Why I am a Paleoconservative and why non whites needn’t fear paleoconservatism

Coward wrote on Robert Lindsay’s blog:

“Dont know why Dota is a paleoconservative. He would never be accepted as White. Even from his voice alone”

Paleoconservatism isn’t solely about race (although that is a significant element), it is about heritage, culture, and economics. Paleoconservatives are the only true conservatives in North America while the rest of mainstream conservatives are simply frauds. Our ideology is grounded upon the wisdom of Edmund Burke who believed that progress needn’t compromise the traditional values of our heritage. Burke astutely observed that society must change gradually, and that evolution (not revolution) was the answer. Thanks to our Jewish dominated culture today, rebellion trumps evolution and Burke would rightly be horrified by the manner in which our Jewish elites (and their Saxon flunkies) force change by thrusting upon the masses a toxic brew of extreme secularism, multiculturalism/mass immigration, feminism, and gay marriage. Liberal academics emphasize deconstructing (read:de-legitimizing) the “dominant ideologies” of culture which supposedly lead to oppression of certain groups; whereas we Paleoconservatives believe that these “dominant ideologies” are actually the collective wisdom of our fathers handed down to us. This wisdom helps us establish a feeling of continuity and may counteract the atomization of consumerism.

Paleoconservatives versus liberals on race and multiculturalism

It’s no secret that Paleo-cons are anti-PC and anti-multiculturalism whereas liberals claim to champion egalitarianism. In reality, it’s the other way around. Liberals champion an elitist agenda that masquerades as egalitarianism whereas Paleo-cons appear to be xenophobic but in reality are genuinely more egalitarian. How does this work? Liberals believe that PC and MC are required to safeguard the interests of minorities from the instinct that Canada is an Anglo Saxon nation. While most North Americans are fed up with MC style tolerance, James Crawford of the University of Saskatchewan opines that MC isn’t tolerant enough:

Multiculturalism (MC) views Canadians as having British values, customs, etc. while still allowing for immigrants to celebrate their past cultures in a formalized way. These celebrations take place on special occasions and showcase historic traits such as food, clothing, music, material objects and language (Legare, 1995). However, this display is very much like the cultures found in museums or on a bookcase. They are taken out on special occasions but afterwards they are put back and everyone returns to normal  or British customs.”

According to Trevor Harrison, the (now defunct) reform party of Canada depict Canada as not only historically an Anglo-Saxon country but also part of a wider Anglo-Saxon culture that is in need of recognizing and re-establishing its heritage.”

Some elements of the former reform party were a bit extreme for my liking, but I think they had the right idea: Canada is an Anglo-Saxon nation and denying this heritage would lead to an identity crisis. Ed West rightly states (paraphrasing David Fischer) that “the cultural influence of the initial founders of a society can vastly outweigh their genetic input.” The US and Canada are both shaped by the same Saxon and protestant values that have made both these nations the greatest in the world. Our work ethic, morally universal worldview, individualist, and virtue emphasis culture share the same British roots. What do I mean by virtue emphasis culture? Edmund Burke believed that elites should be cultured and lead by moral example and this is why North American elites have always been held up to a higher standard. Jefferson also believed this and would be horrified to behold how Capitalism (intended to be egalitarian) has given way to corporatism and a new aristocracy.

Nevertheless the idea of the moral elite is a deeply ingrained WASP value. Henry Ford Sr paid his employees an astonishingly high wage of $5 per day (well above industry standards at the time) and expressed the dignity and joy inherent in good honest work. He even blew the whistle on Jewish tribalism and dual loyalties (The international Jew). Ford, a great Capitalist and a great American, expressed the highest values of the Anglo-Saxon/Protestant tradition (though he was technically Irish). Even today, we expect our industrialists to be philanthropists and while we take these values for granted, they are not common to non white cultures. Mukesh Ambani’s obscenely opulent palatial residence, built amidst the squalor and filth of Mumbai, is estimated to be worth $2 billion dollars. A great Capitalist and a great Indian, Ambani expresses the highest values of South Asia’s Hinduized civilization.

But what does all of this have to do with minority interests in North America?

I believe that there is a smouldering resentment buried within whites who are frustrated at being unable to take pride in their White/European heritage. Liberals and Jewry are content so long as Anglo, French and German cultures are treated “like the cultures found in museums or on a bookcase.” But as soon as these ethnic nationalisms are linked to Canada and America’s national heritages, the liberal PC hammer descends with a vengeance. However it is my view that the stifling effect of MC inflames white xenophobia as whites no doubt associate minorities with the suppression of their ethnic pride. Furthermore, how can whites not be resentful when the third world steadily pours into their backyard and demands special treatment and protection? Reducing immigration and scrapping away MC/PC programs would have numerous benefits for whites and especially non whites. Lets examine some of these benefits:

  1. Less pressure on jobs: Whites might not realize this, but one immigrant’s greatest foe is another immigrant competing for the same job. I speak from personal experience as I have lost employment opportunities to other immigrants.
  2. Availability of additional funds: Shutting down MC programs might free up funds available for other projects and priorities that would benefit all Canadians.
  3. An overall decrease in xenophobia: This outcome might seem puzzling to some but as white ethnic pride goes up, xenophobia decreases as whites no longer feel threatened by expressing ethnic pride. There might be an initial spike of xenophobia which would eventually subside.


Classical conservatives have always been opposed to imperialism as they were very anti white man’s burden. Even today, Paleoconservatives believe that every race has the right to express ethnic pride and that the west has no right to impose its way of life on other peoples. We certainly encourage global trade, but we do so under the condition of restricting immigration so that corporations lose the privilege of plummeting wages. We advocate descaling Canada’s and America’s global military involvement. We also believe that supporting Israel is a mistake and does not serve the interests of the US and Canada. The Israelis are free to wage perpetual war on their own dime.

Conservative values

Immigrants, particularly South/East Asians and Arabs, tend to subscribe to some pretty conservative values that are right in line with Paleoconservatism. The Muslims in my circle (in Saskatoon) are adamant about enrolling their children in Islamic and Catholic schools to avoid “pro gay” propaganda. The only reason immigrants vote liberal is due to their mistaken belief that immigration is in their best interests. There is also this false notion floating around that only liberals can protect immigrants from the racist monsters lurking beneath their beds. If immigrant minorities can be persuaded to abandon these false beliefs it might culminate in a massive setback for the liberal agenda.

All things considered, it isn’t baffling or illogical for an immigrant Indian Muslim like myself to subscribe to Paleoconservatism. My interests are aligned to the interests of the white majority and subverting Western society will not bode well for anybody, whites and non whites alike.

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36 Responses to Why I am a Paleoconservative and why non whites needn’t fear paleoconservatism

  1. coward says:

    Yeah, Conservatists are definetly against White Man’s burden! It is this type of thinking (the superior White Man must civilize the colored masses) that we are now suffering the onslaught of forced multiculturalism. I mean, there is human meat on sale in London due to diversity, and if our forefathers in America had never enslaved the Blacks, we would not be dealing with the ridiculous amounts of trouble they perpetuate in every place they gather in large numbers. I wholeheartedly agree that enslaving the blacks has been the antecedent to our worst nightmare ever, and that if any lesson was learned, White Nationalists should never bring non Whites into our countries, even as slaves.

    • Lee Min Ho says:

      Why you call yourself Coward again? did you lost confidence? Coward you even felt like a god with your other username? what happened? I ask because I am sincerely worried about you.

  2. coward says:

    Henry Ford is an example of how White Gentiles can take back our destiny and sovereignity from Ashkenazi corporate overlords. We must work hard and not trust anyone, but in doing so we will not be mentally seduced into cutting a deal with a Jew that would disproportionately benefit them, as they use any and every accesory at their disposal to slowly, subtley, yet surely con you into letting down your guard, as they parasitically absorb the life force straight from your buisness and incorporate it into their own, thus proliferating while you decay. This is the problem with Jewish people in a capitalist society, they utilize its loopholes into making themselves a very elite minority of top 0.01%ers, while the rest of us are reliant on them for our pharmaceutical, medical, educational, vehicular, communicational, nutritional, and political nessecities. This causes the lowerclasses to include more and more people, while a small upper class lord it over us. Even Jews in Communism cause the EXACT SAME THING, as with the revolution with Bolsheiveks and Soviet Russia, and wherever Jews assimilate and are granted political influence. They know exactly which Dominoe to knock down to incite a unanimous chain reaction in the general populace, where everybody keeps the reaction going to the delight of the sniveling Jewish mastermind. No one resists, with very few exceptions, who are then attacked unanimously by the rest of the people for having a “radical” ideology, when in fact the few exceptions ARE working for the best interests of the rest of them.

    • Lee Min Ho says:

      Do someone think the Korean Wave (a.k.a Hallyu ) could hit the West in a mainstream level? some Korean TVseries are actually broadcasted in Romania with quite a success, even if Romania is really Western, I meant West as United States or United Kingdom, lately my interest in Anime or Japan is diminishing as I realized that industry (Anime) is not that dynamic and the country Japan is after all closed and insular, the opposite of Korea which makes an effort to be outstanding, Korea is really the Hollywood of Asia, right now at least, dunno if Japan will try to compete seriously while China will continue to develop.

      • Dota says:

        Natutoo if you want to talk about East Asian and South american pop culture, do so in the open topic thread. These are serious posts and you should try and stay on topic.

      • coward says:

        Can you remove his responses to my comments? It seems like everytime I post something legitimate and on topic he comes and derails my thread with OT posts. Also, could you actually respond to my posts? It is hard to get motivated to post seriously when very few of them get responses by the OP.

      • Dota says:

        Narutoo, You can talk all you want about K-pop in the open topic thread. If you keep this up, I’m going to have to start deleting your off topic posts.

      • Lee Min Ho says:

        I am sorry, I didn’t even know that was a rule, is not even written I think in the about, i though it was common sense that i could do that since in other blogs like Robert Lindsay or Heartiste is not a rule, even Coward used to ask Robert Lindsay personal questions in posts far from being about his life, By the way Coward, you still haven’t answered my question? do you feel ashamed?

      • guerrer0 says:

        “Natutoo if you want to talk about East Asian and South american pop culture, do so in the open topic thread”
        wait Dota, so I can talk about Western American pop culture in every topic? do feel Asian or Latin influence are a threat to Protestant North America? you don’t want people to be influenced and exposed by-to secular Asians and Catholic South Americans? eh?

      • Lee Min Ho says:

        Dota? I don’t even comment that much, what is that a biggie? I rest my case and maybe my next career could be prosecutor or lawyer, because I did a freaking good job to defend myself and my rights right now here 🙂

      • batterytrain says:

        But the bible also says that men can live inside a fish, and snakes can talk, are you going to entrust your worldview on that?

      • coward says:

        Im guessing that you have a suntanned complexion Batterytrain?

    • Dota says:

      Corporatism and communism are two sides of the same coin. What do Milton Friedman and Karl Marx have in common? Yeah Ford was great. The problem is that today, awareness is equated with hate. Ford wasn’t a nazi he was a whistle blower. We need that approach in contemporary politics.

      • coward says:

        But all of us whistleblowers are going to be labeled a Nazi and rendered a extremist evil NaziwhowantstokillsixmillionJews by the Jewish media. Our only choice is to draw people in with charisma and power, not with logic and reason. Logic and reason will be classified as “statistical noise” by the Jewish media, and you know this. They will merely attack with “RAYCISS!” and the American sheeple will follow them straight to the slaughterhouse. Our only choice is to counteract with even more effective and manipulative propaganda. We cannot beat the Jews unless we beat them at their own game. Like it or not, those are the facts.

      • Dota says:

        Our only choice is to draw people in with charisma and power, not with logic and reason.

        I disagree. They actually fear reason and logic. This is why Zionists and Jewry shun debate and Feminist blogs are echo chambers. Our enemies have covered the lamp, but as Christ said we must place it on the stand so that others benefit from its light.

        We must innoculate our young generations from an early age with an even more potent form of brainwashing,

        It’s not brainwashing at all, but parental duty to protect their children from such forces.

      • coward says:

        In order to create effective propaganda of our own, we must study the human brain and its psychodynamics down to the most elementary and molecular levels, use reverse psychology, cognitive dissonance, Freudian, Jungian, and modern psychoanalysis, and psychosomatics, epigenetic psychology, and all else to decode the common denominator in the White Man’s brain which makes him tick. We will then use this to manipulate the White Man into fighting for our cause rather than a Zionist cause. This is the only antidote to the Zionist propaganda’s propagation throughout the Western bloodstream of thought. Their words are sugarcoated neurotoxins that dumb Whites willingly injest in copious amounts to reward and stimulate their pleasure centers in the brain, because this is EXACTLY what they want to hear. Basically they want the Jews to piss in their ears and tell them its raining. Fuck that! We must innoculate our young generations from an early age with an even more potent form of brainwashing, for fire burns out fire, but a waterhose of truth will never quench the immortal and omnipresent flames of Jewish indoctrination which permeates even the most remote and inaccessible compartments of our daily lives. This in turn even affects our dreams, and spills over into our subconscious, which in a cycle spills over into our awareness. This will go on until we think EXACTLY like Jew boy wants us to, make no mistake Dota.

      • coward says:

        Dota at least respond to what I wrote curry boy.

      • Dota says:

        I have a life that needs attending to from time to time. Rest assured, I read each and every comment however.

      • Lee Min Ho says:

        Dota, when you have time, I also want my issue to be responded, guess what? apply the democracy values you like so much, and lets decide this issue with a vote, I vote for all of us to express some opinions about everything , at least with moderation, I am sure Axum will vote in favor too, since he also likes to talk about Japanese video games and if I remember correctly you haven’t posted anything about video games 😉

      • coward says:

        Actually Dota, the White awakened have been using logic and reason for quite awhile now, but it doesnt attract anybody but MENSA nerds to our movement. If we could exaggerate and even externalize the threat to everyone except for us, then the xenophobia this would cause will allow for a demagougic effect where we appeal to the basal fear and insecure need for self preservation. This is what Hitler did and his movement actually worked.

      • Dota says:

        Reason is the way to go. The only reason why Germany fell for hitler is because of the trauma of WW1. We don’t need mob passion to overthrow Jewish power for whites are not south asians. The key is awareness and urgency. This will take time naturally, but nothing worthwhile is easy. And with that comment I shall sign of for the night. See you tomorrow my friends.

      • guerrer0 says:

        “Dota at least respond to what I wrote curry boy”
        Coward if you really wanna be an alpha man, you need not to beg for anything, why you were begging for attention and a reply? show confidence and you will get better with women, trust me : )

      • coward says:

        Yeah and remember Dota, modern Whites are also traumatized by their losing of rights in this multicultural cesspool. This is even worse than post-WWI, because Whites feel betrayed by their own leaders who are sleeping with the enemy and raising the enemy’s seed while neglecting their own, or suffocating them at birth.

      • Dota says:

        White North Americans are far from traumatized. They are too distracted by sports and pop culture.

        because Whites feel betrayed by their own leaders who are sleeping with the enemy and raising the enemy’s seed while neglecting their own, or suffocating them at birth.

        And how many feel that way? It’s a problem of awareness. They sense something is wrong, but they can’t put their finger on it. That’s where websites like this come in. We’re not elites, we’re ordinary citizens offering an alternative analysis which represents the interests of the majority.

      • coward says:

        But as long as the Ashkenazi media and political bulk have the power in their hands nothing we do reasonably will make a difference. The newer generations will merely be brainwashed to counteract the awakening of the older ones. And the military and economic power that the Fortune 500 executives and CEOs hold will be the decisive leverage when push comes to shove. As long as we buy cellphones, cars, food, etc., THEY have the power. WNs should grow their own food using substinence farming and forsake their ljxufies and commodities dupplied to them by mainstream corporations. We need to segregate and form enclaves to repopulate in significant numbers. We must prepare for sn apocalyptic era, a new Dark Ages.

      • Dota says:

        Separation is pointless and never works. The war isn’t against society but against the parasitic elite class.

        People needn’t have an advanced knowledge of banking and politics to make their stand (although it helps), they simply need to change themselves. There’s much the average joe can do to defeat the elite agenda. People can try and marry early, women can boycott women’s studies and feminism at Universities, families can make it a point to go to church every Sunday, people can throw their TVs out and stop going to cinemas. Students can boycott universities in favour of technical institutes that teach marketable skills instead of toxic humanities and social science courses.

        Notice that all of the suggestions above don’t cost a thing to implement but might actually wind up saving people money. Power is a zero sum game and every time people yield, they surrender power. BAG is right, it’s time to starve the beast.

      • coward says:

        Women will never give up feminism. For once in their life it makes them feel powerful and dominant. But men were meant to be dominant, and the more men try to retain that dominance, the more desperate the female will get to be dominant. And throwing out TVs? Hahahahaha……no kid in his right mind will do that. Id personally prefer to viciously butcher my very own parents and cannibalize on them than give up my TV. It is an impossible task Dota. The goal is to create WN shows and WN commericials, and to threaten your kids that if they ever race mix then the parents will kill them at the risk of going to jail. We must use raw fear and anger, twist their emotions snd trick them into following us, even if this includes murdering, the use of biological weapons, etc. To keep the White Nordic race 100% pure is worth going to hell and back, and to slaughter every morsel of opposition until Nordic purebloods are the exclusive inhabitants of this planet.

      • coward says:

        Okay that was a little bit too extreme, sorry. But what saddenes me is that just 300 years ago, this kind of talk would be praised by people who had common sense. Now it is condemned as hate speech. What has this world come to?

      • batterytrain says:

        The problem there is that Nordics themselves are not a pure race but rather a bastardized race themselves; Nordics are a result of mixture between various groups, groups from areas that are outside of the west and non-Caucasian groups (which includes “niggers”) as there are no pure races that exist and this concept is fluid concept that functions in spectrums rather than in a linear end point manner. Genetically speaking so called Nordics are an inferior race due to being burned easily and not able to survive in a sufficient manner in environments outside of the environments that these people mixed, reproduced and evolved in.

        Sorry to sort of venture off-topic there but the problem is the west and the facet on which it was built; it doesn’t help that the west was based on human trafficking, exploitation, labor which has become some sort of a habitual thing that westerners are doomed to see profits and success within society from within that angle and from commanding or taking advantage over other humans. Power corrupts and the fake promise of power over human beings will entangle the people and society because of the way that the western world was built, people will see themselves in a race towards riches or a race towards mediocrity and failure, because of the persistent but corrosive duality of society that the western world was built upon and the type of philosophy it bestowed in the aftermath of industrialization and both world wars. There is a blurring of lines and contradiction of philosophy when there is a subliminal, assumed, and automatic assumption of power that exists at the expense of others and not in chamber of equilibrium.

      • coward says:

        Batterytrain, Nordics are about 4% Neanderthal, 29% Cro-Magnid, and 66% Proto-Australoid in ancestry. This js just the right ratio, and like a cake, baking it must require just the right balance of ingredients. OTOH, we have done a lot of evil stuff, but there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong with doing evil if you gain benefits from it? Absolutely nothing. Exactly. So what if we cause suffering? The victims are the ones suffering, not us. Why should we care? Hahaha…..you are such a softie Batterytrain.

      • Lee Min Ho says:

        @ Dota: “families can make it a point to go to church every Sunday”
        The bible tells me that dark skin is not attractive: “I am black but lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem, Like the tents of Kedar, Like the curtains of Solomon. 6″Do not stare at me because I am swarthy, For the sun has burned me. My mother’s sons were angry with me; They made me caretaker of the vineyards, But I have not taken care of my own vineyard.…”
        But light skin is attractive: “1 Samuel 16:12 So he sent and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, with bright eyes, and good-looking. And the Lord said, “Arise, anoint him; for this is the one!”
        Should we believe and encourage that kind of discrimination? eh?

  3. coward says:

    Canadians are French. All them Canadians act like Frenchheadfacefeets and are prone to surrendering and “peeeeeeace”. Frenchmen arent men, they are females. They should be given estrogen supplements to get rid of their wing wangs, then theyd be useful for sex at least. Only macho Frenchman was Napoleon Bonaparte, and he wasnt even French! He also had a very small dick.

  4. Todd Lewis says:

    Paleo-conservatism is real conservatism and as Russell Kirk and Bill Lind have stated Conservatism is non-ideological. This is one of the key elements of conservatism. We don’t look at history and then place a bloodless abstraction on it and damn the facts if they are inconvenient, but rather abstract general principles from history as we observe what has happened in the past both Machiavelli and the Founding Fathers did this very well.

    • Dota says:

      Pretty much this. Conservatism is also anti-idealism, and in a sense more pragmatic. I think Edmund Burke had said something to the effect that collective wisdom is a type of intelligence. Words to live by.

  5. Todd Lewis says:

    In philosophy there are many forms of idealism. What kind are you speaking of? I would imagine many conservatives are platonic idealists, at least Catholic and Orthodox conservatives.

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