Gays and the Diversity Industrial Complex: Thoughts on the Recent Fruitiness in Football

It’s no secret that I’m a passionate sports fan. While my favorites are baseball and basketball, I like to stay informed on most sports. However, even if you can’t tell the difference between a layup and a power play, the mainstream media has undoubtedly relayed the news of Missouri football defensive end and NFL prospect Michael Sam coming out of the closet. I’ll be perfectly honest: for the most part, I could care less about gays. I’ve always regarded the gay question as either a leftist pet cause or Republican wedge issue, each designed to distract people from far more pressing matters.

However, due to the absurd accolades heaped upon Michael Sam, including from no less than the White House, I’m annoyed enough to write a post in response. Perhaps you haven’t gotten the memo, but Michael Sam is a hero! The first openly gay NFL draft prospect, he’s Jackie Robinson born again. He’s an intrepid trailblazer who broke the sexual orientation barrier, braving the hordes of bigots all the while. He represents a progression of America’s moral conscience that’s no longer beholden to its intolerant past.

And he’s a perfect illustration of the sheer absurdity of the DIC’s logic. To hear the cultural left tell it, members of designated oppressed groups face unrelenting oppression, daily “microaggressions,” disrespect from the mainstream media, marginalization, and an overall lack of recognition. So one would expect that when this heroic homo came out of the closet to endure an unforgiving heteronormative world, he would be subjected to all kinds of abuse. Except that he wasn’t.

Obviously, there were vulgar and hateful comments made about him in certain comments sections online. Such is the nature of the internet. His own old school dad also wasn’t too thrilled about his son being gay. However, by and the large, the reaction of the mainstream media and prominent public figures was nothing less than celebratory. Nor is Michael Sam the only one to receive such approbation. When mediocre and aging basketball center Jason Collins came out of the closet around the time of his free agency, he was likewise given the hero treatment by the mainstream liberal establishment.

This really begs the question: If marginalized identities are so oppressed and denied a voice, why is it that the mainstream establishment, including leaders of the most powerful nation on earth, bend over backwards to celebrate and praise the likes of Michael Sam and Jason Collins? Jackie Robinson, upon becoming the first major league black player, was subjected to a torrent of abuse. Such abuse manifested itself in the form of flying objects directed at him, pitchers throwing at his head, catchers spitting on his shoes, and relentless racial obloquy. Yet aside from some nasty online comments, what abuse did Michael Sam and Jason Collins really endure?

The media reaction to Michael Sam demonstrates just how entrenched cultural liberalism is in the United States, and just how much minority activists and leftists are coddled. In their worldview, the United States is rife with white supremacy. Yet it’s not so prevalent that people like Tim Wise and Michael Eric Dyson can’t enjoy handsome speaking fees, appearances within the mainstream media, and access to corporations and universities. We’re also told that the United States is saturated in sexism. Yet it’s not so sexist that loony feminists such as Jessica Valenti, Amanda Marcotte, Hugo Schwyzer (before his fall from grace), and Anil Dash can’t wield influence. We also live in a repressive homophobic society, but not so homophobic that otherwise unremarkable athletes can’t earn pats on the back just for saying the words “I am gay.” Far from “fighting the power,” those who espouse cultural liberalism are the power.

Again, I don’t care too much about gays. Nevertheless, I can’t help but think that gay activists and their allies are poised to become as truculent and obnoxious as feminists and multiculturalists. If you think that they will be content with legal equality and gay marriage, think again. If even a meathead sport such as football can be reduced to some diversity rainbow celebration, then what’s to stop their influence in other arenas?

Since certain people in my personal life have brought it to my attention that individualism, equal rights, and liberty are fundamental Western values, I am not saying that Michael Sam should be barred from playing. Nor am I saying that he should be subjected to abuse and harassment just because of his biological proclivity. However, the constant fawning of the media is ridiculous. It should be made clear that being openly gay doesn’t make you the greatest thing since sliced bread, and that the purpose of sports is for the best players to compete, not to engage in the oppression olympics. Michael Sam himself seems to embrace his role as an athlete and not a professional fruitloop. I just wish that others would get the memo.

In the meantime, feel free to watch other sports than the National Fruitcake Limp-wristed league. They’re much better sports anyway.

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17 Responses to Gays and the Diversity Industrial Complex: Thoughts on the Recent Fruitiness in Football

  1. Dota says:

    Far from “fighting the power,” those who espouse cultural liberalism are the power.

    Spot on. This is what the horde of liberal, post-modernist, deconstructionist, anti-foundationalist dipshits fail to see.

  2. Tina says:

    OK, now tell us WHY all this faggotry. You didn’t go into that.

  3. Tulio says:

    Great piece. I co-sign everything you said and it sums up my sentiments perfectly.

    I can also see why some men would be uncomfortable with a gay man in the locker room. A straight man does not want to get naked and shower in front of a gay man for the same reason a woman doesn’t want to do the same in front of a straight man. It brings an element of sexual tension. Now I don’t think he’s be stupid enough to flirt with his teammates in the shower, but you know in the back of his mind, he will be attracted to their nude, chiseled athletic male bodies. How can he not? He’s gay. What if he got an erection? Most straight men would get an erection if you put them in a shower full of a bunch of fit, youthful nude women. It’s just human nature. So I think we need to understand why some guys might not be comfortable with a gay guy on the team for that reason.

    • coward says:

      And gays try to RECRUIT, as Robbert pointed out. Ancient Greece and Rome allowed gay tolerance and 85% of the pppulation turned bisexual. NO! We must ship them all off to internment camps where they can cornhole each other to fags delight.

      • Lee Min Ho says:

        Will you please for the love of God fuck off this site Coward? No one wants to be bothered with you. You never have anything of relevance to say. You do realize no one on this blog gives a rat’s ass about your worthless, stupid opinions.

      • Tina says:

        Yes, gays DO try to recruit. Can you tell me where I can read about the 85% bisexual population?

      • Lee Min Ho says:

        Tina, Coward don’t deserve your reply of pity, he has been such a homophobic and racist all this time (and on top of that such a huge liar) . He is basically evil and sick.

      • coward says:

        Tina, if you want more information, read this article by a brilliant man; Robert Lindsay

        In it he discusses rampant bisexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome, close to 100%, although in reality probanly 85% or so.

      • coward says:

        And we should segregate homosexuals from the rest of the population, as it causes obvious problems and turns many people bi. In fact, if you ask me, it should be illegal and homosexuals should be castrated to remove their sex drive. This is as unnatural as pedophilia. If both a man and a little girl consent to sex, should pedophilia be allowed? Absolutely not! Same with homosexuality. It is wrong and unnatural. Incest is illegal, even though both parties consent. Clearly homosexuality shoupd be illegal and punishable by a first degree felony charge.

      • Lee Min Ho says:


  4. mixedraced says:

    Humans are petty and disgusting. There are gays like the one above me who are fanatical in their sexual pride. Why do people obsess over one’s sexual preference? Why is sex so popular? All you do is hump and rub against another person while exchanging fluids like blood and saliva for 10 minutes. Sex is also the cause of many diseases spreading (like HIV) so rapidly for the past few decades.

    • coward says:

      Haha……I guess it really makes no logical sense from a classical logic prespective. I mean, why wouldnt organisms evolve to recognize adaptable and superior traits on a mate and combine genetic material using a different method of fertilization? Like a handshake or something?

  5. Aditya Vivek Barot says:

    Brilliant article; one peeve.

    You’re far too articulate too make the all too common error regarding appropriate usage of “begging the question.” It is not a literal statement: it is an alternative to “circular reasoning,” a logical fallacy.

    Heard your interview on Stark’s show. Agree with almost everything you said except the HBD and “Islamophobia” part. Fear of Islam is not a “phobia,” i.e., “an irrational fear.” Islam is a vile, gangster code that has been an ever-present danger to any Civilized society. Islam cannot create civilization, it feeds off other civilizations. It is a parasite that attacks waning, weak, degenerate societies that are incapable of sustaining unrelenting attacks. It is an eternally hostile creed with universalist fantasies and a major inferiority/superiority complex.

    It would’ve been a non-threat in the absence of a Moslem immigration. I would encourage you to visit your local Moslem majority neighborhood and describe your impressions. Extrapolate at leisure. I’ve seen what unrestricted Moslem immigration did to London first-hand. Moslems are the reason I moved to America instead of the mother country.

    If America was a white, culturally confident nation, then Islam would be nothing more than a foreign cult that would supply entertainment. Under the current dispensation it has censored inter alia WSJ, Yale Press, NYT, Comedy Central, and more recently, MTV and Katy Perry’s record and promo label.

    Wish you all the best. I look forward to seeing where this blog goes.



    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Thanks for your contributions and constructive critiques. I deem myself an adept writer, but even I will make mistakes. One of the many reasons I blog is to improve my writing.

      Re: Islam

      Your negative experience with Muslims seem to be based on what you saw in London. As I said on Stark’s show, I don’t deny that Muslims in Europe are a problem. I just think that it’s silly for white conservatives to spend a disproportionate amount of time and energy attacking Muslims in the U.S.

      Also, consider that most Muslims in Europe are poor or working class Arabs and Pakistanis. If most Muslims in the West were more chill Indonesians, I don’t think they would be nearly as much of a nuisance. Ethnicity, culture, and class often matter more than religion.

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