Jerry Seinfeld and the Demise of the Diversity Industrial Complex

Though we have at times been critical of Jewish hypocrisy and certain subversive deeds of the organized Jewish activist community, few can deny that Jews make for great comedians. Perhaps I’m a bit odd for my generation, but I’ve always found shows such as Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm hilarious. It’s always refreshing to see comedy that employs wit and clever situational humor instead of just sheer stupidity.

After solidifying his status as a comedic titan through Seinfeld, the show’s co-creator Jerry Seinfeld has launched a new web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Like Seinfeld, this new series features predominantly white men. Much to my surprise, the purveyors of cultural leftism do not approve, and one of them, BuzzFeed’s effete Peter Lauria, pointed out the dearth of diversity when interviewing Seinfeld. However, rather than making weak excuses in an attempt to appease the Diversity Industrial Complex, Seinfeld had some choice words. Unwilling to grovel, Seinfeld simply said, “who cares?” with regards to the lack of diversity on his show. He’s had it up to here with “PC nonsense” and claimed that calculating levels of diversity is “anti-comedy.”

Predictably, Seinfeld’s response incited a torrent of disappointment and outrage from the usual suspects. Many argued that a lack of diversity in comedy is a serious problem, that there are many talented non-white comedians, that increasing diversity wouldn’t eliminate comedy, and some even went so far as to assert that Seinfeld had a moral obligation to use his power and privilege to give a platform to oppressed voices. Yes, apparently some social justice zealots believe that comedians of all people should serve as social engineers.

Missing in all of these arguments are examples of how diversity is actually a tangible benefit. Many leftist comedy critics claim that comedy can diversify while still maintaining its humor. Some go so far as to say that comedy could be enriched by new perspectives. But what exactly are these new perspectives, and what makes them enriching? Maybe diversity is necessary in order for various different groups in American society to relate to the comedy they watch on television. But, as Jared Taylor pointed out almost two decades ago, isn’t that actually an argument against diversity? Leftists are essentially conceding that people feel greater kinship with those who look like them.

In the end, aside from good ethnic restaurants, different kinds of music, and certain racial jokes in comedy, diversity does not provide any real benefits. I suspect that deep down, the Diversity Industrial Complex knows this, which is why they opt to promote diversity just for its own sake. Jerry Seinfeld’s unapologetic and hostile response to the diversity related question indicates that more people are getting fed up with left wing racial sanctimoniousness, and are increasingly asking why diversity in and of itself is really that important. Unlike the stereotypically hateful, reactionary, and fringe white nationalist, Seinfeld is an affluent, accomplished, big city Jewish comedian, and yet he too has had enough with “diversity” related foolishness.

As Dota once pointed out, multiculturalism and various other leftist pet causes are houses of sand that require constant upkeep. I suspect that this upkeep is beginning to fade. White Americans, especially the young, are deeply pessimistic about the direction of the United States, especially when compared to other racial groups. With a miserable job market, stagnating economy, and radical demographic changes, more and more whites can see the writing on the wall. Supporting “diversity” just for its own sake is probably the least of their priorities.

Contrary to the insistence of many alt right types who think that the masses are sheep who just lazily go along with current trends, I think that the white masses are actually quite angry and disillusioned. They just haven’t really been given a platform to articulate such frustration, at least not without getting publicly castigated as evil bigots.

I think that the alt right has a tremendous opportunity here. The white American masses are frustrated and looking for answers, and mainstream liberals, conservatives, and libertarians are the not the ones to provide them. If they would tone down the HBD, focus less on the Jewish Question, employ more humor, and write more about economics and other issues directly relevant to the lives of most white Americans, I feel that they could make tremendous inroads. Ultimately, effectively engaging the white masses will yield greater results than spamming “NAM races have fifteen fewer IQ points!” within some white nationalist echo chamber.

In the end, the demise of the Diversity Industrial Complex is more important than maintaining any kind of ideological purity. Hopefully, more people within the alternative right will reach this realization before this great opportunity fades away.

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4 Responses to Jerry Seinfeld and the Demise of the Diversity Industrial Complex

  1. Bay State Guy says:

    Right on, this whole post. Jerry was just being common sensical. Some may take umbrage with Jewishness and all that, but I never discourage anyone from doing the right thing. In this case he did the right thing and more power to him. Never punish good behavior.

    Just discovered this site (through the Stark show), it looks promising.

  2. Optimistic Pessimist says:

    It’s worth noting that “Seinfeld” did a lot of episodes making humor out of PC, race relations and the like. For instance, the episode where George tries to make friends with the black exterminator because he feels he needs a “black friend,” or the one where Jerry is dating an (American) Indian and keeps putting his foot in his mouth with Indian-related expressions. Also the famous “not that there’s anything wrong with it” gay episode. I’m not surprised that he’s fed up with the PC/diversity police. Even in the 90s when the show was new, some critics complained that it was “too white.”

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Oh yeah, the episode where everyone thinks Jerry and George were gay was a classic.

      It’s not just the likes of Jerry Seinfeld who are subjected to this nonsense. Just look at all the grief George R.R Martin gets because his “Song of Ice and Fire” books (which is what Game of Thrones is based on) is “too white” or “racist/orientalist” against Easterners.

      Like I once said, the forces of diversity will never stop coming for you.

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