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New rule at occident invicta

Let me begin by saying that we appreciate all of our commenters here and the regulars have become like family. Our approach to the community and comments has generally been pretty Laissez-faire but this approach is becoming inadequate and hence … Continue reading

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Lions, and Tigers, and Fascists, Oh My!

This post was inspired by conversations with my father. My father is generally a pretty cool guy, and not the stereotypical wimpy white liberal male. While most white liberals were falling over themselves to praise Barack Obama during his first … Continue reading

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Patrick Le Brun on the Bohras

Very interesting article on Counter Currents regarding the reclusive Bohra community. I tried posting a comment on the article but for some reason my comment didn’t go through. Anyhow, here it is: This is indeed an excellent article on the … Continue reading

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Why I am a Paleoconservative and why non whites needn’t fear paleoconservatism

Coward wrote on Robert Lindsay’s blog: “Dont know why Dota is a paleoconservative. He would never be accepted as White. Even from his voice alone” Paleoconservatism isn’t solely about race (although that is a significant element), it is about heritage, … Continue reading

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Bay Area Guy on the Radio!

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed by Robert Stark of counter-currents. Robert’s a pretty cool guy and we had a long chat, which was later edited and trimmed down a bit. We covered a lot of ground, from … Continue reading

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Gays and the Diversity Industrial Complex: Thoughts on the Recent Fruitiness in Football

It’s no secret that I’m a passionate sports fan. While my favorites are baseball and basketball, I like to stay informed on most sports. However, even if you can’t tell the difference between a layup and a power play, the … Continue reading

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My views on interracial couples and mixed race people

Commenter Axum/Mixed race had once asked me about my views on mixed raced people. This post will respond to that question and also address the broader issue of immigration for the sake of perspective. Let me begin by saying that … Continue reading

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Jerry Seinfeld and the Demise of the Diversity Industrial Complex

Though we have at times been critical of Jewish hypocrisy and certain subversive deeds of the organized Jewish activist community, few can deny that Jews make for great comedians. Perhaps I’m a bit odd for my generation, but I’ve always … Continue reading

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Robert Stark interviews me at

Alt Right blogger Robert Stark interviews me at (not to be confused with the socialist We discuss various issues from White nationalism to capitalism and feminism. Bay Area Guy’s interview will be uploaded soon. Counter currents is an … Continue reading

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The West has no right to lecture Putin on democracy.

Vladimir Putin has two distinguishing characteristics that our North American leaders possess in small measure: A backbone and principles. But where does Putin get his strength from? We’ll return to that question later. What I find admirable about the Russian … Continue reading

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