New rule at occident invicta

Let me begin by saying that we appreciate all of our commenters here and the regulars have become like family. Our approach to the community and comments has generally been pretty Laissez-faire but this approach is becoming inadequate and hence the need for a move involved approach.

While we appreciate a community that espouses a diverse range of views, we take a dim view of commenters perpetually feuding with one another and following each other into threads with the sole intent of trolling them. We also don’t care for random off-topic comments and youtube links. They contribute nothing to the discussion and in turn provoke hostility from other commenters. Some commenters might genuinely hold extreme views, however posting an extreme view with the sole intent of provoking a hostile or defensive response will not be tolerated.

Our new rule: Disruptive comments will now be deleted and a warning issued. Repeated violations will result in a ban. Random off-topic youtube links and comments will also be deleted and will result in a warning (and ban with repeated violations). There’s an open topic page up there for a reason, but even in there, trolling and disruptive comments will be deleted. Our interviews with Robert Stark have brought in some new commenters (including old time friend Tulio from Robert Lindsay’s) and we’d really like to have them become permanent members of our community. Let’s keep it civil and sane.

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4 Responses to New rule at occident invicta

  1. Dota says:

    It’s comments like the one I just deleted that get people complaining via email Coward. It might seem like a harmless comment, but several comments like that spaced out over time scare of other commenters.

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