The (Liberal) White Man’s Burden: The Equality of Misery

It is often said that politics makes for strange bedfellows. Despite generally subscribing to traditional conservatism, I find myself approvingly linking to an Al Jazeera editorial by left wing consumer activist Ralph Nader. I’ve always found Ralph Nader a fascinating and polarizing figure. Mainstream liberals hate him for sabotaging Al Gore’s presidential campaign, while conservatives despise him for obvious reasons. Me personally, I can’t help but find myself agreeing with many of his views. Like our friend Robert Lindsay, Nader seems to be one of the few remaining people on the left who actually gives a shit about economic justice and American workers, as opposed to endorsing the usual hipster pet causes. Given that I have also launched scathing attacks against treacherous corporations, it’s not too surprising that my views happen to align with Nader’s in this regard.

However, there’s a different pair of strange bedfellows that I’m even more interested in discussing. These two groups are big business interests and open borders liberals. Liberals are supposed to work for the common man and stand up to the elites, right? After all, I’m sure everyone remembers their powerful “we are the 99%” slogan when they were agitating against Wall Street. Unfortunately, it turns out that these intrepid progressives lose sight of their pro-99% mentality when the issue turns to open borders and mass immigration. It’s no secret that most leftists support mass immigration. The most egregious example is Britain’s Labor government deliberately importing non-white immigrants for the sole purpose of “rubbing the Right’s nose in diversity.” Even a writer in the leftist publication The Guardian acknowledged the inherently undemocratic nature of open borders.

But native born white Westerners are not the only ones who have had misery inflicted on them by mass immigration. Thanks to the “brain drain,” the mass immigration promoted by corporations and supported by leftists also harms brown people all over the world. Ralph Nader elaborates on the brain drain’s deleterious effects:

“Look at this problem from another perspective. Isn’t it fortunate for the people of Bangladesh and others that a young Muhammad Yunus was not lured away to Wall Street and stayed in Bangladesh to start the now famous micro-credit movement in thousands of villages? Or wasn’t it better for Brazil that Paulo Freire was not lured to Berkeley but instead remained in Brazil to create and apply his brilliant world-famous literacy programme for impoverished rural Brazilians? Wasn’t it better that an aggressive brain drain did not bring Hassan Fathy to our land instead of him becoming Egypt’s “people architect” to show poor Egyptian peasants how to build small homes from the soil beneath their feet and stimulate architectural counterparts in other developing countries?”

With this in mind, one could actually argue that mass immigration, particularly of the brain drain variety, inflicts more harm on third world countries by depriving them of valuable human capital. I’m not trying to shed crocodile tears for the impoverished third world masses, as my primary concern is its effects on white Western societies. But isn’t it curious how those who supposedly champion the common man march in lockstep with the big business interests who screw over working people? Isn’t it also curious how people who claim to be “citizens of the world” and demonstrate such sensitivity towards non-white people support policies that ultimately keep non-white countries impoverished and dependent?

This is the world that big business, with the help of their leftist useful idiots, intend to create. A world where the West becomes more diverse and low trust, where jobs become increasingly competitive and degrading, where third world countries continue to be drained of their best and brightest, and where local white talent is ignored by businesses in favor of the third world’s best and brightest. Since the left cannot convince most people of the West to enthusiastically support their utopian notions of “equality,” they have decided to implement a new equality where everyone becomes equally miserable and stressed out. All in the name of “diversity.”

But hey, I believe in equality and reciprocation in my own right, so I have decided to devise a globalization scheme myself. I say that in exchange for brain drain immigrants, we outsource white liberals and business owners to the various brown countries of the world. After all, in the spirit of sharing, why should we “privileged” white people deny brown people the opportunity to enjoy the same kind of wonderful diversity that we do? It’s time for liberal whites to be held accountable for their own White Man’s Burden.

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4 Responses to The (Liberal) White Man’s Burden: The Equality of Misery

  1. WmarkW says:

    The Left used to be synonymous with labor, meaning wage-earners; while the Right was (and still is) business. Then the Left turned ts focus to government dependents; whether as direct beneficiary, or at a job that wouldn’t exist without government expansion. This leaves the wage-earner without a political party focused on his needs.

    Although most people probably don’t define the issue that way, many people perceive that the two major parties don’t really offer the choices they want. Both talk about jobs, but treat it as an inevitable result of other economic priorities. The current jobless recovery while Congress’ approval rating is single digits, might help focus the need for an Americans-First politics.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      One can only hope, Mark.

      I just feel that the United States is so diverse, atomized, polarized, and lazy/ignorant/apathetic, that one cannot expect Americans to come together to solve these problems.

      Hard to know what it will actually take to wake people up.

  2. Tobias says:

    The solution for this is to let the unskilled people from 3rd world countires into 1st world countries.

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