The folly of exporting democracy

The chief folly of the western mind lies in its its stubborn predisposition to the foolhardy belief that non whites think and act like westerners; or at least would attempt to do so under the right conditions. It is in this context that I believe that exporting democracy to the third world is as foolish as it is futile. The various cultures of the global south should be free to practice their own cultures without the immoral interference of the global north. The construct that we call democracy has certain western values embedded within its ideological framework that are incompatible with the values of the diverse third world.

For obvious reasons, I’m going to illustrate this point using South Asia as a case study. What are some of the western values embedded within democracy? Broadly speaking, they are equality, universalism, and Individualism. As Kevin MacDonald once pointed out, Western culture’s de-emphasis of extended kinship is the underlying link between individualism and moral universalism; as the individual needn’t concern himself with tribal interests and is hence free to pursue the most moral alternative (Is it good for my tribe versus is it good for mankind).

When individualism gains ground over tribalism, ideological interpretations of reality (as opposed to narrow tribal interests) are necessary in determining the direction and focus of society. It is during such a climate that the Greeks birthed democracy, the most unique social experiment of the ancient world.

Is India an effective democracy? Western democracies are governed by ideology precisely due to the individualist and morally universal cultures they represent. How does Indian democracy work? Indians do not vote for ideology, they vote for the candidate that belongs to their community/caste. Aakar Patel observes this to be the reason why there is no debate in Indian politics. South Asian culture is authoritarian and hierarchical; and this explains the popularity of leaders like General Zia (Pakistan) and Narendra Modi (BJP Party, India).

Salman Taseer. Murdered for defying Pakistani society's religious intolerance.

Salman Taseer. Murdered for defying the religious intolerance of Pakistani society.

Patel has already spilled much ink on Modi’s authoritarian style of leadership which would be considered reckless in the west but is considered effective in India. Critics of democracy like Lord Macaulay believed that democracy would always entail mob rule but I think this notion is false; democracy brings out the best in Western societies but brings out the worst in collectivist authoritarian cultures. This is why Pakistan can’t tackle its backward and unjust blasphemy laws while the Indian state is slow to deliver justice to victims of religious mob violence. Society’s intolerance is reflected in the so called “lack of political will” that the western media decries. Democracies fail miserably in societies dominated by tribal identities, hierarchy, segregation, and generally lacking any notion of a common good. In such societies democracy merely legalizes oppressive majoritarianism.

Indian law insists that the servant and employer (depicted here) are equal.

Equality is the principal value that furnishes democracy with its egalitarian character. It is hard to envision the equality between an Indian servant and his/her employer. Servants do not sit on the same furniture as the masters do and neither are they allowed to eat from the same utensils. Their position is that of a slave. This is primarily why the Indian state has failed miserably in elevating its disenfranchised citizenry. Equality implies flatness whereas hierarchy is entrenched into the Indian’s very language (honourifics). Most Indians can’t fathom the power of the vote and social change is slow given how internalized oppression is within the Indian psyche. Again, democracy does more harm than good as people who do not understand the value of freedom should not be given freedom; for their own good.

Pakistan has made the right decision in doing away with democracy and ushering in totalitarian military rule. Unlike their cousins across the border who suffer from cognitive dissonance, the Pakistanis know who and what they are; and they are not a freedom loving democratic people. Singapore and South Korea both assumed an authoritarian governing style in the 60s predicated on the rationale that authoritarianism fosters economic prosperity. East Asians cling to this belief even today and nobody can deny the success of East Asian countries. The purpose of this article isn’t to dissuade Indians from democracy but to warn Western powers against prescribing a medicine that might kill the patient. Western nations must export goods and services to the rest of the world and not values.

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18 Responses to The folly of exporting democracy

  1. mixedraced says:

    South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are stable, successful democratic states now. Many African states have had authoritarian governments but they were never able to fix the tribal problems that still persist to this day. Kazakhstan has a diverse population but no major incidents have emerged from that.

    • coward says:

      True, but Northeast Asians are closer to Caucasians on a genetic map than they are to Southeast Asians, so they are essentially a really divergent branch of Caucasian. This is why democracy works for them. This website has a detail on human genetics and linguistics (linguistics doesnt matter in this case) and shows that Northeast Asians are closer to Caucasians then they are to SE Asians. This was work done by Cavalli Sforza and Michelli Taurulian, the top geneticists of the HGP (Human Genographic Project or Human Genome Project)
      So this is why democracy works for them. Genes, not culture. Imagine an African nation making it this way, it is difficult to even imagine. Africans, as you can see on the map are severely distanced from the rest of humanity, except for Somalis and Ethiopians, who are mulattoes.

    • Lee Min Ho says:

      Axum, You forget Hong Kong, they are a semi democracy right now, because China’s fault, they really want to be a full democracy, if not for China, Hongkongers would have chosen democracy as their government, you can read tons of information about it in the web, they really dislike China and its authoritarian ways. So the democratic Asian club is:
      1- Japan 2- South Korea 3- Taiwan and 4- Hong Kong

    • guerrer0 says:

      By the way Dota, you may think like this, but I agree more with Francis Fukuyama and its “The End of History and the Last Man” . Democracy is the ultimate form of advanced countries, Tiny Singapore is a special case ,I still remember what a certain Singaporean prime minister said about Asian values and blah blah , but the cases of Hong Kong, Taiwan ,Korea and Japan prove him to be on the wrong.
      India as a developing state can’t have a perfect democracy. Neither genes are involved as Russia and Ukraine are NOT democratic. In my view is not race nor culture, is development.

      • Dota says:

        I don’t think genetics have anything to do with it either, but I do think that culture is relevant. South Korea was pretty authoritarian in the 60s and perhaps they might be less so today, but it doesn’t change anything. I’m not saying that ditching democracy will make certain countries like Pakistan more successful, rather, it could possibly help avoid other problems.

  2. coward says:

    South Asian groups have way too much ASI (Ancestral South Indian) blood and Australoid transitioning which is very recent. So that explains their failure despite being a Caucasoid group.

    • guerrer0 says:

      @Dota: You may be right, but I still remember how my ancestral country Spain ,being White and Western, was still authoritarian under Franco not many time ago, so.
      @ Cowy: Yesterday I did something, I had some problems with some people time ago, but I did remember the phrase ” to the evil you should return good” , so I did forgive those people for what they did to me, and give them a kiss in their cheeks, to show how I return the good for the bad, so likewise, from where I am ,I send you a kiss to your cheek and forgive you from our past problems, but don’t try to bully me or Mixedraced again, please.

      • coward says:

        Please do not send me a kiss. Id rather not have a little Hispanic bisexual kiss me. But other than that, I forgive you little puppy.

  3. Tobias says:

    Thats what i criticize about the political theories of Liberalism and Socialism. They were both created by people who lived as majorities in ethnic homogeneous societies, and they worked well their, but there is no proof that these ideologies will work in ethnic heterogeneous societies.
    And when i say homogeneous i say that the USA is still homogeneous, because its has a majority ethnic, but i mean countries where the biggest ethnic group is like 30% or so. Even such countries could work if the ethnics live somewhat separated, but i doubt that a multicultural society where the ethnics are forced to live together will work, because most people seem to prefer their own ethnic.

    • coward says:

      When all those American slaveborn negroids were sent to what is now known as Liberia, the conflict with the local tribesmen caused a great deal of discombobulation in the country. Or in countries like the Congo, where the majority ethnolinguistic group maxes out at 20% or so. You get a bunch of conflicting negroid egos that cannot exist in tandem. This is precisely why we should enforce separatism.

  4. RudyardKiplingsGhost says:

    East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.

  5. mixedraced says:

    Human ego causes all the problems discussed in this blog. You must have had a somewhat egotistic reason for starting this blog, Dota, because most things are done to fill one’s ego.

    • Dota says:

      ou must have had a somewhat egotistic reason for starting this blog, Dota, because most things are done to fill one’s ego.

      Possibly. However I like to think I’m doing God’s work here.

      • guerrer0 says:

        I converted to Buddhism some days ago, how are you sure that the Christian god is more real than Lord Buddha ? Buddha is the middle way, they don’t condemn to hell like the Abrahamic Muslims or Christians, but they aren’t as passive ( or flawed ) as Hindus in conversion , in my twitter I follow now the Dalai Lama and he inspires me, also this Mantra by singer Faye Wong, give me inner peace. We Buddhists believe that you with your religion may achieve Nirvana believing in your god, but we also believe our way is strong, unlike the Hindus who are excessively open ( insecure maybe? ) of their ways.

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