Bay Area Guy on the Radio!

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed by Robert Stark of counter-currents. Robert’s a pretty cool guy and we had a long chat, which was later edited and trimmed down a bit. We covered a lot of ground, from the need for the alternative right to embrace economic justice, lessons white nationalists can learn from the manosphere, the power of humor, the folly of American Islamophobia, the need for the alternative right to recruit more young people, and much more!

At long last, my faithful readers get to hear the voice behind Bay Area Guy. Enjoy!

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50 Responses to Bay Area Guy on the Radio!

  1. God; The Creator of Everything and Everything that is Not Part Of Everything As Well says:

    You sound like a quality White Man! Welcome to the greatest race of this planet. It sucks to be an undermensch but great to be a YT. YT power!

  2. Optimistic Pessimist says:

    BAG, I am another who found you via Lindsay’s blog. You sound great on this show, and you present your case very well. Fascinating observations on the Bay Area racial and economic scene, too.

  3. regularron says:

    Great interview. First I have heard of your site and am a fan now. Look forward to reading more.

  4. Bay State Guy says:

    Dude, you’re Greek! Giassou re manga! Great show, great site!

  5. heathenhank says:

    Very good interview Bay Area Guy, was pleasant to listen to while I walked the dog.

    You’re right in that what Pro-Whites need is a more unifying and distinguishing culture: particularly in things like comedy, alternative living styles, and general aesthetics. In Europe, the far-right has the luxury of riding on the long and rich histories of their European ethnic or nationalist pasts, which European-descended Americans considerably lack. It comes with the territory of living within the “proposition Nation” in both real terms (mixing of various European ethic groups), and propaganda terms (the constant reminder that we are a “nation of immigrants,” and the general mass-culture that is hollywood).

    It seems that White culture is both undefined yet omnipresent. Yuppie culture, environmentalism, micro-breweries, folk and bluegrass music. On the other end of the spectrum are the gun shows, country music festivals, southern tradition etc etc. There is no real clarification of White culture as our media tiptoes around the charges of racism, but at the same time its clear what constitutes “White cultural areas,” because Whites will work themselves to death for the opportunity to live there.

    Surprisingly, I find the lower class, red-state Whites as the most likely to become subsumed into the brown-black genetic and cultural mass that is increasingly future America. The yuppie Whites, who so often decry “southern racism,” and redneck “white trash,” surprisingly seem the least willing to tolerate racial miscegenation or cultural assimilation, though of course they do this very implicitly. Though an upper-class White liberal would likely gush and congratulate a mixed-race marriage as “brave,” or “modern,” they seem the least likely themselves to actually persue those marriages just from my own anecdotal experience.

    There are other examples I can think that are exemplary of the demise of lower-class White culture. One is the general hip-hoppification of Southern country music, seen strongly in the highly popular bands like “Georgia-Florida line,”(, which involves rap solos and lyrical content not very different from any black hip hop song except for foregoing the glorification of violence.

    When the White lower classes have no guidance due to their hostile elite (class-snobbish Whites and ethnically hostile Jews), they sadly will regress to the lowest mean, which is black and Hispanic culture.

    This is my experience at least growing up in North Carolina, which is one of the States that has undergone more dramatic demographic changes than the American average. With the working class White guys I used to do landscaping with, their sisters dating black guys and they themselves dating black and Hispanic girls was increasingly common, even while they themselves held “racist” views and were culturally very southern.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Excellent overall comment, HeathenHank. This part in particular was the most insightful:

      It seems that White culture is both undefined yet omnipresent.

      That’s really the paradox of white American identity. There certainly is a very distinctive white American culture. Every time you eat a hotdog at a baseball game, every time you watch The Simpsons, every time you listen to a talk show, etc, you are partaking in white culture.

      And yet if white people were to define these specific cultural trends as “white,” then they would be accused of being nazi like bigots, and that these trends should be seen as “American” and inclusive towards everybody.

      Then these same multiculturalist types go on to say that “whiteness is meaningless and has no culture,” and expect us to go back to identifying with our respective European ethnic groups.

      It’s a very sophisticated campaign of delegitimization.

  6. Tulio says:

    I just listened to it. I didn’t find anything you said to be objectionable. And given that I’m black, that says a lot. I think you presented your arguments well and I sensed no real acrimony. I think you are dealing with the issue of positive white identity in a realistic and non-racist manner. You see these WNs talking about a second civil war and ethnically cleansing N. America and I wonder what planet are these people come from where they think this is actually going to happen. We can’t even deport the millions of illegal immigrants in the country. And they think they are going to deport Michelle Obama? Lol. Just sooo moronic. So I think your perspective as well as Robert Lindsay’s gives a more healthy alternative for white identity to these WN loons.

    And another thing you said that is true, there is NO people of color coalition. It’s a joke. It’s pretty much every man for himself.

    One issue I didn’t hear you guys touch on that woud’ve been very interesting is what are your thoughts on the worldwide low white fertility rate? Most WNs seems to blame immigration and interracial marriage for dwindling white demographics but it’s mostly bullshit. Interracial marriage happens to infrequently to be a major cause. Immigration rates may be high but that doesn’t explain it all either. It seems the number one reason is marriage is being evermore delayed and the women that do decide to have kids are opting for only 1 or two at the most. White populations in Europe are mostly well under replacement rate. What do you think is going on here and how do you plan to address that? And also, since the manosphere generally promotes game and the hookup culture, rather than marriage and creating large families, do you think this is good for your dwindling demographic prospects? For this reason, I never understood why there are so many WNs on game sites, esp Heartiste.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      And also, since the manosphere generally promotes game and the hookup culture, rather than marriage and creating large families, do you think this is good for your dwindling demographic prospects? For this reason, I never understood why there are so many WNs on game sites, esp Heartiste.

      That is a very good question. There is a great difference between WNs who want white people to marry and make lots of babies and the “fuck marriage, American women suck!” manosphere crowd.

      I don’t think that game culture bodes well for a healthy society in the long run, but at the same time I think it’s a necessary evil in some ways. As I pointed out on Stark’s show, the average young guy of any race is thinking about getting laid and finding a good job. He’s not going to be concerning himself with HBD, the Frankfurt School, or white fertility rates. Given how dysfunctional gender relations and dating culture are in the U.S (which you’ve discussed at length on Robert’s blog), I feel that it’s become imperative for guys to at least be familiar with game.

      Also, I wouldn’t blame game for the miserably low white fertility rates. I think it’s one of the consequences of living in an affluent, industrialized society. Even societies such as Japan and South Korea, which never had feminism like us and don’t really have game movements (as far as I can tell) have really low fertility rates, even lower than majority white countries.

      As for Heartiste, I believe that he himself is a white nationalist. Based on his tweets and certain articles he’s written, he’s at least sympathetic to it, which probably attracts that crowd. As for why there are certain WNs on places like Roosh’s forum (seeing as how Roosh is Iranian), that’s a very interesting question. But they seem to be able to coexist alongside black forum members like Athlone McGinnis, so Roosh seems to be doing something right.

      I guess the one way they would resolve this contradiction is by saying that they don’t mind marriage, they just want women to be more feminine and submissive. But good luck getting that to happen anytime soon.

      • Tulio says:

        One thing, there really isn’t anybody on Roosh’s forum that’s openly a WN. Though I have my suspicions that some of them are. There are definitely some members that are quite “pro-white” though I don’t know if they would consider themselves WNs. There’s a lot of black guys on Roosh V too and I think it’s all managed to exist because race threads are locked down if they start getting nasty. Officially we’re not supposed to have race threads by rules, but they seem kind of lax on the rule as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. Like there was a big discussion on the knock out game. It got a bit heated, but managed to stay civil. However on the blog(Rooshv and RoK) comments it’s a different story. Those are unmoderated and can be as bad as Stormfront at times. Women and trolls are also allowed to post there too, whereas they are quickly booted from the forum.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        I believe that women and gays are forbidden from commenting on ROK, it’s just that it tends not to be heavily enforced. As long as female commenters don’t espouse feminist views and don’t antagonize the male commenters, they’re more or less allowed to stay.

      • batterytrain says:

        Iranians are for all intents and purposes, extreme Caucasians, they should be counted as Caucasian in the U.S. category.

        As for Roosh readers, they are WN in transient or the default form; the various forum posters are actually racist and xenophobic in a common way that an average person could express themselves. They don’t have the intellectual finesse or the IQ to express or understand complicated racial concepts and speak their mind broadly about their racial feelings and angst as you see in places like forum.biodiversity, Amgen, takimagazine, blog comments plus Roosh has extreme double standards about race and he stamps down on those types of people who usually cross the line with the various idiot and reverse racist black commentators. I honestly can’t understand why intelligent healthy people can take the Charlatons, con artists, hucksters, liars and cheats in that forum when it’s so obvious they are lying and putting up a show. Especially that gmanifesto guy, now that dude is funny and sounds like a retarded kid.

      • batterytrain says:

        The links I provided are posts that are debunking Roosh by a underground game guy named Aaron sleazy, a pseudonym.

        He is by far the most sane and no non sense game/manosphere guy on the internet. Just read his game books and sleazy stories to understand how a seducers mind works. Great guy who understands everything about of the manosphere and western politics.

      • coward says:

        Do you get a lot of chicks Batterytrain? I have s huge penis but somehow the girls at my school ignore me. I even flashed a few times but still………….

    • batterytrain says:

      Eisenhower deported millions of illegals back in his heyday using state troopers; it can be done and has been done plenty of times in this country. I think realistically that balkanization is a possible future scenario, and that is close to a civil war. You have movements such as Harold Covington’s northwest front, barricaded liberal enclaves in the northeast and small towns in flyover country, the mountain states and even some states in the south like Mormon country/Utah. The American government has not removed the gun capabilities of the American population and this is going to be the key decisive factor over whether or not Americans will be able to take back the government and country.

      There are certain environments and places that prevents non-Caucasians and non-Europeans from entering, settling and forcing them to withdraw to wherever they came from, and that is either very mountainous terrain or cold weather/heavy winters or both. Cold weather or harsh weather and troublesome terrain is a WN’s best friend; after all that is where the original Caucasians of antiquity evolved, and Europeans are biologically adapted to such places and habitats. Aframs, Asians and other invading groups? Not so much, this is something that a lot of so called smart “Whites” in the U.S have understood for a while now, this is why Appalachia was settled and to an extent Alaska, tornado alley, and far off states with extreme natural weather, barriers and difficult access. Savvy, clever or knowledgeable European Americans are already migrating into these areas as we speak and wisely did in the past to get away from the government, raiding Indian tribes, religious fanatics, bandits, people they didn’t get along with, to be left alone from other people. How did the cowboys launch attacks on frontiersmen during the wildest? They took advantage of geography and knowledge of their terrain. After all what saved Russia from Napolean, Germans, Turks, invading armies? It was the weather and nature.

      • coward says:

        You are correct Batterytrain, that cold weather is the antithesis of a negro’s natural environment, but not that of a Northern Asian group. In fact, the neo-Mongoloid physignonomy is the most adapted and synchronized with cold weather and icey environments. After all, the Xiognu and Mongols were able to thrive well in Russia during invasions, and were even better suited to the cold than the native Scythians. I think a better choice for White Nationalists would be a heavily forested AND cold area, as Asians do not take kindly to nature. And Hispanics and negroids will not like cold weather or a temperate woodland environment due to their tropical equatorial adaptation. And Asians love mountainous high altitude regions, so we should keep a temperate forest with high humidity dwelling. One more thing, you are a Med Batterytrain, you are not welcome in our separatist movement, I am sorry to say. But you are a very intelligent person.

      • Batterytrain says:

        Mongoloids are pretty harmless and ignorable, when it comes to chanciness things or certainty towards taking risks with a fortuity of high-cost to reward sort of undertaking daring behavior. The Mongols, Xiognu, Tatars were mostly Caucasians that mixed with some Asians. A lot of so called Huns and Turkic tribes were actually Caucasian looking or Caucasoid themselves. Genghis khan had Caucasian features and there were troops with light characteristics in his army. A lot of these tribes and people can trace Caucasian ancestry through their paternal ancestry. Infact through most of history Mongoloids have been a passive, non-active, neutral race due to their self-Imposed isolation, it was the warlike so called Turkic or Caucasoid tribes that changed their behavior and genepool.

      • batterytrain says:

        I mean just look at Hungarians like Franz litz, Brahm, mostly Europid looking. Hungary was the primary settling place for a lot of so called Huns and they are indistinguishable from other Caucasian groups.

      • coward says:

        So you are saying we should just let these Mongoloids breed with us because they are harmless? Fuck that! It doesnt matter how noble and harmless a race is, if it aint White, it aint White and it has no buisness breeding with us. In fact, if it were up to me and my exclusivist principles, Whites should be the only race on Earth, with every other race either employed as free and unpaid labor or used as guinea pigs for medical experiments, nuclear weapon testing, etc. I do not understand why many Whites feel compassion for these creatures at all. I mean, just what about killing them off is wrong? They arent us, we arent killing us, we would be killing them. What about that is wrong or immoral in any way?

      • coward says:

        And yes Batterytrain, I would agree with you that it was the Caucasoid infusion of genes which gave these Mongoloids a warlike demeanor and aggressive attributes. Ghenghis Khan was almost a pureblood Caucasoid, because Rashid Al Din describes him as tall, heavily bearded, and handsome, with red hair. A Mongol can have just red hair and be predominantly Mongoloid, but they look Mongoloid besides their red hair. However, they are still short, lack body hair, and are unattractive. But to have both red hair, heavy body hair, and good looks is a sign of 85-95% Caucasoid ancestry, and Genghis Khan was at least 85% Caucasoid by genes if we were to look at it like that.

      • coward says:

        I mean, honestly, to those portraying the Great Khan as Mongoloid, ask yourself using common sense, would a skinny, yellow, rice eating wimpy Mongoloid be capable of conquering two different continents? Hell no!

      • coward says:

        Also, I woupd say the Mongolian war strategy was heavily reliant on the element of surprise and terrain fighting. The Mongols were not skilled warriors, but rather tribes who used the terrain to their advantage, incorporating sneak attacks and ambushes to their advantage. So Mongolians are not a particulary macho fighting force like the Spartans, Romans, Visgoths, Ostragoths, Teutonic Knights, Anglo-Saxons, Normands, Jutes, Franks, Picts, Celts, Vikings, Alans, etc. Mongoloids are just a sneaky conniving type of stealth fighter.

      • coward says:

        What do you think Batterytrain? You seem much more intelligent than I, and I would like to hear your opinions on this topic.

      • batterytrain says:

        Actually the Vikings were the sneaky and conniving fighters, there entire strategy revolved around picking and choosing their battles, having set battles and relying on shock and surprise tactics when the enemy wasn’t organized. That is how the Vikings took over parts of France, Ireland and England; when the Vikings fought organized centralized authoritarian armies, they were beaten. Just look at the battle of Stamford bridge, battle of clontarf, battle of Tara, battle of manzikert with the whole bunches of varangian guard slaughtered by seljuks. Polish hussars defeated Teutonic knights, Swedish/baltic empires and Russians, Turks, Franks they were the best and baddest cavalry during their time period. Teutonic knights were overrated too, as well as the Franks too, they got pummeled by Seljuks, Hussars, Yeah sorry Bag and Coward, I know you guys try to glorify these guys but they are vastly over romanticized and overrated.

      • coward says:

        So Batterytrain, do you consider the Central Asisns, Eastern Europeans, and Middle Easterners to be the greatest warriors? I mean, Central Europeans I can understand, but the Middle Eastern forces were overwhelmed by Mongols and so were the Hungarians and Polish. And Hungarians were overwhelmed by the invading Ostrogoths and Visgoths, and many Turks were overwhelmed by the same barbarian tribes. Although the Mamluks (Turkish slaves in Egypt) did beat the Mongols, so Turk>Mongol. And remember that it only took the U.S. Marines (demographically Western European) a matter of hours to defeat Saddam’s Army (9th largest in the world at the time, heavily outnumbered the Marines) and take the capital.

      • coward says:

        What exsctly do you consider yourself Batterytrain? I know you glorified Near Easterners in the past, and also non-Nordic Whites. You also spoke positively of folks with good bodybuilding genes.

      • mixedraced says:

        The Turkics, Huns and Mongols were led by mongoloids. And if you look at history you’ll see the mongoloids gradually expanding their range west replacing the caucasian populations. No caucasian state exists in Central Asia today.

      • coward says:

        Axum you are not qualified to participate in our discussion. You are only half White. All of us are purebloods. Get lost mongrel, and make us some mint tea with jule leaves and ice shavings.

      • batterytrain says:

        Look bro, the Turkics, steppe nomad, Mongolian armies were reported to have people with light features. Just look at Hungarians, they are indistinguishable from other europid groups, while people thought Huns were mostly non-Caucasian their legacy populations look generally Europid. Another hint is to look at the Bulgar people, they were another steppe nomad group that settled there but they have Caucasian features. What happened was that these Caucasians had offspring with Asiatic females and they ended up having these features in central Asia.

        Maybe it’s convergent parallel evolution, living in a northern and rugged steppe climate produces people with these features, so different Caucasian groups developed Europid features as a result of having to adapt to the steppe environment. Just look at Azeris, supposedly a Turkic group but they have very light features. Of course Eskimos don’t conform to this dichotomy of climate feature relationship, because of a fish diet but I don’t buy this explanation.

      • coward says:

        White power!

      • mixedraced says:

        Because the invading huns and turkics bred with the people they conquered. They basically bred themselves out of existence. This never happened in East Asia due to the mongoloid mongols living so close to other large mongoloid populations and their superior capabilities.

      • coward says:

        It does not matter. The Huns had subclade R1a1a1b, which was found in 66% of Huns. Mkay? The Huns were Whites. Asians are simply not capable. How is a race with a 3.7 inch dick average capable of conquering a race with a 6.5 inch dick average? Not possible dude. Also, Asisns have big heads, small frames, and no muscle. How can they possibly conquer us? Impossible! You lie Axum.

      • coward says:

        Asisns are bad people.

      • mixedraced says:

        Exactly! 34% of the huns population (mongoloid) was able to totally dominate the majority – 66% (mixed caucasians, caucasians).

      • coward says:

        Axum, please understand what I am saying to you, Asians on average are between 4 foot 5 and 5 ft 3 by height. The White Huns descended from Celto-Tocharian groups, and the Tarim and Yuezhi mummies were on average 6 foot 1- 6 foot 3. Furthermore, mummies as tall as 7 foot have been discovered. You are seriously telling me that a 4 foot population that is 33% could have conquered a 6 foot population that is 66%? Impossible! It is not IQ either, since Northeast Asians and Nordic Whites have a 2 point difference in IQ anyways. And the Whites had superior technology, were adept in metallurgy while the Asians were using primitive weapons. How could they have possibly dominated? Please answer in detail.

      • mixedraced says:

        How did the superior Yuezhi lose to the ultra-midget Han and Xiongnu peoples, Coward? The fact that the modern Tarim population is largely mixed race now suggests the ancient caucasian population there was either completely defeated and/or forced to migrate elsewhere, which was what happened. Not all white ethnicities have Nordic-high IQ. Many of these groups have IQ averages below 100.

      • mixedraced says:

        The large-scale Kushan migration migration from China proves my point.

      • coward says:

        The only reason they lost was due to a combination of weather and disease. We all know that testosterone and androgen causes immunodeficiency functions. Since Whites have 8 times more testosterone than Asians (because the average Asian male has testosterone levels a little bit lower than White females. White males have 7 times more T than White females), this would have caused Tocharians to be extremely sick and dieseased, and this is why they lost.

      • coward says:

        Hey Axum, what do you think about the battle when the Mamluks defeated the Mongols, and also the one where Flavius Aetius and his Romans defeated Attila the Hun? Attila described as “flat nosed, flat faced, small eyed, short”. By historian Tertius. Yet Flavius Aetius, a White Man was able to defeat Attila, a Mongoloid.

      • coward says:

        Name one Nordic group with an IQ below 100. And the UK doesnt count because a third of all people tested were immigrants.

      • Lee Min Ho says:


  7. Todd Lewis says:

    “And also, since the manosphere generally promotes game and the hookup culture, rather than marriage and creating large families, do you think this is good for your dwindling demographic prospects? For this reason, I never understood why there are so many WNs on game sites, esp Heartiste.”

    Exactly, if WN’s really believed in the Armageddon of white demographic collapse stop messing around on the net and in bars and actually settle down with “ONE” woman and have children. I guess it is to hard for these ADD sex addicts.

    • Lee Min Ho says:

      I also disagree a bit with them being so prude, I like easy women, I don’t know if it is my personality, but I just don’t feel to be serious with a girl or person, i don’t care if some girls are sluts, is what they want and i respect it, what you can do about it? i am also a free person and do the same, that being said, when i turn 30 i wanna get married and all, however even if my wife (or even i ) cheat sometimes, i wouldn’t care, i am less sensible about many issues than most people even, so my future wife may would cheat on me? i am aware i am not the only attractive man on earth, as long as we stay together, whatever.

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  9. Shawn says:

    Both you and Dota sound look good advocates :-)))

    I listened to both interviews.

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