Lions, and Tigers, and Fascists, Oh My!

This post was inspired by conversations with my father. My father is generally a pretty cool guy, and not the stereotypical wimpy white liberal male. While most white liberals were falling over themselves to praise Barack Obama during his first presidential campaign, my dad was one of the few to not buy the hype. However, he nevertheless remains at heart a good liberal, and thus has some obvious issues with my views. While he wasn’t denouncing me in an accusatory tone, he once told me that many of the views I espouse flirt with Fascism. Does he have a point? After all, our blog believes in preserving white majorities, restricting non-white immigration, a belief in cultural unity, and an emphasis on traditional values. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, right?


For starters, let’s take a look at the definition of Fascism. Oxford Dictionaries defines Fascism in the following manner:

The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy (1922–43), and the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain were also fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach

With that definition in mind, we are not fascists for the following reasons:

1. We do not endorse beliefs in the inherent superiority, inferiority, or worth of different groups of people. We do not believe in HBD, eugenics, or scientific racism, even though we do unapologetically assert our belief that Western culture is superior.

2. We do not in any way, shape, or form, support or condone violence. Wanting to curtail immigration and preserve white majorities is not the same as believing in genocide. Not only is violence morally wrong, but from a purely practical standpoint only leads to more problems. Before they praise Hitler again, radical white nationalists would do well to remember that Hitler’s genocide and destruction paved the way for the eternal victim status of Jews, greater white guilt, and immigration and multiculturalism in Europe. We want nothing to do with any kind of violence.

3. We are not authoritarian, nor do we seek to abolish democracy. So how do we then plan on promoting and spreading traditional values when our current liberal society repudiates such values? Simple. As Dota has pointed out, leftist cultural pet causes are houses of sand that require constant upkeep. We don’t believe in coercing people into embracing our views, we simply want to find ways to remove the upkeep. Once the upkeep is removed, we are confident that societies will revert back to normal and healthy values. Patriarchy, as well as solid ethnic, religious, or cultural identities have existed in every civilization since civilization began. It’s only been in the past century, and in particular the past four decades, that ideologies such as feminism, multiculturalism (which is distinguishable from the presence of diversity), and racial self-flagellation have enjoyed prominence. Once they no longer have academia, the media, and the government to consistently prop them up, their days of cultural hegemony will be numbered.

So no, we are not fascists. Yet why is it that people who espouse our views are constantly taken to task for our supposed association with Fascism? Why aren’t those who promote progressive and leftist causes demonized in a similar manner? Considering that a not insignificant number of left wing intellectual and cultural elites either supported Communism or ran interference for its crimes for decades, it’s remarkable that aside from Rush Limbaugh types, they more or less aren’t made to defend themselves from accusations of Communism.

I actually don’t think that liberals and progressives should have to constantly defend themselves from such charges, despite the fact that modern leftist beliefs have significant roots in Marxism. All I ask is for some fairness and consistency. If leftists don’t want to be associated with the likes of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and North Korea, then we shouldn’t have to suffer accusations of being the ideological descendants of Mussolini, Franco, and Hitler.

North American societies have been polluted by cultural leftism and are in dire need of correction, but one doesn’t have to be a goose stepping doofus to recognize that.

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27 Responses to Lions, and Tigers, and Fascists, Oh My!

  1. Tobias says:

    yeah i also dislike that not wanting your ethnic group to become a minority in your country is viewed as the same as trying to conquer the whole world.

  2. Shawn says:

    “We do not endorse beliefs in the inherent superiority, inferiority, or worth of different groups of people.”

    Yet it can be seen that in aggregate some groups are better than others. NE Asians are better than Sub-Saharan Africans at math, Sub-Saharan Africans are better at the 100 meter.

    “We do not believe in HBD…”

    How can you not believe in human biological diversity? Are all groups genetically Identical? Of course not…


    We have eugenics now to a limited degree. Most babies with down syndrome are aborted. There are some diseases which render people bed-ridden and in a vegetative state. Why not abort these people before they are born so they don’t have to suffer?

    I believe that humane eugenics (my term) is a plus for any society; I am not referring to forced sterilization or that sort of thing; but, as long as the government is willing to support a welfare queen with 4-12 kids the government should pay her to be on birth control & educate her.

    “…or scientific racism,…”

    Not the same as HBD.

    “…even though we do unapologetically assert our belief that Western culture is superior.'”

    The crux of this blog, if I understand it correctly, is that you want to preserve Western culture. Great.

    But the disconnect is that you don’t understand that culture, to some degree, is an outgrowth of biology. If Whites in Western lands had a median IQ of 85 (1 Standard deviation < than 100) there would be no Western culture. And there are a number of other partially heritable biological characteristics that contribute to Western culture and which also interplay with our environment. Hence the need for an understanding of HBD.

    • Tobias says:

      Robert lindsay once said that the iq of usa in the early 50s was around 92 or so and you had western culture than, so groups like hispanics should be able to live western culkture. and they somehow do it according to the post robert lindsay is making.

      i by the way think that western culture is a product of christianity, because i know christian arabs who behave like “whites”, while muslim arabs behave like fucktards. not all of course, but there is definitly a huge trend this way.
      however i cant say if the reason for this is that the religion creates the people or the people creates the religion, so that religion doesnt affect the people a lot but fuckatards are more likely to go for islam and nice people are more likely to go for christianity, if they have the choice.

      • coward says:

        But IQ isn’t the only hereditary factor which predisposes one to conforming with Western culture. Other factors such as temperament, morality, benevolence/altruism, method of reasoning, cultural sexual dimorphism between the genders (males allowed to act like males and vice versa), physiology (how tall you are, how muscular,), and much more were instrumental in crystallizing a Anglo White Man’s brain into aligning with the primary moral and behavioural elements of Western Anglosphere culture. IQ has very little to do with it. The Northeast Asians are endowed with superior IQ yet their lack of inherent individualism, sense of inner security, adventurous willpower, and innovativeness has caused their milestones and achievements to be under even the minimal benchmark of our Anglosphere and Nordic acheivements. There are many unaccounted odds in the subterfuge of the limelight shed on IQ which determine the success and moral virtuosity of a culture. Too much praise and influence have been acredited to IQ, but the stark reality is IQ has very little to do with it. The Nordic and Anglo IQ bell curve states that half of the population is one standard deviation below the mean IQ, so since Nordics have an IQ average of about 102-103, 40% of them have an IQ of 92 or lower. Yet they assimilate into our culture pretty well, better than 107 IQ East Asians. Clearly there is more to the composition and constitutents of Western culture than just a high IQ, many more ingredients are needed to create such a glorious society.

      • Lee Min Ho says:

        A common misunderstanding, if that were the case countries such as Russia, Ukraine or Belarus would be Western too. The renaissance in Italy (a secular movement associated more with ancient Greece and Rome more than to Jesus) or the French revolution (even more openly secular ) defined many of the traits of the West, not Christianity itself. By the way the per capita of United States in 1960 was 2,881 while Mexico was 340, the point is that there will be always a gap, the development standards of those years were left behind by new higher standards, i mean that means Mexicans would make United States to go back to a development of the 50’s then.

      • coward says:

        No, because Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians descend from Slavic groups, while the Russians have a Scythian admixture. But none of those groups are pureblood Nordics. And while the French and Italians may have conceptualized many of the democratic thoughts which is the trademark of Anglo society, it was the Anglos who developed them into something useful. Kind of how like the Chinese invented firearms, gunpowder, and rockets but Anglos pioneered them into rocketships, TNT, and machine guns. Huge difference there. And clearly Mexican immigration is bad for the Nordic countries but French, Spanish, Italian and Czech immigration is just as bad as it dilutes our prestigious pedigree, and extinction of genes is eternal. Websites such as Stormfront and VNN do not recognize this in a blind race to gain support in numbers for White Nationalism, little do they realize the earthshattering consequences this will have on the future generations ability to replicate the success of the past. Our progeny will not have the racial vigor of the Nordics and will be diluted with the blood of Meds. This is why the founders of Nordicism were extremely meticulous about who they let in our borders, they studied their science and had an ephiphany, one that led them to conclude that Med blood was tremendously detrimental to the success of a Nordic population. Nordicists didn’t just one day get high and say “Hey, lets come up with all sorts of bogus pseudoscientific studies on how Meds are inferior to Nordics!” Obviously these predecessor proto-Nordicists had a good reason for their ideologies. We should listen to these men, they are brilliant and speak the truth.

      • coward says:

        Either way Naruto, I will ask you in a civil manner to no longer respond to my comments as this inevitably leads to wanton bickering and no clear destination, but circular cycles of rebuttals and it also materializes (digitizes?) friction in the blog’s atmosphere and drives potential commentors away. Our friendship is incorrigible.

  3. Shawn says:

    I also want to add that it is possible to believe in innate racial differences (HBD) without saying that, under that law and/or before God one race is not better than another. No one race is better at everything–but just differ in aggregate with regards to many characteristics.

    • Dota says:

      We agree with this and we aren’t putting HBD down, but the emphasis of this blog is western culture and its preservation. You are free to discuss HBD on this blog with commenters Coward and Batterytrain as they seem quite knowledgeable on the subject.

      • coward says:

        Yep. We all have hereditary differences and more so when you consider racial groupings. Geneticists and biologists all profess that at least 1,500 genes are exclusive to each race prior to interbreeding.

      • coward says:

        OYeah and you are right on with it BAG. The next time somebody calls me Hitler, Mussolini, etc. I will just call them Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Gorbechov, etc. Besides, you know what Marx said? “All I know is that I am not a Marxist.” If Jesus said he was not a Christian….how popular would Christendom be today?

  4. regularron says:

    I’ve come to the belief, maybe we should embrace the term as a way to scare the crap out of the left. Kind of like when you call these folks commies, it rolls off their backs. I’m also very sarcastic.

    Plus, I always believed Gen. Franco was one of the good guys.

  5. mixedraced says:

    Dota, do people mock you because you’re pro-white?

    • Dota says:

      The South Asians do but whites regard it as rather strange.

      • coward says:

        Im openly pro White, and even stare down non-Whites at lunch. I shoved this Asian kid into a locker and told him to GTFO of my White land, and he was too scared to do anything, so he just ignored me and walked away. I am not advocating violence, but an increase in racism= a decrease in immigration.

      • Dota says:

        We’ve been through this coward but I’ll say it again: We do not endorse such behavior on this website. If that’s the message you’re getting from this website then maybe you should stop coming here, for your own good.

      • coward says:

        No need to flatter yourself Dota. It is not you who drove me to violence but most likely my amplified levels of tesosterone due to pueberty. But on the other hand, I do not consider myself an extremist, I have not killed or permanently injured any man. That type of behaviour is more associated with Islamic extremism and Hindu radicals, and even Buddhists in some parts of SE Asia, especially Myanmar/Burma and Malaysia where there are many divergent sects of Buddhism. As for fascism…..I could care less if they thought me a Fascist. Mussolini and Hitler combined killed less than Mao Zedong, with a kill spree of an estimated 27 million or more people. And lets not forget Pol Pot, Stalin, Castro, and the lesser known Commies. These guys are what happens when you put Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy in political power. The ultra right is way less murderous than the far left. Obama would be just as lethal except for the fact that the African-American (read: NIGGER!!!) does not have balls.

      • batterytrain says:

        Why exactly do they do that? Can’t they figure out that they didn’t really build the western world yet they are being hypocritical by being in a western country and enjoying life on behalf of westerners and their backs? If you want to be “proud” then why don’t you simply go back to where you came from and be “proud” there? I’m so tired of this bullshit bla bla bla bla, you can’t stop me from coming into your country which you built by yourself but I’m proud to be who I am despite the fact I come from a shit hole and my people are too dumb and backwards to replicate what you build by yourself111111!!!!! These people need to be slapped in the face and be coldly told the truth about the real world.

      • coward says:

        You hit it on the spot Batterytrain. I am hereby awarding you the title of Honorary Aryan.

      • Coward says:

        If you don’t mind me asking, Batterytrain, what is your nationality?

  6. coward says:

    BAG, what issues exactly is your father liberal on?

  7. coward says:

    I am only really conservative on a few things; race relations, gay marriage/even the legal practice of homosexuality, and gun laws. Other than that, I support abortion, marijuana legalization, gender equality, freedom of religion (as long as that religion is Christianity), and research on stem cells, genetic engineering, and other controversial stuff. So I guess you could call me a leftie, but I absolutely loathe Communism and socialism, so Im pretty Right on that one.

  8. Shawn says:

    Lee Min Ho wrote,

    “A common misunderstanding, if that were the case countries such as Russia, Ukraine or Belarus would be Western too.”

    Having certain IQ thresholds is a necessary but not wholly sufficient requirement for Western Civilization.

    • Coward says:

      Yes, as I stated before, high IQ is merely one of several antecedents and prerequisites to a superior, progressive civilization. While South Korea and Japan are certainly innovative and both have superior IQs to the colored masses, they are not capable to the same extent that a lot of us are in the fields of ruthlessness, spitfire hallmarks in inventing and breakthrough science, annexing foreign territory, etc. One must be like the great brave Western Man to attain the tier one category success, and it takes more than just a high IQ. Compare the Normands, who were crafty buisnessmen yet had IQs of probably 87 or so(modern Northwestern British White IQ is 105), to the ancient Manchu, who were IQ 92 or so (modern Manchu IQ is 108), but the Normands were the predecessors of the British Empire, while the Manchus were fucked royally by the British and American Open Door Policy which dethroned the last vestiges of Manchu power.

    • batterytrain says:

      The reason why those countries aren’t western is because of geography; they have a lack of access to ports and water passages thus they didn’t have the same flexibility and access as the Western countries that built their empires based on trading, exchange of ideas or conquest. They are primarily landlocked countries with various natural to regional barriers, this is the only explanation as to why EE doesn’t seem as Western, and they were the only countries that were in the face of oncoming armies from outside Europe as the western portions were quite safe and defended from outsiders with some exceptions like Spain and Italy.

      • coward says:

        Batterytrain, what are your opinions on capitalism? I believe in a form of moderate lassiez faire capitalism (moderate government intervention to ensure small buisness growth and prevention of oligarchies or monopolies). I am opposed to the current neoliberal model. What do you think? Its okay I wont attack you for your beliefs, feel free to respond.

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