Wimpy Whites: The Test – By Dota and Bay Area Guy

Longtime readers might remember our brief quiz designed to help people detect a wimpy white person. We would hope that most of our readers did not answer “true” for any of those four questions. However, given the pervasiveness of wimpy whites and cultural liberalism, it is inevitable that there is at least a trace of wimpiness present in a few. But fear not, faithful readers! For those of you who received a high wimpy score on the quiz, you’ll have the chance to redeem yourselves in the form of an expanded test. Whether you’ve slacked off in your studies or your previous high wimpy score caused you to engage in critical introspection, brace yourselves for the wimpy white test:

1)    I prefer the great spirit, Buddhism, Hinduism and eastern spirituality to the Lord Jesus Christ: (T/F)

2)    Trees are meant to be lived in and not cut down: (T/F)

3)    The world would be a better place if women ruled it:(T/F)

4)    I think diversity is great as diversity of races equals diversity of perspectives and thought:(T/F)

5)    I believe they should invent a computer that administers electric shocks to abusive online gamers (T/F)

6)    I fantasize about writing a novel where Christian Grey gets whipped by Anastasia Steele (T/F)

7)    I find the squalor, filth, and poverty of south Asia to be spiritually appealing (T/F)

8)    Rachel Maddow is my media idol (T/F)

9)    I believe the Crusaders used Weapons of Mass destruction against the Muslims (T/F)

10) I have a bumper sticker that says, “a human being is not illegal” (T/F)

11) Lisa is my favorite character on The Simpsons (T/F)

12) Hufflepuff is my favorite house in Harry Potter (T/F)

13) Animals can create democracies and monuments if we’d only stop eating them (T/F)

14) Online games like Dota aren’t about winning or team work but exploring the richness of Latino and Russian cultures by inviting them onto the North American servers. (T/F)

15) I think the kingdoms of Gondor and Rohan are too white and should allow the mass immigration of orcs for diversity. (T/F)

So how wimpy are you? Find out by totalling the number of times you checked “True” in the above questionnaire.

0 Ts: The silent majority – Congratulations, you’re a normal heterosexual individual. That automatically makes you an oppressive son of a bitch that is in dire need of sensitivity training.

1-4 Ts: A minor infection – You are normal for the most part but have traces of wimpiness. You need to get away from women a bit more by taking up hiking, swimming, kayaking, or fishing to purge the minor infection.

5-7 Ts: Awakening wimpiness –  You used to be normal or minimally infected until you took  that social science 101 course that opened your eyes to what an oppressive son of a bitch you truly are.

9-11Ts:The wimpiness is strong with this one – You want to build a time machine to go back and shoot your racist and sexist ancestors. The only thing stopping you is the fear of your invention being credited to the evil white race.

 12+ Ts: Women’s studies major: You’re a storm trooper for the Cultural Marxist left. You don’t believe in the Big Bang theory or Genesis; you think the universe emerged out of the goddess’ vagina after she stole God’s sperm and then did away with him. You root for the Persians whenever you watch 300 and the only reason you watch it is because the sight of men dying by the hundreds gets you sexually aroused. You’ve already begun casting for your future TV show: A world without whites.

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12 Responses to Wimpy Whites: The Test – By Dota and Bay Area Guy

  1. Guy from Montréal says:

    Oh I just love #7 and 10, #15 is my favorite.

    • Guy from Montréal says:

      Oh by the way Dota, have you any thoughts about our prime minister’s suck-up tour of Israel last week?

      • Dota says:

        I was appalled. He argued that Israel was a minority in that region and therefore supporting Israel was the Canadian thing to do. It’s embarrassing.

      • coward says:

        Jews are our worst enemy. Dont you ever forget that.

      • coward says:

        Jews must be paid back for their transgressions

      • coward says:

        Its not even about saving Whites anymore. Its about robbing the Jews of their satisfaction of ruling this world…….we must strike them at their heart

      • Guy from Montréal says:

        Harper is breaking Canada’s tradition of neutrality, along with the good reputation Canada has around the world, his bold statement of saying that ANY criticism of Israel is antisemetic is just appalling. I don’t have anything against having relations with Israel as we should have with any other country but this sudden die hard super support of Israel is a shocker to me. Coward, it’s ok to be critical of anybody, just try and do it without sounding so bias ok, don’t say something you might regret one day my friend, unless you’ve already done so considering the many comments I’ve read from you lately. There’s a very fine line between being critical and sounding racist, think about it, I know you’re a very smart kid.

      • Dota says:

        I’m not against keeping diplomatic relations with Israel either, but support for Israel is just plain wrong on so many levels. Harper’s stupidity is going to ruin Canada’s reputation. Some of his pro Israel statements are so idiotic I’m amazed that most Canadians aren’t insulted.

      • Guy from Montréal says:

        Oh and Stephen Harper’s singing is just horrible, he should be banned from covering any more Beetles songs.

    • guerrer0 says:

      1) I am Agnostic so i don’t believe or i am not sure of any of the 2.
      3) Probably not, without being a Feminist nor an anti-Feminist, i think women until now have proven with few exceptions that they don’t have talent in politics, Feminism started 100 years ago and women would have been naturally sizable in politics by now if they could, as writers i see a good chunk of women involved so i see female talent for writing.
      4) I approve of diversity if it comes from developed countries, super countries that until now have already proven their high capacity. So i would accept a Shintoist Japanese with a Protestant English with a Catholic Spanish with a Taoist Taiwanese and an Orthodox Greek.
      7) naturally no.
      10) naturally no.
      11) I kinda liked Lisa as a character, but if i remenber well, she was a feminist or something, i am rather indifferent about her Feminism.

  2. WmarkW says:

    Diversity: a rainbow of races saying how awful the white man is, while enjoying the culture he built.

  3. Chichihua Hunter says:

    Here is my Chihuahua test.

    Number One: Believing in Jesus makes you tougher than leftwing atheists. T/F

    Number Two: STEM degrees are a golden ticket to success. T/F

    Number Three: Neo-Nazi terrorist acts are false flags. T/F

    Number Four: The more guns you have the more protection you will have. T/F

    Number Five: Strength training is better than running. T/F

    Number Six: Paleo Diet is scientifically accurate. T/F

    Number Seven: Christopher Nolan’s Batman films were great. T/F

    Number Eight: Fat shaming works. T/F

    Number Nine: Being a jerk matters more than money, power, and looks when comes to attracting women. T/F

    Number Ten: Russia is better than the West. T/F

    If you get no true answer on the ten questions, than you are wolf. You will survive the collapse, and likely have some authority in a future society.

    If you get one or two answers, you are a German Shepard. You are good work dog. You will survive the collapse, but likely not be anybody remarkable.

    If you get three or four true answers, you are a Labrador. You will survive, but more by social network than talent. People will like you, but no one will follow you.

    If you get five or six true answers, you are a Basset Hound. You will die in the collapse, unless somebody pities you. A lot of people think you are a dumb blowhard, but you are smart enough to know your own limits.

    If you get seven or eight true answers, you are a Dixon. You will die no matter what, but it will not be humiliating death in the collapse. You will be that stupid blowhard who thought he could go Viking on a bunch of black rioters, yet ended up gang raped. Stupid, but heroic.

    If you get nine or ten true answers, you are Chihuahua. You will die, and people will laugh at you during the collapse. Chihuahuas include such individuals like Voxday. They think they are wolves but are really little dogs that are rabbit food. Answer all ten, and you can join Voxday in getting murdered during the collapse.

    Do I want Voxday, no. He seems to be a good family man with good values. However, he is too arrogant and wrong about basic things. I think he is going to find himself somebody slave if lucky.

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