My views on interracial couples and mixed race people

Commenter Axum/Mixed race had once asked me about my views on mixed raced people. This post will respond to that question and also address the broader issue of immigration for the sake of perspective. Let me begin by saying that I am not opposed to interracial relationships as several of my cousins (who live in the west) are either engaged to, or are married to white spouses. All of them seem quite content and some of them have kids that look very white. Having said that, I still think that interracial relationships should not be encouraged. While banning the practice outright would infringe on people’s personal freedoms, I doubt that encouraging the practice is prudent either. In Canada, interracial couples form about 4% of the total national population of couples. These figures are double in the liberal cities of Toronto and Vancouver and this isn’t entirely surprising given the high concentration of visible minorities present there.

The Multi-Cult celebrates these relationships as trendy and hip where photographs of smiling interracial couples are plastered over dismal statistics of above average divorce rates for this demographic group. I haven’t been able to find statistics for Canada, but in the US it appears that interracial relationships involving non white men married to white women are far more likely to fail by the 10th year of marriage whereas relationships involving white men married to Asian women are the least vulnerable. This isn’t unexpected given how dysfunctional white women are due to 6 decades of feminist programming.

During one of our phone conversations Bay Area Guy mentioned that certain whites weren’t concerned with the browning of America and the rationale behind this view is that so long as non whites absorb western culture they will be able to sustain it. I disagree with this argument because survival has intrinsic value and whites shouldn’t have to justify the preservation of their race. In most cases, national identity is based on racial identity and North America’s racial character is white.

North America’s racial character needs to be preserved. Non white immigrants cannot fully relate to the histories and heritage of North American culture. This will not change even if these non whites marry into white families. I’ve noticed very few South Asians don the familiar red poppy on remembrance day (including myself I confess) and I can’t blame them as that wasn’t their war. A former (South Asian) commenter on Robert Lindsay’s blog (now banned) insisted that one of the greatest things about Western culture was feminism! There is no way she could relate to America’s struggle for independence from the British, or America’s disdain for big government rooted in Jefferson’s interpretation of Locke. Small government translates into individual freedom, which is a far cry from the bloated nanny state that feminists masturbate over. How can these non white immigrants relate to the achievements of the US and Canada when their ancestors contributed nothing to them? No matter how Westernized they may appear to be, these immigrants and their children cannot relate to the philosophical, historical, and religious currents (from Thales to Kant and beyond) that have shaped the modern Western individual.

Individual autonomy is a key western value and hence practices such as interracial marriage shouldn’t be banned but shouldn’t be encouraged either. As long as the individuals who marry outside their ethnic groups remain a minority, there should be no problem. The same goes for Whites converting to Islam and Hinduism. Interracial couples shouldn’t be vilified but their actions should never be accepted as mainstream. In a traditional healthy society people naturally gravitate towards heterosexual endogamy, but sadly, liberal programs and policies have deleterious effects on society’s health. This is why it is imperative that people boycott the mass media to insulate themselves from harmful signals and programming.

Pat Buchanan once said that his grandparents wouldn’t recognize the America he currently lives in. There’s something profound about that statement that can be summarized in one word: Continuity. America and Canada can only be saved by those whose collective memories are rooted in North American history. The immigrant experience can be summed up in another word: displacement. We can’t expect immigrants to make any meaningful cultural contribution or help reverse the prevailing cultural decay; and thus the imperative to preserve white identity and interests takes on a vital urgency. That being said I must point out that I find the term “white identity” to be somewhat problematic as it includes Eastern and Mediterranean Europeans whereas the term traditionally denoted Saxons and Germans (The real architects of Canadian and American heritages). As a Paleoconservative I believe in preserving the Anglo-Saxon character of Canada and America but that is a topic for a future post.

I sincerely hope that sanity prevails and that Canada and the US rethink their suicidal immigration policies. God bless Canada and America.

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42 Responses to My views on interracial couples and mixed race people

  1. Tobias says:

    I sometimes wonder, are people attracted to their facial characteristics of their race, so for example blacks with broader noses consider broader noses as attractive and white people with narrow noses find narrow noses attracitve, or is it, that you can do something like a ranking, that some kind of noses are generally viewed as more attractive regardless of race.
    i personally prefer white woman as a white male. (doenst mean i find other woman ugly, but if i would choose between a white and non white woman with similar facial assymetry and testosteron/oestrogen levels i would choose the white woman)
    However, if you prefer your own kind, which seam to be true looking at interracial marriage statistics, how should this be possible? is it that someone probably prefer the facial characteristics of their parents? or is it that if we look into the mirror, we see us and then prefer the people how have similar facial characteristics. or is it that we prefer the type of people that are nice to us and because parents are usually nice to their kids, the kids like the parent facial characteristics? and preferences probably change, if you make bad experiences with people of certain ethnic groups?

    would nice to see some nonwhites answer this question by telling their preferences.

    • guerrer0 says:


    • Dota says:


      I generally think that like attracts like as humans gravitate toward the familiar. Different cultures have different standards of beauty and this is apparent in their art. As a North Indian man, I find the Caucasian phenotype to be the most attractive whether European, Afghan, Indian, or Persian. I find East Asian and black women attractive, but I’m programmed to find Caucasians to be the most attractive.

    • guerrer0 says:

      I am White Caucasian and I don’t find the Indian dark phenotype to be equally attractive as the White Caucasian phenotype… they are somewhat different enough to me to not find them pretty or handsome, only the Lightest Indians .. as for other races, I like the best looking Mongoloids whether Asians or Mestizos, but I have never find really attractive any Black person

  2. coward says:

    KRS already made an album called Blueprint first.

  3. mixedraced says:

    You never mentioned the offspring of these couples. In the uk mixed race people are many more times likely to have mental issues, racial abuse directed against them, become a victim of employment discrimination, etc.

  4. mixedraced says:

    No one can relate to mixed people so instead they ‘attack’ them. I’ve noticed this behaviour to me from others, and the typical view is that i’m somehow unbalanced due to my diverse genetic make-up. I don’t think the parents think about their mixed child’s potential difficulties they may encounter. My friends told me several times how clueless their parents were in dealing with situations caused by being mixed.

    • coward says:

      Good! We dont want you, you filthy half breeds are an abomination to our society. Race mixing is a deadlier sin than murder. You have no right to dilute our gene pool with your inferior nigger DNA. Now go back to Africa immediately, and stay out of our countries, and stop race mixing immediately.

    • Tina says:

      It just goes to show that you can’t marry another race for ‘status’ reasons, or because it’s the hip thing to do- look how hard the damn media push black men/white women pairings, and white men/Asian woman pairings. It’s all so phony.

      You have to marry for the RIGHT reasons: love and stability; else, those biracial children are going to suffer.

      And you are right: in the case of interracial marriage, the couple has to brace themselves, AND their children for the inevitable fall-out.

      Remember though, our elite bosses want us all inter-married, and dumb-downed into one stupid mass.


      • Dota says:

        This is again a good point. The media pays no attention the troubles endured by biracial kids. We’re programmed to see relationships as a means of romance, intimacy, fun, excitement, but never procreation.

      • WmarkW says:

        Shannon Tavarez, who played Young Nala in Broadway’s “Lion King” died of leukemia because a matched bone marrow donor couldn’t be found. Shannon was interracial with an African-American mother and a Dominican father, which is part of the reason why a donor match could not be found for the bone marrow transplant.

        S if any leftist ever asks for one sensible reason to discourage interracial marriage, here’s one not based on racism.

      • WmarkW says:

        >Remember though, our elite bosses want us all inter-married, and dumb-downed into one stupid mass.

        No, they want all work organized into diverse teams, so blacks can get equal recognition for the work whites do. They don’t actually want the white gene pool dumbed down.

      • Tulio says:

        Why are people taking it as self-evident that mixed race kids are suffering? Do any of you even know mixed race kids? Do you have any in your families? I do. My niece is half black and half white, and to say that she’s suffering because of it is laughable. I’ve not found that to be the case with the mixed people I know. And even if they are, what difficult they face is imposed upon them from society.

  5. mixedraced says:

    Loving any race of humanity…! I’ve completed my analysis and submitted my thesis. My hypothesis… i wasn’t wrong. This site and other websites have furthered my theories.

    • Tobias says:

      lol, which theories? im interested!

    • lol, which theories? im interested!

    • Actually Tobias and I are cousins 😉

      • Tobias says:

        thats not true wtf

      • guerrer0 says:

        Yesss ! we ARE, I am one of your cousins ! 🙂 I had my ways to discover it, if don’t want to remain anonymous anymore, next time we can talk on the phone about our experiences in the blogs 😉

      • God; The Creator of Everything and Everything that is Not Part Of Everything As Well says:

        Look Naruto, I am God. If you do not stop trolling, I will kill you.

      • guerrer0 says:

        Lolol I don’t believe in you at all ( I am Agnostic) I am pretty firm that I can’t killed by a divine being 😉 you highly probably don’t exist : P

      • God; The Creator of Everything and Everything that is Not Part Of Everything As Well says:

        I can tell you things only you would know. You have a small dick, you are ugly, you never had sex, you get made fun of, no one likes you, you deserve to die.

      • guerrer0 says:

        Why you insult my cousin Tobias? eh? I guess you wrote that stuff to him because is true that he did get made fun of WHEN HE WAS A SMALL CHILD, however I can assure you I like him 🙂 He is handsome, he is such a good cousin I don’t think he deserve to die, though the dick and sex thing I am not sure 😉 he need to reply that to you : P

      • God; The Creator of Everything and Everything that is Not Part Of Everything As Well says:

        I wrote that stuff to you retard. Because you never have anything of relevance to say.

      • guerrer0 says:

        Sorry, I was busy watching the telenovela Avenida Brasil in Mexican TV ! (yes after months that I started watching it online, I can experience it on my TV now !) anyways anything of what you said is true, when Tobias cousin realize what of his cousins I am , he even can give proof that everything I have said is true (the good looks gene is strong in the family for example), therefore you are fake and not omniscient so = P = P and = P

      • Lee Min Ho says:

        Coward? Is that you?

      • guerrer0 says:


      • Lee Min Ho says:

        Coward are starting to feel more confident? (finally) I mean, from Coward, to feeling like you are a god, that is huge gap. How come you these last days achieved that confidence in yourself?

  6. mixedraced says:

    I may not be mixed race.

    • coward says:

      So are you a closet White Nationalist who has come to this site to manipulate us into showing our hatred of race mixing so you can use that as proof that race mixing is unnatural and bad? Well then good for you my fellow White brother, one day we will wipe all those race mixers from off the map. Heil Hitler! Lets keep the noble Aryan race pure. Long live the White Reich!

  7. Tina says:

    In defense of white women, I will say that many black men marry (blonde) white women, viewing them as a ‘trophy’- look at me, I’ve got the good job, AND the blonde!

    After the status stuff wears off, the marriage goes into a slump.

    As for white women marrying Hispanic men, I think after the 5th or 6th domestic violence incident aimed at the white woman, she bails.

    She should have known better, however.

    • Dota says:

      I think that this goes far beyond the novelty factor. The media and pop culture glorify interracial couples as hip, trendy, and progressive. These are some pretty powerful signals being sent out.

    • Tulio says:

      Black man here. Not sure if it’s a trophy thing, I think it’s that many black men living in western societies have simply been conditioned to find white females more attractive and opt for them when they have the choice. I’ll say this, almost every black man who’s had the experience of being around different types of women usually opts to date out. That’s just what I’ve seen. Criticize it or not but it is what it is.

      I think this guy gives a very earnest and colorful breakdown. He’s a black guy living in Russia as an English teacher:

      • Dota says:

        Tulio, welcome to the website.

        Yes I agree that blacks have somehow been conditioned to find white women attractive. I do believe that people tend to be naturally endogamous.

      • coward says:

        Hey Tulio! I think you are a wonderful and great person. I know that I have said some not nice things about blacks in the past, but I think you are great. Can we be friends?

      • Tulio says:

        Coward, I don’t remember quite who you are or what you’ve said, so that’s fine I suppose.

      • Tulio says:

        Dota…I agree most people will tend to be endogamous. I think this can change though if marrying another group is perceived as “marrying up” or they see another group as having some better quality. This isn’t just applicable to black men. Many white men will date Asian women because they view them as more feminine and demure than modern white women, and may say that they age better. So for those men, that’s an upgrade and offers them more than endogamy would.

      • coward says:

        Tulio, it is not White men who seek Asian women, nut Asian women like us Whites better because we have more attractive features and bigger dicks by up to 1-2 inches. Plus Asisn men have flat faces and flat noses like monkeys and shifty eyes.

        Endogamy is natural for only Whites because we have attractive features. All the other races have flat faces, flat noses, and full lips and have deformed skull shapes. That is why everyone wants to fuck a White sexual partner.

  8. Fluffy Blastern (Black/Middle Eastern) says:

    You can try & dres up the lack of “white purity” any way you like,its still racism.

    If it wasn’t for the huge need for bone marrow tranaplants this wouldn’t be as important.

    I’m very much proud of my mixed heritage &’your comments are hurtful & out of touch.You can wipe all the mixed people off this planet & the world would be extinct.Please consider what you think before you let it out of your mouth.

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