to moan about “heteronormativity,” heterosexuality will always be the norm.

As Dota once pointed out, tolerance without boundaries (which really amounts to unquestioning “acceptance”) leads to cultural suicide. So again, tolerate others and treat them with courtesy, but at the same time be ready to draw the line. And the next time some leftist activist moans about “heteronormativity,” be sure to introduce her to the friendly neighborhood dictionary.

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5 Responses to No Queers, No Beers: Thoughts on the St. Patrick’s Day Imbroglio

  1. WmarkW says:

    Heterosexuality is the scientific premise of family life.
    Not everyone needs to raise a family, and can do hobby-sex as recreation.

    But the next generations of healthy men and women need to be raised by complimentary partnerships of them.

    Homosexuality is a sexual practice, not a demographic group.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      As Dota once pointed out, “gay marriage” really has no purpose. Even the homosexual friendly ancients such as the Greeks didn’t have any concept of gay marriage.

      • coward says:

        Yeah. Gay sex is also the main cause of STDs. Guess where all those negroes get their HIV from? In Sub Saharan Africa, 6% of heterosexuals were tested HIV positive in 2007. 77.3% of homosexuals were HIV positive. And no one needs to remind us that homosexuals are drastically overrepresented in serial killers. At 2.5% of the population, heterosexuals are 45% of the serial killer population. Names like Dahmer, Gacy, Watts, Holmes, Burton, come to mind. Hell, even Ted Bundy was gang raped in prison, but did not acknowledge that such a rape had occurred despite prisoner confessions and overwhelming medical evidence. That means he enjoyed it, which means Bundy had a homosexual tendency. And Berkowitz was also accussed of child molestation of a boy, although this had never been proven. Homosexuals are going entirely against their default biological function, which is heterosexuality. It is just like asking a amphibian to fly or a bird to deep sea dive, and just like interracial breeding, which is also unnatural, it is a deadly abhorrence against human nature. It should therefore be highly illegal, as rape is also illegal, and so is consensual pedophilia, but both are done for sexual gratification.

      • coward says:

        Ehoops, that was meant to say at 2.5% of the population, HOMOsexuals are 45% of all serial killers.

  2. Bay State Guy says:

    They have proven every day and in every way that they are not “just like us.” All the time. To hell with them (except Jack Donovan & James O’Meara). They are the most solipsistic group of people ever.

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