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Hebrews and Hollow Gestures: The Shallowness of Jewish Support for Minorities

Many white nationalists and those on the alternative right have rightly pointed out the disgusting hypocrisy of many influential Western Jews. The same people who promote multiculturalism and denounce any manifestations of white identity unapologetically assert Israel’s right to exist … Continue reading

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Sociopathy and power

From Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky I maintain in my article that all … well, legislators and leaders of men, such as Lycurgus, Solon, Mahomet, Napoleon, and so on, were all without exception criminals, from the very fact that, … Continue reading

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No Queers, No Beers: Thoughts on the St. Patrick’s Day Imbroglio

Hope you all had a stimulating and enriching St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re like many Americans you wore some green, went out to a bar, and decimated your brain cells in the process. However, if you’re a perpetually aggrieved member … Continue reading

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The folly of exporting democracy

The chief folly of the western mind lies in its its stubborn predisposition to the foolhardy belief that non whites think and act like westerners; or at least would attempt to do so under the right conditions. It is in … Continue reading

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A small announcement

Due to a change in my shift schedule I’ll now be working 9-5, which means I’ll be active in the evenings. Bay Area Guy will moderate the blog during the day. So don’t think I’m ignoring any of you if … Continue reading

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This is Sober Privilege

“Privilege.” Such a term is gratuitously employed by virtually everyone on the left, from tumblr social justice warriors to troglodytes like Lindy West. Speaking of which, remember my post about West’s childish, hangover induced behavior on an airplane? I recall … Continue reading

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If you like censorship raise your hand – Tales of totalitarianism from the US and Canada

I can think of a few groups that would wave both hands so frantically they’d attain liftoff: Feminists, gay rights activists, anti-racist/multicultural fruit cakes, and of-course, organized Jewry. What do these groups have in common? A persecution complex the size … Continue reading

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What’s the Matter With Egalitarianism?

If you spend enough time following the alternative right, you’ll quickly discover that the term “egalitarianism” is a dirty word. A certain level of hostility towards egalitarianism is understandable. After all, since egalitarianism mandates that all people are inherently equal … Continue reading

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The Church played an instrumental role in furthering education in the West

Coward wrote: Kind of reminds you of Roman Catholicism before Gutenberg I’m going to post what I had said on Robert’s blog a couple of years ago: The myth of the dark ages has been repeatedly regurgitated by the Jew … Continue reading

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Why Schopenhauer’s observations on women remain relevant today

Schopenhauer’s essay on women validates two significant axioms regarding our species: Grow as we might, we can’t escape our nature; and that women have changed very little over the centuries. Let’s discuss some of his observations. Women are directly adapted … Continue reading

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